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2008 Apr 12
Newbie question: ZFS on Xserve RAID with Solaris 10
--Apologies if you get two copies of this message - it was submitted for moderation and hasn''t appeared on the list in two days, so I''m resubmitting. Hi all, Just a quick question. Is it possible to utilise an Apple Xserve RAID as an array for use with ZFS with RAID-Z in Solaris? I''ve seen various mentions of ''zfs'' and ''xserve raid'' in the same sentence around the web, but nothing conclusive as to whether Solaris/ ZFS is able to see each physical disk within the...
2008 Feb 03
Ruby IO on brand new xserve with Leopard Server
Hi I''m using princexml pdf generation in one of our apps and bump into this very weird problem. On our ubuntu box and local machines (MacBook Pro) pdfs are generated flawlessly. On the production xserve (running the rails app in production mode on a mongrel cluster), a 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, strange things start happening. The following sections give back nil values in production, but valid values in development (script/console, …) even on the xserve itself: @exe_path = `w...
2004 Jul 27
Errors with a blackberry
Hi - We tried to access a dovecot- IMAPS server with a Blackberry 7230. The Blackberry was on loan so we don't have much access to it for testing. We got the following in our logs: Jul 27 12:30:27 xserv imap-login: Login: testuser [] Jul 27 12:30:27 xserv imap(testuser): IndexID mismatch for binary tree file
2005 Mar 21
Asterisk/Zaptel on Mac G5 or Xserve
I am considering a G5/XServe for a conferencing system. I need to put a TDM card in the machine for timing. Is anyone out there using Asterisk on Mac with zaptel drivers? I am looking at using Linux for the OS. If so what is your experience? Have a great day! Geoff
2013 Sep 23
Centos 6.4 on Xserve, IPMI error
Hello! I'm trying to install Centos 6.4 64 bit on this Xserve: I got a bootloader from: as none of the official Centos rel...
2010 Nov 05
xServes are dead ;-( / SAN Question
Hi ! As some of you might know, Apple has discontinued it's xServes server as of january 31st 2011. We have a server rack with 12 xserves ranging from dual G5's to dual quand-core xeon lastest generation, 3 xserve-raid and one activeraid 16 TB disk enclosure. We also use xSan to access a shared file system among the servers. Services are run from this sha...
2006 Jan 04
Xserve, USB, NUT
Hi - I have NUT running very nicely on a serial port on one of my OpenBSD servers, and using hidups on a RHEL4 box. Now I'd like to run it on two Macs, a PowerMac and an XServe G4. What is the USB port I need to configure, and do I need the newhidups driver? Thanks in advance for the help! Ted
2003 Apr 13
Problem in getting tftp transfer to succeed
...list"); } #endif #endif because otherwise I couldn't get the daemon to function. I tested the tftdp with a tftp client on the command line and it works. Now when I try to load pxelinux.0 with the Acer PXE client I get the following error: Missing mode. Here is the packet trace ... [xserve:/usr/libexec] yves% sudo tcpdump -i en0 -s 0 -X host tcpdump: listening on en0 10:42:49.273193 > xid:0x40ab183f flags:0x8000 Y: S: sname "xserve" vend-rfc1048 DHCP:OFFER SID: LT:3564 S...
2008 Jan 11
centos installation on xserve?
Hi guys, anyone tried to run centos in xserve for production? what architecture do you use? thanks! -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <>
2004 Nov 20
smbpasswd produces INCORRECT sambaNTPasswd hash on ppc (yellowdog 4.0 on xserve G5)
I'm having trouble setting up samba as a PDC on an apple xserve, using yellowdog linux 4.0. After a lot of thrashing, I believe the problem may be smbpasswd generating the wrong NT hash. Running smbpasswd on a redhat box (intel architecture) produces the follow LDAP entry: dn: uid=testuser2,ou=Users,dc=allstate,dc=network objectClass: top objectClass: inetOrgP...
2008 Feb 25
Samba 3 vs 4, User Maintenance
Hey all, We are currently using an Apple XServe G5 as a PDC for 150 Windows XP Pro machines. Everything worked well (sorta) under OS X 10.4 (Tiger) but when we upgraded to 10.5 (Leopard) it just fell apart. I reinstalled the OS several times and tried everything I could to get it to work properly (i.e. log in more than 20 machines at o...
