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2006 Apr 16
render :collection and default value
Hi all, I am having a lot of trouble to get the default value of text fields when they are generated by a partial from a collection. I have been on this for a whole week and I didnt find a single exemple on the internet of someone using a partial that generate text field with a default value. I cant believe that I am the only one having this problem. Anyone has an exemple they can show me?
2008 Sep 18
"xxx_id may not be null" when saving many to many joined objects
Hi, I have two model classes; Tune and Title and they are joined in a many to many relationship through a Variation class. Here''s some stub code of the models: class Tune < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :variations, :dependent => :destroy has_many :titles, :through => :variations ... class Title < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :variations, :dependent => :destroy has_many :tunes, :through => :variations ... class Variation < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :tune belongs_to :title ... I...
2006 Jun 07
trouble wtih webstore schema, handling product variations
Hi Railers, Does anyone have any guidance on setting up a simple way to handle product variations (e.g garment size/color)? Initially, I had thought that I would make a variation model which defined the extra bits, but it seems quite inflexible especially so if a store were to sell non-clothing items that also had variants of one flavor or another. product has_many variations title d...
2006 May 20
Navigation between DB Items with active Record
...using <find_by_sql> or other ugly tricks. So far, I have managed to do a lot of stuff without it but I decided that I need to learn how it works this weekend! So I need your help to figure that out... I have the following 4 models: class Client < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :client_variations has_many :variations, :through => :client_variations end class ClientVariation < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :client belongs_to :variation end class Variation < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :concept has_many :client_variations, :dependent => :destroy end class Concept &l...
2010 Mar 26
tapply syntax
Dear R-help members, Apologies for the trouble. I have a question : Essentially, I have a dataset which stores genetic variations for individual patients. Each individual patient can have more than one variation, and each new record corresponds to a new variation (thus, both individual patients and variations are non-unique). So the dataset looks something like this ((letters = patients, numbers = variation type). Patient, V...
2012 Feb 03
Simulating from "matrix variate normal distribution"
Hello everyone Is there a function/command to simulate from "matrix variate normal distribution" in R. A follow up question would be is there a function/command to obtain the density, distribution and quantile function of "matrix variate normal distribution" in R. Wikipedia has a good description of "matrix variate normal distribution" which is also
2007 Oct 04
acts_as_tree - parent reference is outdated?
I''m experiencing some unexpected weirdness with acts_as_tree. class Category < ActiveRecord::Base acts_as_tree has_many :variations end def variations # some code that returns the parent category variations if we have none end >> pc = >> pc.variations << "foo" >> >> cc = >> cc.parent = pc >> So far so good ... >> pc.variati...
2006 May 19
Need help with a test
Hi, I have this controller method that I need to test: def link_concept_to_client concept_to_link = Concept.find(params[:concept_id]) # take all the variations for the concept for variation in concept_to_link.variations new_client_variation = new_client_variation.client = session[:active_client] new_client_variation.variation = variation new_client_variation.name_fr = variation.name_fr new_client_varia...
2006 Apr 11
Default value in a Partial that use index
Hi, here is my situation. I have this controler action: ---------CONTROLER-------- def list @variations = Variation.find(:all, :conditions =>["client_id = ?",] ) end ---------CONTROLER-------- Which call this view (removed irrelevant parts): ----------LIST.RHTML-------------- <p>listes des con...
