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2005 Apr 04
locfit and memory allocation
...y). The total data is 130 cols by 5000 rows The first 129 cols are response variables, the 130th is the parameter The function fits a local regression between the 129 variables in the ith row of m[ ] to the 129 variables in 5000 rows after m was fed into 130 different vectors called Var1, .....Var129, and PARAMETER. array <- scan(("DataFile"),nlines=5000) m<-matrix(array,ncol=130,byrow=T) for (i in 1:200) { result<- function(m[i,c(1,....,129)],PARAMETER,cbind(Var1,...,Var129)seq(1,len=50 00),F) } Any ideas on how to avoid this memory allocation problem would be grea...