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2013 Jul 22
problem loading large xlsx file into r
Hi, I am facing trouble when trying to read large xlsx file into R. please find the code and error below. The file I was trying to read has 36,500 rows X 188 col, ~ 37 MB size. > options( java.parameters = "-Xmx4g" ) > library(xlsx) Loading required package: xlsxjars Loading required package: rJava > cftc = read.xlsx("d:\\Kri...
2013 Jan 09
writing to .xlsx
Dear r helpers; I''m interested in reading from and writing to large .xlsx files fairly regularly. (Why, the naysayers may ask - and the answer is basically colleagues and clients who prefer that format). I''ve tried out the XLConnect and xlsx libraries, but the java implementation they use just takes too much RAM for the files I''m working with. gdata l...
2011 Aug 23
NA in last row while reading xlsx file
Hi, I am using this script to read a xlsx file to a data frame: library(xlsx) File <- file.path("d:", "car ", "car95-99.xlsx") B_car <- read.xlsx(File, "raw_data") Car2x <- data.frame(month = B_car$Date,Ch = B_car$Ch.des, lat=B_car$Latitude) The last row in the data.frame is always NA, how...
2011 Feb 09
Problem with xlsx package
I am trying to read an xlsx spreadsheet (1506 rows, 501columns) all populated but getting the following error: Please advise as to how to get around this issue. > res <- read.xlsx("c:\\BSE_v2.xlsx",1) Error in .jcall("RJavaTools", "Ljava/lang/Object;", "invokeMethod", cl,...
2013 Sep 26
Read shortcuts of MS Excel files through R
Dear Rxperts, Through Windows OS, I created shortcuts (paste as shortcut) to excel spreadsheets ( with "xlsx" as the file extension). I wasn''t able to read the shortcuts through R and using "read" functions of "xlsx" package. exf <- "a1.xlsx.lnk" > read.xlsx(exf,1) Error in .jcall("RJavaTools", "Ljava/lang/Object;", "invo...
2010 Feb 23
Importing a file to r
Hello I am trying to import the attached file Curva LIBOR to R. I am trying to use the following commands and obtaining the following errors > res <- read.xlsx("C:\\Users\\FELIPE PARRA\\Documents\\Quantil\\Federacion\\Curva LIBOR.xlsx", 4) Error en .jcall(rowCells[[ic]], "I", "getColumnIndex") : RcallMethod: invalid object parameter > res <- read.xlsx("C:/Users/FELIPE PARRA/Documents/Quantil/F...
2013 Feb 23
data.frame and import to xlsx
Hi, i have a very huge number of data with the size 2375ko, i want to import them for R to xlsx but the size of excel is limited How can i resolve this problem? And please how can i define the frame Note that i have a table rows times c(1.....100) columns WLc(200...1000) and inside S c(15,.........) the table it is full values -- View this message in context: http://r.789695.n4...
2012 Oct 16
Problems with xlsx and rjava
Hi, I keep getting the below error regarding rJava which is required by package xlsx (I have used it in the past to directly import data from Excel 2010). I was on R version 2.15.0 when I was getting this error this morning. So I upgraded to 2.15.1 but still the same problem. I tried unstalling and reinstalling xlsx and even rJava directly from the source as indicated here: http:&...
2013 Apr 05
problems with indexing xlsx files
Hello, I have a number of Excel .xlsx files that aren''t indexed properly. To illustrate, I have a file called "this is a test.xlsx". It consists of four cells: | this | | is | | a | | test | It gets indexed but I am unable to search for it. I was able to determine the index number and use delve to see the t...
2016 Apr 23
Java memory error when reading a small xlsx file
Hi, I tried to read a (small) xlsx file by "readWorksheetFromFile" function of "XLConnect" package and "read.xlsx" function in "xlsx" package, but I got this error message: Error: OutOfMemoryError (Java): Java heap space I tried to follow the solution on the web http://stackoverfl...
2012 Dec 03
xlsx file read in R
Dear all, How can I read .xlsx files in R Regards Nico [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2013 Apr 23
Questions on function "readNamedRegionFromFile" in XLConnect pacakge
Hi, I have two questions on the function "readNamedRegionFromFile" in XLConnect pacakge. 1. In the documentation, # multiregion xlsx file from demoFiles subfolder of package XLConnect demoExcelFile <- system.file("demoFiles/multiregion.xlsx", package = "XLConnect") # Load a single named region into a single data.frame. df <- readNamedRegionFromFile(demoExcelFile, name=&...
