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2008 Jun 07
DRY validates_format_of?
In a model I have following validates_format_of. Is there an easy way to DRY this up? It seems to be rather repetitive. validates_format_of :expiration_date, :with => /^[0-9]{4}[-][0-9]{2}[-][0-9]{2}$/ validates_format_of :activation_date, :with => /^[0-9]{4}[-][0-9]{2}[-][0-9]{2}$/ validates_forma...
2006 Sep 10
validates_format_of :something, :with => /REGEX/
...ed in any ''civilisation'', and the fact that we still have to dirty our minds with this in Rails is something that (sh/c)ould ideally be corrected in Rails (preferably before the release of 1.2 (?)) or in the form of a plugin. A very common scenario in Rails models are: validates_format_of :name, :with => [ only characters that are commonly found in Names, ie: NOT {^%$([]\/><?;* ) ] validates_format_of :email, :with => [ valid email format & characters ] validates_format_of :url, :with => [ valid url format & characters ] va...
2012 Aug 14
validates_format_of :message not working, validates_length_of :message is working
I''m using validates_format_of and the validation I want to do works, but I can''t get an error message to be displayed if the data is invalid: validates_format_of :mobile, :with => /\A[\+0-9]+\Z/, :message => " - Wrong" I have another validation some where else that does display the error mess...
2006 Apr 05
validates_format_of ?
...a "price" field and I''m attempting to validate it and allow some flexibility in the way the user enters it. It''s a numeric field but I want the user to be able to enter dollar signs and commas naturally in the data entry. I''m trying to understand how to use validates_format_of, and I''m not sure what I''m missing. I''m a beginner at regular expressions but I''ve been researching it. I tried an extremely simple case: validates_format_of :price, :with => /^\d$/ If I understand correctly, this validation should only succeed f...
2008 Feb 24
validates_format_of no dots allowed
I need a validates_format_of that disallow dots. In the api there is nothing to find about how validates_format_of exatly works. Is there a better documentation or is there something that can tell me howto disallow dots. -- Posted via --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~--...
2006 Apr 18
Hello all After being told of a funky date validator I will ask again for another validator :) Does anyone know of a plugin that validates that a field is the correct syntax for an IP Address? Thanks Jeff -- Posted via
2010 Jan 18
validates_format_of :phone,
validates_format_of :phone, :with => /\A\s*(?:(?:\+?(?:\d{1,3}(?:\s*|[\-.])))?\(?\d{3}[\-\/)]?\s*) (?:[2-9][0-9 \-.]{6,})\s*\z/, i pit it on my reuriments but error whlie entering 666.111.9999 i want it should be ok any one help me please -- You received this message because you are subscribed to...
2006 Jan 20
validates_format_of > Invalid regular expression with simple pattern
Hello, I try this : validates_format_of :name , :with => /^[A-z0-9_.- ]*$/ , :message => "bad characters" for accept any name with chars "A" to "z" , "0" to "9" , with "_" "." "-" and " " The pattern is really simple but I have thi...
2006 Jun 14
file column validates_format_of
Been manually testing file column with success except it seems to upload the file before validating it. Also .pdf files (which shouldn''t even validate) crash WEBrick. What am I missing to solve these problems? (apart from a brain!) validates_presence_of :title, :file validates_format_of :file, :with => %r{.(gif|jpg|png)$}i, :message => "File must end with .jpg, .gif or .png" file_column :file, :magick => { :versions => { "thumb" => "100x100", "medium" => "640x480>" } } end -- Posted via http:/&...
2007 Oct 18
validates_format_of date
Can someone tell me why this returns ''dob is invalid'' when dob is ''01/01/1969''? validates_format_of :dob, :with => /[0-9]{2}.[0-9]{2}.[0-9] {4}/, :message => ''is invalid'' I''m trying to validate a date entred into a form. I suppose there are different ways to accomplish this, and because it doesn''t work, I''m going to be using them, but t...
