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2012 Dec 30
How to multiple the vector and variables from dataframe
hi all: Here's a dataframe(dat) and a vector(z): dat: x1 x2 x3 0.2 1.2 2.5 0.5 2 5 0.8 3 6.2 > z [1] 10 100 100 I wanna do the following: 10*x1,100*x2,1000*x3 My solution is using the loop for z and dat(since the length of z is the same as ncol of dat),which is tedious. I wanna an efficient solution to do it . Any help? Many thanks! My best [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2008 Jul 12
dbox and quota question
Hi all, i am asking myself how quota is done with dbox in a virtual setup with having quotas in sql dove 1.1.1 says quota maildir: No maildir storages, ignoring quota lda means quota maildir: No maildir storages, ignoring quota which is right i dont wanna use dict , i only wanna use the qutoas out of sql crated by postfixadmin has someone used this ever ? -- Best Regards MfG Robert Schetterer Germany/Munich/Bavaria
2008 Sep 18
I wanna do a project on RoR
Hi..Friends...I m a final yr IT engg student...I wanna learn RoR n use it for my Btech project...Kindly help me in dis regard...My exact query is: 1)Wat project topic to choose 2)How to learn dis technology n implement it in my project --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message because you are subscribed to the Go...
2005 Jul 28
SIP WEB Phone (Wanna implement Click to Call)
Hi, I appreciate it if someone knows what is available for SIP web phones out there. I am interested in putting a soft phone on a website that registers with Asterisk using SIP. Then, when someone uses it, it directly calls into an asterisk call queue.. Any ideas? -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2010 Sep 21
Options for .rspec, or a verbose mode?
Hello everybody, in my app, (using rspec 2.0.0.beta22) I have my .rspec file with "--colour" in it., I want to know if are there any other options for this file? And I wanna know if is there a verbose mode of running my specs, listing their ''describes'' and/or ''its''? Thanks!
2013 Dec 12
How to use syslinux(isolinux, etc.) for EFI?
Hi, When we meet UEFI or EFI firmware, lots of linux os release use GRUB bootloader. But I wanna use isolinux to boot the installation environment and also the linux os installed. Some question puzzled me. Now, I look for your help: 1. I didn't found information about how to use syslinux(isolinux,etc.) in uefi. I wanna know that are there some differences of the isolinux configuration be...
2009 Nov 06
how to combine the boxplot and dotchart together?
Hi all: Suppose there're 3 groups,and I wanna compare the result of the 3 groups. I've drawn a boxplot.But I wanna show the actural data points of each group at the same time.In other words I wanna combine the boxplot and dotchart together. How can I do it? Thanks a lot! My best. [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2006 Oct 20
how to replace the second "-"
I have a string vector like these: [1] "1-1-1" "1-1-2" "1-2-1" And I wanna replace the second "-" with "0", that is, I wanna get the result like: [1] "1-101" "1-102" "1-201". How should I write the Regular Expressions? Thanks! -- »ÆÈÙ¹ó Department of Sociology Fudan University [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2010 Apr 01
System and Server Status help ?
dear all, i can't count the times that webmin came to my rescue. whenever i face a dead end in doing something through CLI i always turn to webmin.. though at the moment i wanna learn how to do things through cli instead of relying on webmin as i said.. especially "System and Server Status" theres a module that supports such a thing where i can set monitors that checks specific services or directories or... and reports the output.. so i wanna do this through comm...
2008 Jul 10
question about mapping memory from Dom0 to domU
Hi: I wanna write code about sharing memory between dom0 and domU, and I decide to use void *xc_map_foreign_range(int xc_handle, unint32_t dom, int size, int port, unsigned long mfn) (this is a function in xenctl.h). My question is : If I wanna map a range of memory in dom0 to domU, how can I get the val...
