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2000 Jan 04
Stepwise logistic discrimination - II
I apologise for writing again about the problem with using stepAIC + multinom, but I think the reason why I had it in the first place is perhaps there may be a bug in either stepAIC or multinom. Just to repeat the problem, I have 126 variables and 99 cases. I don't know if the large number of variables could be the problem. Of couse the reason for doing a stepwise method is to reduce this
2012 Apr 02
[PATCH 00 of 18] [v2] tools: fix bugs and build errors triggered by -O2 -Wall -Werror
Changes: tools/blktap: remove unneeded pointer dereferencing in convert_dev_name_to_num tools/blktap: constify string arrays in convert_dev_name_to_num tools/blktap: fix params and physical-device parsing tools/blktap: remove unneeded pointer dereferencing from img2qcow.c tools/blktap: remove unneeded pointer dereferencing from qcow2raw.c tools/blktap2: fix build errors
2010 Aug 25
Puppet hangs
Hello, we have one puppet server managing approx servers, all FreeBSD. The problem is that the puppet clients all hangs, one by one, eventually. They will run for anything between an hour up to a week. But eventually the all hang. We really like puppet and want to keep using it. But the way it is now is completely unusable. We''ve tried many versions, from 24.x, and now 2.6.1rc1. But
2008 Dec 09
Pre-model Variable Reduction
Hello All, I am trying to carry out variable reduction. I do not have information about the dependent variable, and have only the X variables as it were. In selecting variables I wish to keep, I have considered the following criteria. 1) Percentage of missing value in each column/variable 2) Variance of each variable, with a cut-off value. I recently came across Weka and found that there is
2006 Jan 23
Variable Scoping Problem
I am having some problems with variable scoping. I need to be able to set a variable that is accessable by other methods within the class (or instance) (i.e not global). An example is 2 pages that change a class variable: class AjtestController < ApplicationController def initialize @@variable = "init" end def show @display = @@variable @@variable = "change 1"
2011 Nov 16
What is the offical variable scope best practice?
I read the guide at others'' mail, i am a little confused now, below is my understanding: 1. top scope only refers to site.pp, not include node definitions and facts. 2. in puppet class, using variables not local, must specify the namespace, like $class::variable, if it''s a top scope variable or a fact
2006 Apr 22
Instance variables versus local variables
This novice coder roughly understands the difference between instance and local variables thanks to David Black''s excellent book, but I''m still unclear as to when and why a either is more desirable to use. In general, I use instance variables in my controller and local in my views, but I''m not sure as to why or if this is correct. Thanks Joe Kowalski
2008 Nov 24
how to read .sps (SPSS file extension)?
Hi everyone, I''m trying to import .sps (SPSS portable file) file. the read.spss function (library foreign) doesn''t allow to import such files. should I import in spss and then save as sav file? there is not other solutions available? what I mostly like from spss file is that they have variable labels. want is really wish to keep are the variable.labels from the spss file; so, if
2003 Dec 14
Problem with data conversion
Hi All: I came across the following problem while working with a dataset, and wondered if there could be a solution I sought here. My dataset consists of information on 402 individuals with the followng five variables (age,sex, status = a binary variable with levels "case" or "control", mma, dma). During data check, I found that in the raw data, the data entry
2007 Oct 17
4 commits - libswfdec/swfdec_as_interpret.c libswfdec/swfdec_as_interpret.h libswfdec/swfdec_movie.c libswfdec/swfdec_system_as.c libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.c test/trace
libswfdec/swfdec_as_interpret.c | 2 - libswfdec/swfdec_as_interpret.h | 6 ++++ libswfdec/swfdec_movie.c | 8 ++++- libswfdec/swfdec_system_as.c | 6 +++- libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.c | 42 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++--- test/trace/ | 7 ++++
2006 Feb 16
Ruby class variables and access from view templates
I have an app that requires me to define a class variable (actually an array) in a controller and then access it from within a view. It seems that the class variables aren''t working right. Here is an example of what I''m trying to do. class DisplayController < ApplicationController @@thumbnail_array = ... def some_method @@thumbnail_array = SomeModel.find_all
2013 May 22
definir tipo de variable
Buenos días ¿Podríais explicarme cómo defino en R el tipo de variable y las etiquetas de la misma y las etiquetas de valor?. En SPSS utilizo la siguiente sintaxis: VARIABLE LEVEL DB030(NOMINAL). VARIABLE LEVEL DB040(NOMINAL). VARIABLE LEVEL DB090(SCALE). VARIABLE LABELS DB010 ''AÑO''. VARIABLE LABELS DB020 ''PAÍS''. VARIABLE LABELS DB030
2007 Oct 28
2 commits - libswfdec/swfdec_as_interpret.c test/trace
libswfdec/swfdec_as_interpret.c | 1 + test/trace/ | 3 +++ test/trace/ | 5 +++++ test/trace/crash-0.5.3-divide-by-zero.swf |binary test/trace/crash-0.5.3-divide-by-zero.swf.trace | 1 + 5 files changed, 10 insertions(+) New commits: commit
2004 Oct 06
Problems with merge
This issue has been discussed on this list before but the solutions offerred are not satisfactory. So I thought I shall raise it again. I want to merge two datasets which have three common variables. These variables DO NOT have the same names in both the files. In addition, there are two variables with same name which do not necessarily have exactly same data. That is, there could be some
2005 Dec 24
Trying to grasp the difference between local variables and instance variables/
Hi: Would it be fair to say (or completely out to lunch) that a local variable is local to a method and an instance variable is local to an object. Thus an instance variable is a sort of limited global variable or super-powered local variable. Its scope is larger than a local but smaller than a global. Or that it is a global within a limited domain (the object). or is it a whole lot
2004 Feb 09
Recursive partitioning with multicollinear variables
Dear all, I would like to perform a regression tree analysis on a dataset with multicollinear variables (as climate variables often are). The questions that I am asking are: 1- Is there any particular statistical problem in using multicollinear variables in a regression tree? 2- Multicollinear variables should appear as alternate splits. Would it be more accurate to present these alternate
2010 Sep 09
Set channel variable from within other channel
Hello list, is it possible to set a variable (channel variable) from within another channel ?! I''m currently working with 2 channels that I bridge afterwards. It would be good to set a variable in one channel when something occurs in the other channel. If some variable is not set in channel 1, then this means something for channel 2. But from within channel 2 I can not see the
2017 Oct 05
working with ordinal predictor variables?
I'm trying to develop a linear model for crop productivity based on variables published as part of the SSURGO database released by the USDA. My default is to just run lm() with continuous predictor variables as numeric, and discrete predictor variables as factors, but some of the discrete variables are ordinal (e.g. drainage class, which ranges from excessively drained to excessively poorly
2009 Jan 12
polychoric correlation: issue with coefficient sign
Hello, I am running polychoric correlations on a dataset composed of 12 ordinal and binary variables (N =384), using the polycor package. One of the association (between 2 dichotomous variables) is very high using the 2-step estimate (0.933 when polychoric run only between the two variables; but 0.801 when polychoric run on the 12 variables). The same correlation run with ML estimate returns a
2010 Feb 26
How to add a variable to a dataframe whose values are conditional upon the values of an existing variable
Hi everyone, I am at my wits end with what I believe would be considered simple by a more experienced R user. I want to know how to add a variable to a dataframe whose values?are conditional?on the values of an existing?variable.?I can''t seem to make an ifelse statement work?for my situation.?The existing variable?in my dataframe is?a character variable named DOW which contains