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2011 May 26
summing array elements
Hi to everybody I have an array with dimensions 2,4,3,3. Wanting to sum the matrices in the first two dimensions, I'm trying to use the "apply" function, but with no results. Have to say I'm quite new with R syntax. tx in advance marco [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2012 Oct 14
plotting principal components on geographic map
Dear all, I have a dataset representing several geographical points (locations), each one having a specific value after performing a PCA. Now I'm trying to understand how to separately represent on a geographic map (of Europe) the pattern of PC1,2, ecc.with colors (e.g.heatmap) I have to add that the dataset includes relatively few points. Therefore, I would also like to interpolate the values
2012 Jan 16
smoothScatter on map
Hello everybody, I'm here with a question concerning obtaining a greographical map with a smmothed scatterplot overlaying the intersted regions. My data are a set of opints, represented by long, lat coordinates. As far as the map is concerned, a shp file of Europe without countries borders (only coastal outlines) with the limits at lat 35N-60N long 15W-30E. Until now, I was only able to