2012 Sep 04
I wanna make a new rails community :)
Hi everyone! I''m a newbie engineer. I started rails programming, but I''m learning alone and can''t understand other rails cord so much. So I wanna have friend with other newbie rails engineers and share a process of making apps. It is not for sharing the "result" of programming like Github, but for recording the almost all of process of making one app. It''ll not be so profitable for expert rails player, but good for begin...
2004 Aug 06
hello all, does anyone has experiencie using asterisk with a digium CARD using G729 managing 120 concurrent calls with SIP and/or H323??? I wanna know if Asterisk is stable doing this....because we wanna implement it in some locations!! Thanks All!! Sebastian. -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2019 Nov 12
sip.conf host!=dynamic peer specific options (e.g. directmedia=off, transport=tcp) not working!?
Hi, when using some non dynamic host eg. host= in sip.conf asterisk is not considering specific peer options eg. directmedia=off, transport=tcp if I set host=dynamic and register the sip phone it works as expected. Is this a bug or feature - I wanna disable the usage of directmedia for some peers with fixed ip but wanna allow it in general. Same with transport=tcp. [97] type=peer host= transport=udp context=extern dtmfmode=auto directmedia=off cheers, Thomas -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scru...
2012 Dec 20
[LLVMdev] Wanna know the specification which defines a certain target triple string
Hello List, I've got a basic question about the target triple. "The TRIPLE record (code 2) contains a variable number of values representing the bytes of the target triple specification string." The statement above is written on BitCodeFormat.html. And from this statement, I became to wonder what specification defines such and such target triple strings. I believe several of the
2017 May 04
SHA2017 - Nouveau Village - Anybody wanna help?
Hi everybody, I bought my SHA2017 ticket and actually plan to create a little Nouveau village here to talk about Nouveau and maybe teach others some reverse engineering or just to hang out with people interested in the project or whatever. Big question: Who wants to help out or join me on that quest? Sha will be on august 4th to 8th, most likely I will be there a few days before the start and
2006 Mar 09
I wanna use INFORMIX DB in Ruby on Rails
I have the INFORMIX ODBC Driver(INFORMIX connected by RUBY-ODBC) on Windows but I don''t have one for on RAILS. That''s my big problem at this moment!!! I''m trying to find a solution to connnect INFORMIX DB using Rails very badly! Could you help me fix my trouble? I need your tips!!!! help me ;-( -- Posted via
2010 Jul 24
HTML rendering is currently disabled (Wanna' play GUNZ!)
Okay, I'm a super super-dee-duper newbster. Aaaaand I'm on a MacBook. Aaaaand I'm running Leopard (10.5.8). So I've used Wine before a loooong time ago for some things, but nothing big. And now I want to play Gunz (from I got everything downloaded (the reactor) and then it tells me something about "Gecko" needing to be installed. I get everything all installed
2013 Feb 20
If you run a SaaS company, or work at one, I wanna talk to you
Dear all, Since a large number of RoR developers work at internet companies, I thought posting this makes sense here. Anyway, I need your help. I promise I''m not selling anything or asking for a job. Please continue reading. I''m part of an entrepreneurship program which teaches its students on how to build profitable SaaS products. The first thing I''m supposed to do is
2008 May 05
[LLVMdev] Wanna contribute to LLVM ..
Respected Sir, Let me introduce myself,This is Umesh from INDIA who currently working in Hewitt Packard(HP),Where i work in the Virtual Machine(VM) team from past one year in the maintianing the Java Virtual Machine(JVM) on Hp-Ux. I like to contribute to LLVM by utilize my experiences and skills on compilers and virtual machines. Me like to take the bug 715 in bugzilla i.e Fix / clean up
2004 Jul 04
I wanna kill FWD.... GRRR!!!
I'm a bit on the pissed off side right now. If you call Free World Dialup conf bridge.. "514" is the FWD number. Ok last night I was trying to talk to a few people in the conf bridge because they msged me saying they were there. Ok I call it says "Please Hold" then says "All circuits are busy"... Ok fair. I call like 25 times. Well needless to say FWD side