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2001 Apr 29
files not found
...l with a native dll. the win.ini file does exist, it is 0 bytes. any ideas? thanks john baxter rh linux 7.1 wine 20010426-1 here is some of the output, just prior to the messagebox. the last file activity is on win.ini trace:dosfs:DOSFS_DoGetFullPathName got C:\Program Files\TC2000\User\Data\WordenIG.cus trace:dosfs:DOSFS_DoGetFullPathName returning 'C:\Program Files\TC2000\User\Data\WordenIG.cus' trace:dosfs:DOSFS_GetFullName C:\Program Files\TC2000\User\Data\WordenIG.cus (last=0) trace:dosfs:DOSFS_FindUnixName /usr/share/wine-c,Program Files\TC2000\User\Data\WordenIG.cus t...