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2003 Jun 07
Wish-to-have in Asterisk
Dear Pals I think all of us in this business (or most) looking at the Corn Flakes Back Side , Wish to find a NAT Friendly VOIP solution. Thats ridiculous I know, but what about this wish list (Personal Point of view) Upnp support for Asterisk STUN Support for Asterisk Small Embedded Asterisk (just to redirect IAX) SIP-IAX , h.323-IAX or something like that , on the End Point. As a Nat
2006 Feb 28
vector math: calculating a rolling 12 row product?
I have a dataframe of numeric values with 30 ?rows? and 7 ?columns?. For each column, beginning at ?row? 12 and down to ?row? 30, I wish to calculate the ?rolling 12 row product?. I.e., within each column, I wish to multiply all the values in row 1:12, 2:13, 19:30. I wish to save the results as a new dataframe, which will have 19 rows and 7 columns.
2009 Apr 02
Mountain ahead of me!
Dear All, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have been presented with a massive task. I'm not an asterisk expert, but I do know my way around a linux server and infrastructure, and I know when things are not done correctly. A large number of minutes are routed every month, (1m+) and I wish to do this in the most efficient way possible. I've been presented with three linux
2009 Jul 21
How to extract the upper xlim and ylim of my plot?
Dear R-helpers, I wish to place some text in a plot, at approx 10% of my upper xlim and approx 90% of my upper ylim, i.e. > plot(log(all$SR,10)~log(all$AREA,10)) > text(.1*max(xlim),.9*max(ylim),"text to be placed") (I know how to give absolute coordinates for text location, but I wish to use relative coordinates). My code (above) doesn't work because I don't know how
2011 Aug 27
[LLVMdev] How to break/iterate over nested instructions.
Hi Duncan, Why to break? I wish to analyse all the operands of getelemetptr instructions. For which I iterate over the code and get the instruction of interest by getopcode == getelementptr. But the getelementptrs in this form as in my last mail are getting away from my pass. So i wish to break it. I have a work around if breaking is not possible, but I think it may be a common requirement by
2007 Feb 23
Jumping from FC2
Some time ago I installed FC2 at the request of an employer. That contract ended over a year ago, and FC2 is an orphan. I am gradually feeling more pressure to jump from FC2, and do not wish to remain with the Fedora Core Project, as I don't want to make installing and upgrading my machine into a hobby. I already maintain a Debian machine for my girlfriend, but I'm not sure I wish make
2005 May 19
Thank you all for the messages
I have been overwhelmed today with well-wishing posts. I began by trying to answering each and every one but I soon realized that there were going to be too many. So I want to thank each of you who offered me your best wishes -- I fully appreciate every post. -Tom -- Tom Eastep \ Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool Shoreline, \ Washington USA \ PGP Public Key \
2015 Feb 25
Disable DHCPv6 on Cent7
So, I'm seeing a bunch of DHCPv6 traffic coming from my CentOS7 machines. Basically, the machines are trying to send router solicitations, the packets are blocked at their egress firewalls, and I get to see the logs. I don't wish to disable IPv6. I don't wish to statically configure IPv6 at this time. I wish to have the machines no longer attempting to send router solicitations as
2011 Aug 27
[LLVMdev] How to break/iterate over nested instructions.
Dear All, I wish to iterate over all instructions (where opCode == desired_opCode). I could iterate over all the instruction expect the nested instructions like: %add.ptr229 = getelementptr inbounds i8* getelementptr inbounds ([4096 x i8]* @_Func1, i32 0, i32 0), i64 %idx.ext228 I wish to break this nested instruction in two instructions. Please let me know if there is already existing method
1999 Apr 06
One more for the wish list
Having just upgraded to 063.3 reminds me of a wish I have had for a long time. Could we not have libraries (sorry, packages) other than for the base distribution in a subdirectory [Rpath]/library/local/ or perhaps /library/packages. This tiny change would make administration so much simpler; I could move all the old packages into the new library in one fell swoop. Granted
2006 Jul 07
scp back to *me* (Wish report)
Hi, Thanks for the extra-ordinarily excellent package ssh. I love all the devs helping out with ssh. I am not subscribed to the list, so if anyone wants to reply, kindly CC me. Wish report: ========= When I ssh from 'laptop' to 'server', and I see a file I want to scp back to my laptop. The typical way for almost everyone (unless I am totally mistaken) is to: scp file user at
2003 Nov 21
Can you monitor a call via the asterisk speaker system and do a call pickup if you wish
Reason. I have a fax/ans phone with handset, that lets you monitor the caller, so if you wish, you can pickup the call. The asterisk is undergoing testing, it will then be online tested at the house so I can get more familiar in setting components up, e.g. sip phones, voicemail, transfers etc. But, I really need the monitoring of the Voicemall being left, with the ability to pick up the
2012 Mar 21
Wish To Join Xapian:-)
Dear Friends, This is Shao from National University of Singapore(NUS). I'm currently doing my exchange study in Royal Institute of Technology(KTH), Sweden. IR is really interesting to me. I've taken a Information Retrieval course during the exchange study here in KTH The
2012 Jun 06
tcltk wish: Add tclObj.raw method for converting raw vectors to tclObj
Greetings, I have submitted a bug report / wish to the R Bug tracker (, but I'd like to make this request here as well. Essentially, I was wondering if it would be possible to add another c routine to be called by as.TclObj for raw vectors. Right now, as.raw() is supported for objects of type "tclObj"
2006 Nov 16
[Bug 1102] C program 'write' with zero length hangs sethi.varun at changed: What |Removed |Added ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Status|CLOSED |REOPENED Resolution|FIXED | ------- Comment #16 from sethi.varun at
2004 Jun 30
Asterisk Wish List - Can We do it? Can you add to it?
Folks! I dont know whether anyone has done this exercise before of putting together a Wish-List of things that you want to do, if you have all the gadgets you need and have a client base that needs Asterisk's Features and more. Here are some of the scenarios I am playing out that I will do, once I have enough time. Can anyone add to this list of Scenarios with or without using other gadgets,
2005 Aug 01
disable ''tab'' key wish for incremental autocomplete of textareas
I''m absolutely in love with the incremental autocomplete feature in the new scriptaculous. My one wish would be for some way of disabling the TAB key to prevent users from being able to tab out of an autocompleting textarea. (If they''re using TAB to select the autocomplete choice they end up tabbing straight out of the input field if autocomplete doesn''t find any
2006 Jul 13
Question- if I have more then one view I wish to display in a layout , how do I tell content_for_layout what to display and where ? TIA Stuart -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2004 Nov 28
Cann't get Windows XP system to find Samba printers
I have a Brothre HL-1440 laser on my Linux system I wish to share. But, I can not get the Windows system to "see" it. I already have disk shares That the windows system can access, so something is working Here is my entries in smb.conf load printers = yes printcap name = cups printing = cups security = share [printers] comment = All Printers browseable = yes
2016 Dec 16
LLD status update and performance chart
On 16 December 2016 at 19:28, Rui Ueyama <ruiu at> wrote: > It may be good to compile a wishlist about a linker to collect feature ideas > people wish to use. I honestly know only one major request: embedding a > linker to a program. I guess that this single feature satisfies a majority > of needs as per 80:20 rule, but I really want to know what people wish to >