2010 Dec 14
[LLVMdev] Modify for a variation of C with "size of" problem
Hello, I recently try to modify the front end of LLVM for a variation of C. The main difference between the variation and the original one is that I wish to view the "size of" as a function. Would anybody suggest me how to start doing?? thanks yi-hong -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Apr 25
lme: how to compare random effects in two subsets of data
Dear R-gurus, I have an interpretation problem regarding lme models. I am currently working on dog locomotion, particularly on some variation factors. I try to figure out which limb out of 2 generated more dispersed data. I record a value called Peak, around 20 times for each limb with a record. I repeat the records during a single day, and on several days. I tried to build two models, one
2011 Jul 07
fraction [a] a partitioning of variation
Hi, After performing a multiple linear regression, I am looking for an R package that can calculate the fraction [a] a partitioning of variation. This fraction measures the proportion of variance of y explained by the explanatory variable x1 (for example) when other variables (x2, x3 ...) are held constant. Thank you in advance for your help -- View this message in context:
2007 Jun 14
Confidence interval for coefficient of variation
This is a function I coded a few years ago to calculate a confidence interval for a coefficient of variation. The code is based on a paper by Mark Vangel in The American Statistician. I have not used the function much, but it could be useful for comparing cv's from different groups. Kevin Wright <- function(x,alpha=.05, method="modmckay"){ # Calculate the
2005 Oct 01
heavy VBR traffic with HTB
...a simple configuration with HTB, 10% http and 90% Video, where http can share the available bandwidth left from video. But :(... i think HTB it''s not very fast and it can''t adapt quickly to the great variation of the MPEG 4 VBR (700M film), and some times it jerks a bit in great variations of bandwidth. I''m making a download to have always 100% bandwidth utilization (or near). This setup is running on a controlled home lan. Have any one tried something like that? am i missing some thing? Please some one tell me something. thanks Tiago PS: sorry my English :(
2007 Apr 27
partitioning variation using the Vegan CCA routine?
Hello I am using Jari Oksanen's CCA routine from the Vegan package on some estuary data, following a technique applied in (Anderson, M.J. & Gribble, N.A., 1998, Partitioning the variation among spatial, temporal and environmental components in a multivariate data set, Australian Journal of Ecology 23, 158-167). Some steps in the process require that the dependent matrix be constrained by
2012 Sep 10
[LLVMdev] teaching FileCheck to handle variations in order
...Code Aurora Forum, hosted by The Linux Foundation From: llvmdev-bounces at [mailto:llvmdev-bounces at] On Behalf Of Matthew Curtis Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012 9:28 AM To: Chandler Carruth Cc: llvmdev at Subject: Re: [LLVMdev] teaching FileCheck to handle variations in order On 9/7/2012 4:08 PM, Chandler Carruth wrote: On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 8:20 AM, Matthew Curtis <mcurtis at> wrote: Hello all, For the hexagon target, we have a couple of tests that are failing due to variations in the order of checked text. In these cases t...
2006 May 17
teardown not cleaning the BD?
...a test that is supposed to make sure that a specific record is deleted. When I look at the DB, the record is still there. The test goes like this: def test_delete_concept #make sure the concept record is present assert_not_nil Concept.find(concepts(:entreprise).id) #make sure the variations record is present assert_not_nil Variation.find_by_concept_id (concepts(:entreprise).id) #find a client_variation first_variation = Variation.find_by_concept_id (concepts(:entreprise).id, :limit => 1) #make sure it is present assert_not_nil ClientVariation.find_by_variation...
2006 Apr 10
Inheriting data from one model to another
...#39;'ve been struggling with something for hours that I thought would be a simple job. Hopefully somebody can shed some light on what I''m trying to do :o) First of all I''ll explain what I''m trying to achieve. In a store application I want to have products and product variations. A product variation should inherit all of its properties from product unless the property is defined specifically for the product variation. Here''s how I''ve tried to implement this: I have a simple Product model that has various properties such as name and price. I also have ano...
2006 Sep 21
Covariance matrix for first canonical variate
Does anyone know how to get a meaningful estimate of the covariance matrix for the first canonical variate coefficients for the right-hand (X) side of a canonical regression? cancor returns coefficients but not precisions. This would have to be subject to some constraint because of identifiability problems (arbitrary scaling). I think that SPSS attempts to do this but seems to condition on
2011 Oct 11
How to calculate percentage variation in a zero-inflated negative binomial regression model
I am a novice in R but using R 2.13.1 in Windows I wish to be able to calculate the percentage variation in a zero-inflated negative binomial regression model that is explained by the two predictors in my model. My response variable was no. of dung-piles per km and the predictor of excess zeros was distance to major road (km) . Thanks in advance. Boafo [[alternative HTML version