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2001 Apr 29
files not found
...IG.cus (MEDIAIG.CUS) trace:dosfs:DOSFS_GetFullName returning /usr/share/wine-c/Program Files/TC2000/User/Data/MediaIG.cus = C:\PROG~FBU\TC2000\USER\DATA\MEDIAIG.CUS trace:dosfs:DOSFS_FindNextEx returning MediaIG.cus (MEDIAIG.CUS) 20 0 trace:dosfs:DOSFS_GetFullName C:\WINDOWS\win.ini (last=0) trace:dosfs:DOSFS_FindUnixName /usr/share/wine-c,WINDOWS\win.ini trace:dosfs:DOSFS_FindUnixName (/usr/share/wine-c,WINDOWS\win.ini) -> windows (WINDOWS) trace:dosfs:DOSFS_FindUnixName /usr/share/wine-c/windows,win.ini trace:dosfs:DOSFS_Fi...
2011 Apr 26
Registering Dll in system32 Failed anyone help me?
H:\>regsvr32.exe C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\oeinpr3.dll DllRegisterServer not implemented in DLL C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\oeinpr3.dll H:\>regsvr32.exe C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\oeinsmd.dll DllRegisterServer not implemented in DLL C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\oeinsmd.dll H:\>regsvr32.exe C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\oeintck.dll DllRegisterServer not imp...
2007 Nov 26
Ruckus on Linux
Hello Wine Users! There''s a dead thread (well, dead as far as ideas) on getting Ruckus to run under WINE over at ubuntuforums: Basically, it doesn''t seem that anyone that''s looked at the thread knows how to get the dll''s Ruckus needs into WINE. I''m happy to test as I have a Ruckus account.
2007 Apr 30
[997] branches/wxruby2/wxwidgets_282: Window - 2.6 -> 2.8 API, new methods and deprecations; update doc
...0;} #patch ins {background:#dfd;text-decoration:none;display:block;padding:0 10px;} #patch del {background:#fdd;text-decoration:none;display:block;padding:0 10px;} #patch .lines, .info {color:#888;background:#fff;} --></style> <title>[997] branches/wxruby2/wxwidgets_282: Window - 2.6 -> 2.8 API, new methods and deprecations; update doc</title> </head> <body> <div id="msg"> <dl> <dt>Revision</dt> <dd>997</dd> <dt>Author</dt> <dd>brokentoy</dd> <dt>Date&...
2010 Feb 17
World Basketball Manager. Any possible way to run?
I''m in struggle to let the game run. The best result i''ve got is "run-time error 76" which led me to nothing. Tried various ways to run the game. winetricks, playonlinux. No result. I''m using Ubuntu x64. Wine - 1.36. Nvidia 8600. Install dependencies: Windows Installer 3.1 -> OK Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 Microsoft Jet 4.0 Database Engine Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable I install only WBM mini game 2009, then install with winetricks dotnet20, vcrun2008, jet40, gdiplus. The result i got: Code: keturidu...
2007 Nov 06
IO window: disabled
Hello We are seeing the following lines in our /var/log/kern file. and I am wondering why IO window is disabled for those pci bridges and if it is necessary to enable them. Nov 1 15:19:18 Song kernel: IO window: disabled. Nov 1 15:19:18 Song kernel: MEM window: f4000000-f7ffffff Nov 1 15:19:18 Song kernel: PREFETCH window: disabled. Nov 1 15:19:18 Song kernel: PCI: Bridge: 0000:07:00.0 Nov...
2007 Mar 18
[894] branches/wxruby2/wxwidgets_282/doc/textile/window.txtl: Document changed Window methods in 2.6 -> 2.8 API
...ound:#dfd;text-decoration:none;display:block;padding:0 10px;} #patch del {background:#fdd;text-decoration:none;display:block;padding:0 10px;} #patch .lines, .info {color:#888;background:#fff;} --></style> <title>[894] branches/wxruby2/wxwidgets_282/doc/textile/window.txtl: Document changed Window methods in 2.6 -> 2.8 API</title> </head> <body> <div id="msg"> <dl> <dt>Revision</dt> <dd>894</dd> <dt>Author</dt> <dd>brokentoy</dd> <dt>Date<...