2009 Jul 08
Import xlsx file in Ubuntu 9.04
Hi list, By the entire last 2 weeks I was looking for a way to directly import xlsx files to R in a Linux OS (Ubuntu 9.04). I already read the R Import/Export guide, and I know how to use gdata to import xls files and read.table to import .csv. My problem is that all data that I receive is in the xlsx format, and I have to convert all the files to xls. Well, when I was using W...
2010 Aug 03
xlsx package
HI, I was trying to install xlsx package for reading in Excel 2007 files. The installation went smoothly. But when I tried to load the library, I got the following error message: > library(xlsx) Loading required package: xlsxjars Loading required package: rJava Error : .onLoad failed in loadNamespace() for ''xlsxjars...
2011 Jan 28
Error using write.xlsx library(xlsx)
..., 257 597 rows). After 10 minutes of work, I get the following error message: Error in .jcall(row[[ir]], "Lorg/apache/poi/ss/usermodel/Cell;", "createCell", : Java Exception <no description because toString() failed> This is the code I used: write.xlsx(wvs19812008hm, "C:/test.xlsx", sheetName="Sheet 1", formatTemplate=NULL, col.names=TRUE, row.names=TRUE, append=FALSE) Is the matrix simply too large? (NB: I use the 64bit version of Windows 7 and R x64 2.12.1) Thanks, Tobi -- GMX DSL Doppel-Flat ab 19,99 Euro/mtl.!...
2010 Jul 13
RODBC and Excel 2010 xlsx
...f it is a general issue due to the new MS Office pack. I''m using R 2.11.1 32 bits in a Windows 7 x64 with the MS office 2010 x64 installed. I can import .xls files normally (the same way I did with my Excel 2007 32 bits). But the function odbcConnectExcel2007 isn''t able to import .xlsx files now that I have the new version of the Office package. It gives me the following warning message, which make impossible the importing process through sqlFetch: Warning messages: 1: In odbcDriverConnect(con, tabQuote = c("[", "]"), ...) : [RODBC] ERROR: state IM002, code...
2017 Aug 22
Error in .jnew(“java/io/FileOutputStream”, jFile); #save > #csv >file.create("C:\\Users\\Sapl\\Desktop\\NATA\\code\\Results\\Created by R\\ab_ret_banks_short_form_10.05.2006.csv") [1] TRUE > write.csv(ab_ret, "C:\\Users\\Sapl\\Desktop\\NATA\\code\\Results\\Created by R\\ab_ret_banks_short_form_10.05.2006.csv") > #xlsx > file.create("C:\\Users\\Sapl\\Desktop\\NATA\\code\\Results\\Created by R\\ab_ret_banks_short_form_10.05.2006.xlsx") [1] TRUE > write.xlsx(ab_ret, "C:\\Users\\Sapl\\Desktop\\NATA\\code\\Results\\Created by R\\10.05.2006\\ab_ret_banks_short_form_10.05.2006.xlsx") > &gt...
2013 Jul 16
Importing data by odbcConnectExcel in 64 bit
I have probably an old question. I have R.3.0.1 installed in 64 bit windows 7. The odbcConnectExcel in RODBC library does not work. Tried odbcConnectExcel2007 still does not work. Any ideas. Thanks Melissa<-sqlFetch(odbcConnectExcel2007("F:\\Cotton2012\\validation.xlsx"),sqtable = "Sheet3", + na.strings = "NA", = TRUE) Error in sqlFetch(odbcConnectExcel2007("F:\\Cotton2012\\validation.xlsx"), : first argument is not an open RODBC channel In addition: Warning messages: 1: In odbcDriverConnect(con, tab...
2013 Oct 04
is there any way to convert .xlsx to .xls
Hello Guys, does anybody know if there''s anyway to upload a .xlsx file and then convert it to .xls file for later processing? i''d like to use spreadsheet to write a new xls file but it doesn''t support xlsx and the file is only importable with that format sadly. I saw roo but I don''t know if there''s a direct way to do it....
2012 Sep 13
Cannot install package xlsx
I get following error message: trying URL '''' Content type ''application/zip'' length 365611 bytes (357 Kb) opened URL downloaded 357 Kb Error in read.dcf(file.path(pkgname, "DESCRIPTION"), c("Package", "Type")) : cannot open the connection In addition: Warning messages:...