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2004 Apr 26
Weird, weird, weird thing with my Asterisk box...
I've been banging my head into a wall over this one... Yesterday, we had a big fire down the block, so the city chopped the power to our whole block for a few hours, and the Asterisk box didn't shut down properly, just died when the UPS ran out. So I power it back up when I got in, and everything seemed to check out OK, except that when I dialed in to the system, or tried to connect
2006 Apr 25
FXListBox ...connect(SEL_COMMAND)
Hi, I think I got a problem with the FXListBox widget. ( ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [i386-mswin32]) ), nil, 0) do |libo4| libo4.appendItem("0 very weird") libo4.appendItem("1 very weird") libo4.appendItem("2 very weird") libo4.appendItem("3 very weird") libo4.appendItem("4 very weird") libo4.appendItem("5 very weird") libo4.appendItem("6 very weird...
2011 Mar 29
recaptcha displaying weirdly
Hi List, I''ve followed and read several guides for getting recaptcha working with a site but I keep coming across this problem. The recaptcha images look...weird: This image is taken with the "white" theme, however the sandard one is exactly as weird. I can''t work out what is causing this: Any tips appreciated.
2006 May 26
test just testing please ignore... -- "I have learned that you should''nt compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think." ...unknown "In the 60''s, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal." ..unknown _____________________________ Terry Remsik _______________________________________________ Ra...
2019 Feb 21
Weird things in the mail queue
I noticed a mail stuck in my mail queue. dovecot-lda was returning error 64 Invalid parameter given. (EX_USAGE). Weird, weird, weird. After some sleuthing, I found the sender address was FirstLast at domain.tld, with a UTF8-encoded Unicode U+FEFF ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE character (AKA byte order mark) between "First" and "Last" :) Since that is passed as the -f parameter to dovecot-lda, it wa...
2016 Apr 27
Semi-OT: very weird vi behaviour
This is weird. As in, *deeply* weird. I ssh as root from one box to another (there are keys involved), and I go to vi a file, such as # line 1 # # line 2 # # line 3 # line 4 And what I see in vi is # line 3 # line 4 BUT, if I scroll the cursor over each line with the arrow key... I see all four lines. I'v...
2002 Jan 02
Weird Keys in Counterstrike
Hi, I have just compiled wine-20011108 for my Mandrake 8.1 box, installed Half-Life, patched it to, installed csv13full.exe. I then tried to connect to a local LAN server however all the keys are all real weird. I ran my standard win98se config file, it worked OK. By weird I mean that normally when I move the mouse my player looks around but under wine he starts a slow slide across the floor. Has anyone else had any similar problems? Package Versions are, XFree- wine-20011108 CVS updated...
2019 Jul 26
Doing weird bouncing of IAX trunk calls on purpose
Ok, so this might seem weird, but hang with me on this. I have two sites, Indy and Lafayette that each have their own Asterisk server. They each have their own outside PRI line. They are also trunked internally via and IAX tunnel over a private fiber line. I've recently been asked to have the calls incoming to Indy, forwa...
2009 Mar 23
Rspec weird behaviour
Hi, I recently migrated from classic rails testing to Rspec, so I am pretty new to the framework and still learning. I am getting weird errors on an ActiveRecord model test, here is the basic class model definition: class Size < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :quantities, :dependent => :destroy validates_presence_of :name validates_uniqueness_of :name, :case_sensitive => false end and this is the faulty spec: it ...
2015 Mar 02
Weird sub-folder error
Hi, I?m running dovecot 2.2.13 and I ran into a weird problem. A user migrated his mailboxes by letting users copy them from their old server to the new one through their MUA. All that went fine except for one very weird instance. The user is running Outlook 2010. The user has a sub-folder structure which dovecot places as dotted names beneath the I...
2007 Oct 23
Weird application/x-www-form-urlencoded bug
Hello, I experienced a weird bug today, while implementing an AtomPub server. I pasted all the story and bug details here : It maybe be related to ... I am using - mongrel 1.0.1 - camping 1.5 Cheers, -- Simon Rozet...
2005 Jan 07
ULOG weirdness with 2.0.10
I''m noticing some weirdness in my ulog files with version 2.0.10. Here is a portion of the log: Jan 7 11:01:37 rancor Shorewall:loc2fw:AllowWOL: IN=eth1 OUT= MAC=ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:00:0a:95:b2:11:4c:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=97 TOS=00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=44155 CE PROTO=UDP SPT=631 DPT=631 LE...
2001 Jan 29
weirdness on powerfail
...c/fstab contains: /dev/hda1 / ext3 defaults,check=none 0 0 What's going on here? -- Douglas J. Hunley (Linux User #174778) "This may seem a bit weird, but that's okay, because it is weird."
2005 Jun 22
Weird ring back
Hi guys, I have a weird thing happening sometimes with users calling from a GrandStream phone through Asterisk onto a PSTN. Sometimes after a user hangs up a call on a GrandStream phone the phone starts ringing after a couple seconds. When the call is answered there is no one there. Anyone had this before ? Kindest reg...
2006 Feb 20
Incoming Calls Getting Crossed - Weird
Hey, I got a weird one for you guys, I am running vanilla 1.2.4 and have all incoming calls come in as SIP from teliax. Twice over the past week 2 callers who have called in around the same time end up talking to each other instead of going through the ivr or at some point during the IVR. One said, yeah i was talk...
2009 Feb 03
RBS T1 DID issue
...ERBOSE[25273] logger.c: -- Starting simple switch on 'Zap/3-1' [Feb 2 19:40:24] DEBUG[25273] chan_zap.c: Exception on 14, channel 3 [Feb 2 19:40:24] DEBUG[25273] chan_zap.c: Got event Wink/Flash(3) on channel 3 (index 0) [Feb 2 19:40:24] DEBUG[25273] chan_zap.c: Got wink in weird state 4 on channel 3 [Feb 2 19:40:24] DEBUG[25273] chan_zap.c: Exception on 14, channel 3 [Feb 2 19:40:24] DEBUG[25273] chan_zap.c: Got event Hook Transition Complete(12) on channel 3 (index 0) [Feb 2 19:40:24] DEBUG[25273] chan_zap.c: Exception on 14, channel 3 [Feb 2 19:40:24] DEBUG[25273]...
2006 Sep 26
Followup to "pxe weirdness" in syslinux archives
I'm running across the same weirdness mentioned in the "pxe weirdness" thread in the archives: I couldn't find any followups to the issue. Was it a misconfiguration error? My setup is similar to James': I'm attempting to do a PXE...
2005 Feb 24
Weird Issue: Call will not go into VM
Weird Problem: I have 2 EXT. One will ring and NOT go into VM (eventually call will timeout/hang up), the other EXT goes into VM when the call is not answered like it should. If I enable DND, then the call will go directly in VM as it should. Any ideas what it might be? Thank you, Jake
2008 Feb 22
Weird Zaptel sound after anwser calls
Dear list, We have an weird problem with our FXO card (TDM01B). When I made a call using this channel, all goes well, the called phone rings but when the called phone answers the call. In me handset I can hear an weird sound like a "Clack". I tryed diferents TDM cards and modules, and my zapata.conf is like, langua...
2009 Mar 02
Weird segfault
Hi, My asterisk segfaults a few times each day and the crash problem seems weird. When I run gdb on the core dump, it almost always segfaults on free() or malloc(). When I run the back trace, I see something weird. Here's one of the back traces. #0 0x4017f87f in _int_free () from /lib/ #1 0x4017e7f5 in free () from /lib/ #2 0x403be83e...