2009 Feb 28
be_valid (validates_format_of ..., :on => :create)
Greetings, How to write Example which will check if model''s variable''s format is valid using :on => :create, like this: class User < ActiveRecord::Base ... validates_format_of :email, :with => /.../, :on => :create ... Using following code is not right: it "should ..." do @user = users(:example_user) = ''invalid_email_format'' @user.should_not be_valid end Even those code is not right: it...
2005 Aug 10
validates_format_of on an optional field using :if
Hi there, I''ve got the following in my model: validates_format_of :postcode, :with => /^([a-zA-Z]{1,2}[0-9]{1,2} [0-9]{1}[a-zA-Z]{2})$/, :message => "is not valid", :if => :postcode ... but it''s not working - it always insists on validation, even if postcode is empty. Basically, the postcode field is optional, but if it'...
2006 Mar 17
validates_format_of before type_cast?
...of_loss''] =~ /^(\d+(-|\/)){2}\d{4}/ errors.add(''date_of_loss'', ''use the form: mm/dd/yyyy'') end end Thanks (BTW: I know there is a date validation plugin) -- View this message in context: Sent from the RubyOnRails Users forum at
2006 Feb 22
validates_format_of datetime?
What''s the best way to check a field to ensure it is a valid datetime? I could validates_format_of :with a regular expression for "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss", but I''m wondering if there is a more direct way to do this. -- Posted via
2006 Feb 27
Help on validates_format_of
Hello, i''m quite new with Ruby and i''ve been headbreaking quite a while on the following question. So I hope somebody can help this Noob on Rails. I want to use validates_format_of on the password a user enters for his or her account. I want it to check on the following: 1.. The password has to have a minimum of 2 non-capitalized characters. with the characters i mean: a to z AND 2.. The password has to have a minimum of 2 CAPITALIZED characters. with the character...
2007 Feb 16
negate the regexp in validates_format_of
...ame. However, the newbies might not know how to write a regexp that excludes a match, instead of tests for it. Understand - I''m just asking this question to help them. I have been using Regexps since ''grep'' on Xenix! But the newbies here might not know how to do this: validates_format_of :field_must_break, :with => /\n/ validates_format_of :field_must_not_break, :with => /^[^\n]$/ The second one fails with data that correctly have no \n linefeed in them. How do I - I mean "they" - negate a regexp? -- Phlip
2006 May 10
E-mail validtor??
Does anyone have a good working e-mail validator? or even some regexp to make the validates_format_of work right... that would be awesome. Also, maybe an online tutorial for regexp. i''ve always been afraid of it but i think it''s time to face the fears. thanks! -- Posted via
2006 Jan 19
I am just going through the book and I come across a problem with the code in the app/models: validates_format_of :image_url, :with => %r{^http:.+\.(gif|jpg|png)$}i, :message => "must be a URL for a GIF, JPG, or PNG image" It seems to moan when it''s empty even though I removed :image_url from validates_presence_of. How should I make it optional? Altering the regex? Bt...
2006 Apr 12
Inverting validates_format_of
I''ve got a regex validation on one of the inputs to my application, a file path. Now these only ever come from trusted users (administrators), but it would still be good to catch the most obvious attempts at directory traversal, etc. I''ve already got a regex that only allows \w then -, . and /. However, I want to stop two dots in a row, so I was wondering how to make
2006 Feb 21
validates_format_of :url, regexp?
Hey, Does anybody have a regexp for validating URLs? I found this one and am trying to adapt it: ^(((ht|f)tp(s?))\:\/\/)?(www.|[a-zA-Z].)[a-zA-Z0-9\-\.]+\.(com|edu|gov|mil|net|org|biz|info|name|museum|us|ca|uk)(\:[0-9]+)*(/($|[a-zA-Z0-9\.\,\;\?\''\\\+&%\$#\=~_\-]+))*$ (