2007 Feb 08
Wine crashes when installing a program
Hi, Wine crashes when installing a program. I am not sure, but I think that the error is: warn:file:CreateFileW Unable to create file L"c:\\windows\\system32\\winedbg.exe" (status c0000034) Unhandled exception: unimplemented function MFC42.DLL.6467 called in 32-bit code (0x7bc39008). Register dump: CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:0033 GS:003b EIP:7bc39008 ESP:0034f4a4 EBP:0034f508 EFLAGS:00000206( - 00 - -IP1) EAX:00001943 EBX:...
2009 Apr 06
debugging application install failure attached, but it looks to me like the problem is here: ---- > fixme:advpack:set_ldids Need to support changing paths - default will be used > fixme:setupapi:SetupDefaultQueueCallbackW notification 262144 params 33f71c,0 > err:setupapi:SetupDefaultQueueCallbackW copy error 0 L"C:\\windows\\temp\\IXP000.TMP\\msvcrt.dll" -> L"C:\\windows\\system32\\msvcrt.dll" > trace:loaddll:free_modref Unloaded module L"C:\\windows\\system32\\advpack.dll" : builtin > trace:loaddll:free_modref Unloaded module L"C:\\windows\\system32\\setupapi.dll" : builti...
2010 May 05
Samba on top of Windows?
Hi all, I just bought a brand new PC for my living room (Asus eee Box) that happens to come with Windows 7. I can nicely plug in large USB hard drives, any my intention was to share these harddrives on the network, for example with my old Windows 98 PC on which I still run some favorite computer games. And of course, I would also like to access the large harddrive occasionally from my linux box (e.g....
2003 May 08
dcom98, ole32=n and CreateProcess
hi, can''t change line wrapping, so am attaching plain text file with message. waiting for answer. TIA -------------- next part -------------- I have no-windows wine system. when installing "dcom98.exe" package into clean system I get such msg-box with an alert: "A newer version of DCOM95 or DCOM98 had been installed. To override, you must uninstall the current version first." below is output I get: [s2@localhost c]$ wine ~/c&...
2009 May 02
installing maple 8 - Java error
I am trying to install my copy of maple 8 for windows, using wine in mandriva 2008.1. Apparently there is a difficulty with handling the java code for the installantion front-end. Below I report the log file showing the error. One curious thing is that I get very close to make wine run the maple 8 version I have already installed in a windows XP par...
2011 Nov 04
Problem running BBC Doctor Who game in Linux Mint Debian
...o run it got me a full screen startup first all black then a screen split into a black/white triangle along a diagonal line which finally turned into a largely black screen with a scrambled cursor and no clear picture of anything. Once that point was reached I couldn''t then close the window with the program in it. The cursor only appeared in any window decorations and the main Linux menu/taskbar bar. The machine ran very slow and I had to use the System Monitor to kill the DoctorWho_pc.exe which then also killed wine. The intro music played fine so I assumed the problem was to do...
2007 Sep 28
[ win32utils-Bugs-14298 ] windows-api 0.2.0/windows-pr 0.7.1 causes segfault with require of win32/file
...s opened at 2007-09-28 10:23 You can respond by visiting: Category: None Group: None Status: Open Resolution: None Priority: 3 Submitted By: Lars Olsson (lasso) Assigned to: Nobody (None) Summary: windows-api 0.2.0/windows-pr 0.7.1 causes segfault with require of win32/file Initial Comment: The latest version of windows-api/windows-pr segfault my ruby when I require ''win32/file''. The previous version worked without problems. Sample code (segfaults, uncomment lin...
