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2007 Nov 27
Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide gets Wikified!
Tracers, Good news! The Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide has entered the participation age at last and has been converted into wiki format. The new and shiny guide can be found at: The guide has fallen behind with developments in DTrace since it was first released and needs some revising and some bug fixing as well. However, now
2006 Sep 10
CentOS Wiki: Contribute permission request
...attached email from Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at>, I respectifully request permission to post a "How to contribute RPMs to the CentOS Project" document; the basic text is currently at (it would of course be wikified when posting), and my idea is to post it under the URL, linking it under the page. Thanks in advance, Best Regards, -- Durval Menezes (durval AT tmp DOT com DOT br,
2006 Feb 09
RMagick on OS X - HOW
Hello all. I''m a seasoned system administrator and have no fear of building source packages on a variety of platforms, but RMagick has, until recently, evaded all of my attempts to building it on my PowerBook. Someone else just mentioned that they had trouble with RMagick on OS X (Intel, don''t really know if my advice will help) so I decided to post a HOWTO to the list. I
2016 Mar 07
keytab-lilo: update to support kbd 2.0.3 format
...; +keytab-lilo /usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/legacy/i386/qwerty/ /usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/legacy/i386/qwertz/ > cz.ktl >> + >> -- >> 2.4.3 >> > > > The doc/keytab-lilo.txt file (and its wikified equivalent) is a copy of > the original file from LILO; it actually says it so. > > Please see: > > > for updated info. > It is a "generic example" which differs from the "act...
2008 Apr 20
Guide to Using KVM
Hi all, Our CentOS Forum contributor, "scottro", has written a guide to using KVM with CentOS-5.1 and made it available at: He is offering it for us to put on the CentOS wiki. I would be happy to wikify it and welcome any comments and suggestions. The contents will be updated as he adds more to his writing.
2003 Dec 07
Re: Shorewall-devel Digest, Vol 11, Issue 4
Hiya, > Ok with me -- if I get too frustrated with DocBook, I''ll just start > editing the HTML again. > > -Tom > Well the fact that VIM is supported by Docbook is a plus .. But I still think the Wiki idea is well .. Lets get the doc at a CVS and Docbook stage .. Walking before running .. plz plz .. Francesca PS: I have thrown Windoze out the Window here (Pardon The
2016 Mar 07
keytab-lilo: update to support kbd 2.0.3 format
On 29.12.2015 22:51, poma wrote: > On 29.12.2015 22:20, Ady via Syslinux wrote: >> >>> On 27.12.2015 23:57, Jernej Simon?i? via Syslinux wrote: >>>> On Sunday, December 27, 2015, 23:34:11, Ady via Syslinux wrote: >>>> >>>>> How this change would affect users with older versions of kbd / >>>>> loadkeys / or in older
2019 Jul 07
Status of syslinux git master
Gene, it looks like the syslinux master branch is broken since February [1]. Peter created the wip.makefixes branch but I wasn't able to get it working (yet) and it lacks activity since March. I think it might be time to revert commit 458a54133ecd ("Fix all warnings, and better separate code that should not be mixed") which broke master. Then apply at least the outstanding patch
2016 Mar 07
keytab-lilo: update to support kbd 2.0.3 format > + > +on Fedora: > +keytab-lilo /usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/legacy/i386/qwerty/ /usr/lib/kbd/keymaps/legacy/i386/qwertz/ > cz.ktl > + > -- > 2.4.3 > The doc/keytab-lilo.txt file (and its wikified equivalent) is a copy of the original file from LILO; it actually says it so. Please see: for updated info. BTW, we should find some way to support changing the keyboard map for UEFI too. I do not know whether...
2016 Mar 06
Syslinux 6.04-pre1
...7; problem disappear for everyone. Please note that such problems are not to be mentioned in the "Common Problems" wiki page, which is for common final users. I would suggest a wiki page with a title such as "Building" (not to be confused with "Doc/building", a wikified copy of official documentation included in official release archives). Regards, Ady.
2012 Jun 03
Re: [Announce] LARTC wiki available
...ttp:// > And here is the new mailing list for those who still don''t know: > > > I just copy-pasted the Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO > atm, it still needs to be wikified and we still need to choose how to > organize the contents. > > Cheers, > Niccolò Between command-line stuff for users/administrators and the kernel hacking bits on linux-net, etc. I''d like to see a middle ground: i.e. better documentation about the C API to userspace fr...
2013 Jul 29
Update wiki for WDSLINUX installation
Op 2013-07-29 om 10:12 schreef syslinux-owner at > As list administrator, your authorization is requested for the > following mailing list posting: > > List: Syslinux at > From: ... at > Subject: Update wiki for WDSLINUX installation > Reason: Post by non-member to a members-only list > > At your convenience, visit:
2016 Mar 08
keytab-lilo: update to support kbd 2.0.3 format
...ipt attempting to be "too-smart". Instead of re-writing the original document from LILO, I decided to write a wiki document that adds (or complements) to the original information. It can be linked to from other sites / forums / irc, and it also includes links to the original (wikified) document. It can also be improved easier than the documentation included in each upstream release. Based on the type of questions that are usually asked about Syslinux (not just in the Syslinux mailing list), many (of those) questions have been already answered in some document or in the wiki...
2019 Jul 07
Status of syslinux git master clear, there are more-than-just-a-few of those previously-ignored proposed patches. One additional negative aspect of this massive "shuffling" of files is documentation. For some time now, I've been updating documents in the wiki, including paths that are mentioned, even in the wikified official documents. It would be very inconvenient and confusing, for users and package maintainers alike, to have paths being relevant "from 5.00 to 6.04-pre1" while other, different paths would be relevant "from 6.04-pre4". Moving around files in such way also complicates...
2011 Apr 05
Printers, aka an old time sysadmin
Well, today, I feel like a real, old time sysadmin. Now, I didn't have to write a driver in assembly for the printer, but.... We got this huge, 44" HP Designjet z3200ps printer. Only supports Win and Mac. Fine, I hang it off of one of our servers on a subnet (at $0.96/foot paper, we're the only ones who print on it....). Then I'm thinking that all I really need is a .ppd. My
2004 Jan 21
Fw: Word-of-the-Day: wiki
...t; contributions, using a regular Web browser. Basically, a wiki Web > site operates on a principle of collaborative trust. The term comes > from the word "wikiwiki," which means "fast" in the Hawaiian > language. > > A wiki allows a visitor to the "wikified" Web site to edit the > content of the site from their own computer. Visitors can also create > new content and change the organization of existing content. The > simplest wiki programs allow editing of text and hyperlinks only. > More advanced wikis make it possible to add...
2005 Jul 16
Thoughts on Second-Tier Documentation
In the course of this argument, keep in mind that I think Rails is making excellent progress in the development of documentation and community. I am only trying to develop discussion of where we need to go next. A consistent theme we are seeing on this list, I believe, is frustration caused by the lack of second-tier documentation. So far we have... -- the various tutorials which are
2016 Mar 05
Syslinux 6.04-pre1
After so much time and improvements, I'm glad to see and publicize a pre-release, 6.04-pre1 in Personally, I've already been working testing the pre-release as-is and my tests have been positive so far. I appreciate feedback like that from Gabriele Balducci and testing "make
2009 Jun 01
installing sn package
Hi r-users, I want to use the sn package but I got the following message: > install.packages(repos=NULL,pkgs="c:\\Tinn-R\\") Warning: package 'sn' is in use and will not be installed updating HTML package descriptions I did tried to do it a few times but it gives the same message.  ________________________________ From: