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2000 Jan 04
Stepwise logistic discrimination - II
...+351-22-5580043 -------------- next part -------------- > <- multinom(Spoilage ~ FRAG25 + FRAG26 + FRAG27 + FRAG28 + FRAG29 + FRAG30 + FRAG31 + FRAG32 + FRAG33 + FRAG34 + FRAG35 + FRAG36 + FRAG37 + FRAG38 + FRAG39 + FRAG40 + FRAG41 + FRAG42 + FRAG43 + FRAG44 + FRAG45 , nose126s) # weights: 92 (66 variable) > Call: multinom(formula = Spoilage ~ FRAG25 + FRAG26 + FRAG27 + FRAG28 + FRAG29 + FRAG30 + FRAG31 + FRAG32 + FRAG33 + FRAG34 + FRAG35 + FRAG36 + FRAG37 + FRAG38 + FRAG39 + FRAG40 + FRAG41 + FRAG42 + FRAG43 + FRAG44 + FRAG45, data = nose126s) Coeffi...
2012 Oct 08
weighted cumulative distribution with ggplot2
Dear all, I am trying to draw a weighted cumulative distribution (as defined here with ggplot2 however the syntax temp<-qplot(X,weight=weight,data=data,stat = "ecdf", geom = "step",colour=factor(year)) seems not to produce...
2006 Aug 30
working with summarized data
The data sets I am working with all have a weight variable--e.g., each row doesn''t mean 1 observation. With that in mind, nearly all of the graphs and summary statistics are incorrect for my data, because they don''t take into account the weight. **** For example "median" is incorrect, as the quantiles aren'&...
2010 Apr 16
Weights in binomial glm
I have some questions about the use of weights in binomial glm as I am not getting the results I would expect. In my case the weights I have can be seen as ''replicate weights''; one respondent i in my dataset corresponds to w[i] persons in the population. From the documentation of the glm method, I understand that the weights...
2013 Jan 08
Problem getting loess tricubic weights
Hi I am trying to get the tricube weights from the loess outputs as I need to calculate an error function which requires the weight. So I have used the following example from the R: cars.lo <- loess(dist ~ speed, cars, span=0.5, degree=1, family="symmetric") Then i try to get the weights: cars.lo$weights [1] 1 1 1 1 1 1...
2011 Oct 21
lattice::xyplot/ggplot2: plotting weighted data frames with lmline and smooth
In the HistData package, I have a data frame, PearsonLee, containing observations on heights of parent and child, in weighted form: library(HistData) > str(PearsonLee) ''data.frame'': 746 obs. of 6 variables: $ child : num 59.5 59.5 59.5 60.5 60.5 61.5 61.5 61.5 61.5 61.5 ... $ parent : num 62.5 63.5 64.5 62.5 66.5 59.5 60.5 62.5 63.5 64.5 ... $ frequency: num 0.5 0.5 1 0.5 1 0.25...
2010 Feb 02
tapply for function taking of >1 argument?
I''m sure I can put this together from the various ''apply''s and split, but I wonder if anyone has a quick incantation: E.g. I can do tapply( data, groups, mean) but how can I do something like: tapply( list(data,weights), groups, weighted.mean ) ? (or: mapply is to sapply as ? is to tapply ) Thanks for your help. -- View this message in context: Sent from the R help mailing list archive at
2008 Jun 03
Rpart and case weights: working with functions
I can''t get rpart accept case weights defined inside a function. It keeps using the copy defined in the "global" environment (if they exists) instead of the function-defined ones. Here is what I do: test.function <- function (formula, data) { weights <- rep(.1, 100) rpart(formula, data, weights) } test.functi...
2010 Feb 01
Weighted SD
Dear all, what function can be used to calculate weighted SD or/and SE? There''s no such stuff in ''base'' package. Best regards, A.A.Morkovin
2008 Sep 27
Double integration - Gauss Quadrature
...ld like to use Gauss Quadrature to do it. I have written the following code (using R''s statmod package) which works fine for one integral but it doesn''t work for a double one: # Gauss-Legendre abscissas nodes <- gauss.quad.prob(25,dist="uniform",l=-1,u=1)$nodes # and weights weights <- gauss.quad.prob(25,dist="uniform",l=-1,u=1)$weights weights <- weights*2 # Approximate integral of f from a to b using Gauss-Legendre gauss_legendre<-function(f,a,b,nodes,weights) { # change of variables from [-1,1] to [a,b] ab_nodes <- a + (b-a)*(nodes+1)/...
2006 Jul 10
weights in glmrob
Dear List members, I am runnning a logistic regression that includes sample weights (expressed by a variable called WEIGHT) using glmob (from robustbase). My model looks like this: B12<-glmrob(SERE~COMP+COM,family=binomial,weights=WEIGHT) When I include the weights, my standard error columns, as well as the p-values, show only NAs. If I exclude weights=WEIGHTS,...
2003 Jun 22
Using weighted.mean() in aggregate()
Dear R users, I have a question on using weighted.mean() while aggregating a data frame. I have a data frame with columns Sub, Length and Slope: > x[1:5,] Sub Length Slope 1 2 351.547 0.0025284969 2 2 343.738 0.0025859390 3 1 696.659 0.0015948968 4 2 5442.338 0.0026132544 5 1 209.483 0.0005304225 and I would like t...
2010 Jan 10
...ngular data array. I''ve been trying to play with parameters to the xmlToDataFrame function in the XML package but I dont get it to extract the data frame. Reading the file with xmlTreeParse seems to work without error. This is what the result should look like: Name Sex Age Height Weight 1 Alfred M 14 69.0 112.5 2 Alice F 13 56.5 84.0 3 Barbara F 13 65.3 98.0 4 Carol F 14 62.8 102.5 5 Henry M 14 63.5 102.5 6 James M 12 57.3 83.0 7 Jane F 12 59.8 84.5 8 Janet F 15 62.5 112.5 9 Jeffrey M 13 62.5 84.0 10...
2011 Aug 02
density plot for weighted data
I''m trying to create a density plot using census data, where the weights don''t sum to 1. >plot(density(oh$FINCP,weights=oh$PWGTP)) Warning message: In density.default(oh$FINCP, weights = oh$PWGTP) : sum(weights) != 1 -- will not get true density How would I go about doing this? Thanks!
1999 Mar 26
anova problem:
...or data frame Any idea where it comes from? Many thanks. Here is the fit and the attempted anova: > fit Call: lm(formula = as.formula(paste(chemical, "a~", cmd, sep = "")), singular.ok = TRUE) Coefficients: (Intercept) Odom Displace Weight -1.440e+00 2.936e-02 9.276e-01 -2.619e+00 HC1b HC2b CO1b CO2 8.974e-01 -1.223e-01 -3.695e-01 2.484e-01 NOX2 R00001 R00010 R00011 2.738e-01 -1.498e+0...
2009 Oct 20
Weighted Logistic Regressions using svyglm
I?m running some logistic regressions and I?ve been trying to include weights in the equation. However, when I run the model, I get this warning message: Here?s what it says: Warning message: In eval(expr, envir, enclos) : non-integer #successes in a binomial glm! I think it is because the weights are non-integer values. What is a good way to run logistic regressions...
2006 Mar 16
DIfference between weights options in lm GLm and gls.
Dear R-List users, Can anyone explain exactly the difference between Weights options in lm glm and gls? I try the following codes, but the results are different. > lm1 Call: lm(formula = y ~ x) Coefficients: (Intercept) x 0.1183 7.3075 > lm2 Call: lm(formula = y ~ x, weights = W) Coefficients: (Intercept) x 0.04193 7....
2009 Apr 22
converting histogram to barchart
Hi list, After a lot of tweaking i have managed to create a histogram with an overlaying density plot. The histogram shows a sample of birth weights of babies and the density plot shows birth weights from a much larger reference populaton. My data is divided in 0.1 Kg bins so in the code below binweigh=0.1. The trouble with the current graph is that it is not very clear since the density plot overlay the histogram and obfuscates it. My plan t...
2005 Jan 27
weighting in nls
...s to some growth data but I''m getting radically different results in R to another program (Prism). Furthermore the values from the other program give a better fit and seem more realistic. I think there is a problem with the results from the r nls function. The differences only occur with weighted data so I think I''m making a mistake in the weighting. I''m following the procedure outlined on p 244 of MASS (or at least I''m trying to). Thus, I''m using mean data with heteroscedasticity so I''m weighting by n/ variance, where the variance is well...
2008 Oct 07
weighted quantiles
I have a set of values and their corresponding weights. I can use the function weighted.mean to calculate the weighted mean, I would like to be able to similarly calculate the weighted median and quantiles? Is there a function in R that can do this? thanks, Spencer [[alternative HTML version deleted]] ____________________________________________...