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2005 Mar 15
Theora / ogg usage
...Wikipedia mailing list again : Wikipedia strongly encourages[1] using theora encoding, strongly enough that I don''t think we currently host any other video encodings...[2] however, most users know how to make and edit and play mpegs, and find theora hard to work with. Perhaps the theora-dev list can help us overcome our technical problems so that we have a reasonable choice in setting policy... SJ [1] (could use better theora informati...
2013 Jun 12
Instant search for R documentation
Hi, I just wanted to share with you that we made a website over the weekend that allows "instant search" of the R documentation on CRAN, see: It''s a first version, so any feedback/comments/criticism most welcome. Best regards, Jonathan [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2012 Jan 18
Setup examples
Hi, I am looking for real world server setups to learn more from others. The ones I know of are The Repository of David Schmitt The Wikimedia Server repository Regards, Kai -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Puppet Users" group. To post to this group, send email t...
2009 Jul 18
Does XiphQT plugin work in Safari?
Hi, I am trying to display a HTML 5 page with the <video> element and an OGG video in Safari. I use the sample video posted here: My sample page works fine in Safari 4.0.2 when I supply the MP4 video along with the OGG video: <video width="640" height="360" controls="controls"
2009 May 30
kaltura's video-wiki
does any body know about kaltura''s video-wiki?... does it support theora? if so that''s a great online cross platform gui solution to edit theora... i couldn''t find much info about it and haven''t seen any sites using it... does anybody know about it?
2009 Jan 27
OT : iptables/arptables question
I have a CentOS box that acts as a packet filter/firewall with iptables but the box itself isn''t able to reach internet : here why : Internet ----- public IP|ISP router|private IP ----- private IP + public IP/32 + public IP subnet/29|my CentOS fw|private network/dmz As you can see my provider gave us a /29 public ip subnet but behind a private IP subnet
2006 May 19
Resize uploaded image file without creating temp file?
Hi, I need to take a single uploaded image file and save three resized versions of it, a thumbnail, normal and large version. I was planning on doing this in my model by having an array of geometry strings and looping through them, each time saving a new image object resized to the correct geometry. I know that file column does similar stuff, but I would prefer to have a separate database row
2011 Oct 31
Significance of trend
Hi everyone, I''m trying to determine the significance of a trendline. From my internet search months ago, I came across the following post. I modified tim and dat for simiplicity. tim <- 1:10 dat <- c(0.17, 1.09 ,0.11, 0.82, 0.23, 0.38 ,2.47 ,0.41 ,0.75, 1.44) fstat <- summary(lm(dat~tim))$fstatistic p.val <-
2013 Jan 14
readJPEG function cannot open jpeg files
I installed jpeg package and tried to use kim<-readJPEG("kim.jpeg") to read in a jpeg file, but R gave me an error: Error in readJPEG("kim.jpeg") : unable to open kim.jpeg I already put "kim.jpeg" in Rstudio''s default working directory: "E:\home work\Rstudio". So I don''t think it''s a problem caused by omitting the
2009 Dec 21
Monitor Network Traffic
What is the best way to monitor the total incoming / outcoming network traffic of CentOS server. I think that the solution is to monitor the network interfaces and to send SNMP packets to remote server. But is it possible? regards -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2011 Mar 04
CentOS and Marvell SAS/SATA drivers
Hello all, I''ve been on a real roller coaster ride getting a large virtual host up and running. One troublesome thing I''ve discovered (the hard way) is that the drivers for Marvell SAS/SATA chips still have a few problems. After Googling around quite a bit, I see a significant number of others have had similar issues, especially evident in the Ubuntu forums but also
2006 Jun 04
Hosting images : DB or File System
Hi, I''m developing an application where I''ll have to store a lot of images coming from the users. And I''m still not sure if I should store them in MySQl as blob or just store them on filesystem. If I store them on filesystem, how to scale when I''ll have to have multiple servers ? Thanks, Pratik -- rm -rf / 2>/dev/null -
2012 Jun 03
Re: [Announce] LARTC wiki available
...ote: > Hi, > I still didn''t find a viable solution for the LARTC wiki, so I decided > to start hosting it on my own server. Later we can easily switch > somewhere else if we keep using the same wiki engine (and maybe even > with another wiki engine). > I decided to use wikimedia because it''s the only one I know of, so if > someone knows a better alternative please let me know, we are still in > time for a change. > Since I never used a wiki seriously I will probably need someone else > who can help me maintaining it, please let me know if you are &...
2006 Nov 30
CMS Poll
RYX is conducting a poll on the forum regarding the use of a CMS for our site. If you plan on contributing to the website and/or wiki then you should express your opinion here: Jeff
2018 Feb 18
Draft proposal for Searching R Packages
...ty of R users to search R packages" to Wikiversity ( ????? You are all invited to rewrite it in any way you think is more likely to produce the most useful result.? Wikimedia invites contributors to "be bold but not reckless", writing from a neutral point of view citing credible sources.? I do NOT want to do this project:? I think the world will be better if it is done, and I think others are better equipped to actually do it -- or manage others doing it -...
2010 Jan 19
[PATCH 0/7] Prepare for adding write support to hivex (windows registry) library
...istry 'hive' files to our 'hivex' mini library. About hivex: About the Windows Registry: Forget it - there are no reliable references. However the Wikipedia page explains some of the top level concepts: And this page explains the format, although it is frequently inaccurate (just less so than other documents): These patches are ready for review right...
2011 Dec 13
[hivex] [PATCH 1/1] hivexml: Change value type output to standard names
...exml.c b/xml/hivexml.c index d38e9d4..1a75593 100644 --- a/xml/hivexml.c +++ b/xml/hivexml.c @@ -247,6 +247,32 @@ node_end (hive_h *h, void *writer_v, hive_node_h node, const char *name) return 0; } +/* + * Hive type names retrieved from: + * + * (Retrieved 2011-10-09) + * Caller should not free return value. + */ +static char * +value_type_windows_string (hive_type t) +{ + switch (t) { + case 0: return "REG_NONE"; break; + case 1: return "REG...
2009 Nov 19
Windows port of daemon?
I think there's some demand internally for a version of libguestfs where the appliance part actually runs on Windows. So I'm creating this thread to discuss the issue. The reason to want a Windows appliance at all is twofold: (1) better support for NTFS filesystems and Windows-native filesystem features (attributes, volume management etc), and (2) so we can run Windows CMD.EXE commands
2010 Jul 07
[PATCH] hivex: add hivex_set_value api call and ocaml/perl bindings, tests
...HIVEX_OPEN_* flags list. *) | AUnusedFlags (* Flags arg that is always 0 *) | ASetValues (* See hivex_node_set_values. *) + | ASetValue (* See hivex_node_set_value. *) (* Hive types, from: * @@ -304,8 +305,15 @@ subnodes become invalid. You cannot delete the root node."; "set (key, value) pairs at a node", "\ This call can be used to set all the (key, value) pairs -stored in C<node...
2009 Sep 14
oggcat or other ways to combine theora videos (with or without re-encoding)?
hi guys, first of all, i''d like to ask if there any crossplatform software/service ( gui is also better, an online application like firefogg is great, or at least a command line tools for any platform) to combine theora videos, other than oggcat... i am doing some art projects that people should be able to remix featured theora videos and i find oggcat very usefull in theory but