2008 Jul 21
help to install poser 7
...7;img147/2600/pantallazo2cb1.png , why deform my screen and the impr paint it''s fine ? , well apply gatito at gatito:~$ WINEDEBUG=warn+all wine poser.exe for debug and this is my lines : gatito at gatito:~$ WINEDEBUG=warn+all wine poser.exe warn:ntdll:NtCreateFile L"\\??\\C:\\windows" not found (c0000035) warn:ntdll:NtCreateFile L"\\??\\C:\\windows\\system32" not found (c0000035) warn:file:wine_nt_to_unix_file_name L"poser.exe" not found in /home/gatito/.wine/dosdevices/h: warn:ntdll:NtQueryFullAttributesFile L"\\??\\H:\\poser....
2013 Apr 30
Extrafont package: Fonts are not successfully installed
...wing line sometimes yields an error. Sometimes it works. > pdf("font_plot.pdf", family="Times New Roman", width=4, height=4) 2. The compiler could not find the fonts installed, e.g., Georgia, Impact, Times New Romans, Arial Black. Error message: "Font family not found in Windows font database....." 3. The plot could not show up at all. I use RStudio. I need to close RStudio and reopen it in order to see the plots produced by ggplot2 . Could someone provide an example of how Extrafont package is used? Thanks, Miao > rm(list=ls()) > library(ggplot2) > l...
2012 Mar 08
Warnings when plotting after x11() in R 2.14.2
...r R-help, I recently upgraded from R 2.13.1 to R 2.14.2 and now get warning messages when plotting after using x11(). Example: > plot(rnorm(10)) ### no warnings > x11(); plot(rnorm(10)) Warning messages: 1: In axis(side = side, at = at, labels = labels, ...) : Font family not found in Windows font database 2: In axis(side = side, at = at, labels = labels, ...) : Font family not found in Windows font database 3: In axis(side = side, at = at, labels = labels, ...) : Font family not found in Windows font database 4: In axis(side = side, at = at, labels = labels, ...) : Font family n...
2008 Aug 06
software runs in a loop [mathe coach]
...-) The occuring problem is that wine hangs in a loop and i can''t make neither head nor tail of the debug messages (the file is over 10 MB large, and i abborted wine after a few seconds to avoid larger files) here a copy of the warnings > 0025:warn:ntdll:NtCreateFile L"\\??\\C:\\windows" not found (c0000035) > 0025:warn:ntdll:NtCreateFile L"\\??\\C:\\windows\\system32" not found (c0000035) > 0025:warn:module:alloc_module disabling no-exec because of L"MatheCoach5.exe" > 0025:warn:file:wine_nt_to_unix_file_name L"MatheCoach5.exe.manifest&quot...
2009 Mar 25
.net framework 3.0
...xe wine: created the configuration directory ''/home/brewergeek/.wine'' fixme:system:SetProcessDPIAware stub! fixme:dwmapi:DwmIsCompositionEnabled 0x33cf94 fixme:file:MoveFileWithProgressW MOVEFILE_WRITE_THROUGH unimplemented fixme:advapi:SetNamedSecurityInfoW L"C:\\windows\\gecko\\0.9.1\\wine_gecko\\components\\xpti.dat" 1 536870916 (nil) (nil) 0x33c960 (nil) fixme:iphlpapi:NotifyAddrChange (Handle 0x60ae898, overlapped 0x60ae8a0): stub fixme:file:MoveFileWithProgressW MOVEFILE_WRITE_THROUGH unimplemented fixme:advapi:SetNamedSecurityInfoW L"C:\\windows\\g...
2006 Aug 23
Lotus Notes 7.01 crashes after 30 seconds
...ScriptRecordDigitSubstitution 1024,0x621341ec fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter message filter has been registered, but will not be used fixme:system:SystemParametersInfoW Unimplemented action: 8193 (SPI_SETFOREGROUNDLOCKTIMEOUT) 08/23/2006 02:34:21 PM Lotus Notes client started err:win:DefWindowProcW called for other process window 0x10020 fixme:uniscribe:ScriptApplyDigitSubstitution 0x621341ec,0x33a5d2,0x33a5d0 fixme:uniscribe:ScriptApplyDigitSubstitution 0x621341ec,0x33a858,0x33a856 fixme:uniscribe:ScriptApplyDigitSubstitution 0x621341ec,0x33a5d2,0x33a5d0 fixme:uniscribe:ScriptApplyDigit...