2007 Sep 18
Mongrel Upload Progress progress method returns Content-Length: 0
Running into a strange bug using the mongrel upload progress plugin handler, sitting in front of a simple mongrel. The bug appears on an old Xserve (mac OS X 10.3.9 powerpc), but not on my macbook pro, or even a generic 686 linux box. The gist of the pastie above shows that attempts through the browser and curl are actually hitting the filesController, as evidenced in the log, but the content retu...
2004 May 05
"Bad address" error
I'm getting a "bad address" error which is causing my rsync process to bomb out. I'm running RsyncX 2.1, in daemon mode on the source machine, with a script to pull the information to the backup server. Both servers are Xserves running OS X Server 10.2.8. Rsync target is on an Xserve RAID. The RAID has 350GB free, so I'm not running into a disk full situation. My command looks like: /usr/local/bin/rsync -a --ignore-errors --exclude-from=/Volumes/backups/extras/rsync/config/...
2013 Aug 30
libvirt-qemu/kvm passthru w/Intel 82598EB
Hi, I am trying to configure two identical systems with the following setup. dom0: Centos 6 OS on Apple Xserve i7 server with PCI cards for 4GB FC (LSI FC949ES) and 10GB Ethernet (Intel 82598EB) dom1: Centos 5 OS with passthru mode of PCI 4GB FC and 10GB Ethernet (ixgbe and mptfc blacklisted in dom0) Everything starts ok, but networking in dom1 using the 10GB interface has extremely high rtt w/ping t...
2004 Jun 25
Problem setting ACLs on files/folders... plz help!
I'm running Samba on a Mac OS X server, and the server is a member of a Windows domain (Windows 2003). Samba is setup for security=domain permissions. I have opened up a file share to the Windows machines named AppDeployment. I'm able to open \\xserve\AppDeployment on a Windows server, and am able to create directories and copy files in there. (Btw, when i attempt to "net use" that directory from Windows, I'm required to enter an account from the Mac server.) Even if i login as 'root' on the Mac server when accessing th...
2006 Mar 15
Question on hardware for site
For a medium-sized website, does one machine for database server (either mysql or postgres) and another for the web server (lighttpd) sound ok? How much traffic could I expect to handle? (I know it depends on the application, but some rough estimates would be nice) Joe
2006 Apr 09
CentOS 4 and multi TB storage solutions 10TB of images. The data grows by 2TB every year. This has been working so far but this current implementation is facing growing pains so I'm looking at more scalable options. Something that will offer 12TB of storage and room to grow by adding more storage as needed. Currently the Apple Xserve RAID 7TB offerings connected to a QLogic SANbox 5200 fibre switch looks very appealing. Especially considering the Xserve RAIDs are listed in Red Hat's RHEL HCL and Google searches have revealed successful RHEL & Xserve implementations . But since this is still preliminary research having...
2008 Sep 04
Rsync 3.0.3 with patches on OS X 10.4.11 fails to copy ACLs
I am using rsync 3.0.3 to copy a remote RAID volume on one Xserve to the local RAID volume on an other Xserve. Both Xserves are running OS X Server 10.4.11. I have compiled rsync 3.0.3 on both machines and patched it following Mike Bombich's instructions at After some struggles, and with invaluable hel...
2006 Apr 12
unofficial Survey about your Dovecot server :) to compare with my own server setup...
...Borthers/Sisters Thanks for all the developer(s) and for all the hard work spent on build this great piece of software! I loved Dovecot since it is really easy to set up and really fast but I am really new to it (only 2 weeks and half). Right now, our server configuration is: Server: Apple Xserve G5 dual RAM: 4GB Number of Users: ~ 150 IMAP only users Authentication: LDAP Mailboxes sizes: ~200GB Dovecot version: 1.0 Beta 5 (I am looking forward to beta 7 that was released today) Email client software: mostly Thunderbird 1.5 Right now, we are experiencing occasional problem with imap use...
2006 Mar 09
nut on Mac OS X. Where to put upsdrvctl shutdown?
I've installed nut on a Mac OS X machine (XServe running Mac OS X 10.3.9). It all seems to work fine except..... I can't figure out where to put the upsdrvctl shutdown command in order to get the ups to cut power after the computer shuts down. There doesn't seem to be any sort of script that gets run at shutdown time. Has anyone...