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2010 Feb 01
CentOS as an internet kiosk : how to create a "fresh" user upon leaving GNOME ?
...up a machine for use as an internet kiosk. Here's what I aim to do. - There's only one user on the system, 'invite'. One (very simple) password. The machine is to be used publicly and freely. - To ensure some privacy, there's one detail though. The best thing would be that upon disconnection from the GNOME session, the user 'invite' gets wiped from the system (userdel -r) and then created anew, with his password already set. This I can do. - The tricky part is to do this upon disconnect. There's a function in System > Preferences > Session, where I c...
2013 Apr 30
[LLVMdev] Improving the usability of LNT
Hi Daniel, I made some changes to the LNT perf reporting tool to make it more user friendly by adding some features: 1. Make the sidebar and the navigation bar stationary, so that it is easy to navigate the site 2. Have the pop-down menu for the items in the navigation bar, activate upon hovering the mouse, rather than clicking the item 3. Add a nav-link in the sidebar for the graph button, so that it is easy to navigate to the bottom of the page in order to graph 4. Add drop down boxes for Runs and Compare to (in the sidebar) that pops-down upon hover, rather than link...
2010 Apr 18
OpenSSH with "resumable" functionality
Dear All: I was wondering if it might at all be possible to have the following functionality in OpenSSH: (i) upon "timeout" of connection (say 2-5 seconds) disconnect (ii) keep trying to reconnect (iii) upon reconnection, resume session exactly where started I realize GNU screen solves (iii), although I am interested in a slightly different purpose (nxssh vs openssh). However, I am confused as to (...
2020 Aug 06
[RFC] Zeroing Caller Saved Regs
...g or error. Our proposal for the feature is modeled off of H. J. Lu's description[1] (copied with some modifications): ``` Add -mzero-caller-saved-regs=[skip|used-gpr|all-gpr|used|all] command-line option and zero_caller_saved_regs function attributes: * Don't zero caller-saved registers upon function return (default): -mzero-caller-saved-regs=skip zero_caller_saved_regs("skip") * Zero used caller-saved integer registers upon function return: -mzero-caller-saved-regs=used-gpr zero_caller_saved_regs("used-gpr") * Zero all integer registers upon fun...
2010 Apr 19
choice of fingerprint display upon new host access
When a user encounters a new ssh host, the VisualHostKey option makes ssh display the visual fingerprint of the host's key. ssh-keygen also supports BubbleBabble fingerprinting, but i don't see a way to indicate that ssh should display the bubblebabble fingerprint upon encountering a new host key. It seems like it would be nice to make OpenSSH configurable about its choice of fingerprinting scheme without adding a new option for every possible flavor of fingerprinting. In particular, i'm not proposing that we include a BubbleBabbleHostKey option to ssh_conf...
2019 Sep 12
Gnu sieve vs Dovecot sieve-filter - sieve-filter extremely slow at lda (writing emails to local mbox files)
...iltering: [Tue, 3 Sep 2019 05:17:16 -0500; 10240 bytes] `Re: VentureBeat: The death of disk? H...'. > info: msgid=<CAMjeLr91T9R7APsuxQVuM3WbqDsxAfwn4=OYDeDX4FMcoRdGdQ at>: stored mail into mailbox 'l/cp/cp'. > info: message expunged from source mailbox upon successful move. > info: filtering: [Tue, 3 Sep 2019 07:29:53 -0400; 12968 bytes] `[zfs-devel] xattr naming format in Zo...'. > info: msgid=<15675101930.d5ba2E.12322 at>: stored mail into mailbox 'l/z/zdev'. > info: message expunge...
2020 Jun 22
RE: Feature request? Auto start vm upon next shutdown
...the guest to shutdown and then start the guest manually. I would not know what level this can best be implemented. -----Original Message----- From: brent s. [] Sent: maandag 22 juni 2020 1:54 To: Subject: Re: Feature request? Auto start vm upon next shutdown On 6/21/20 13:20, Marc Roos wrote: > > Sometimes when you change the configuration, this configuration change > will only be available after a shutdown. Not to have to monitor when > the vm shuts down, to start it again. It could be nice to have libvirt >...
2005 Jan 18
Auto Protocol (depending upon registration....
Hi folks, I'm sure I had this in a previous life :-) Basically the ability to dial with autoselection of either IAX2 or SIP depending upon the registration of the endpoint. Ok, I have probably missed it in the wiki as well..... hints ? Gary .
2017 Nov 17
RStudio blank upon opening
I'm having a problem: RStudio (on ?desktop comp) blank upon opening (after I update Win7). I tried different things (reinstalled R and RStudio, backuping? RStudio settings folder... etc)! C an I launch Rstudio direct from RGui(32bit)? or some else way to solve this problem? Thanks! P.S. I? launch RStudio with Ctrl-RStudio (that is set the path to R) [[alt...
2009 Aug 20
script to report quota upon user's request
Hi there is there any binary/script to repot user's quota upon request? Dimitrios Karapiperis
2011 Oct 20
Rails 3.1.1 why public/system content is not transferred upon deployment
Testing locally I uploaded files into public/system/... folders ( default for Paperclip) Upon deployment ( capistrano) on the remote server, I can see a symlink from public/system to the shared/system/ but the content ( all images ) is not transferred.... I had to do it myself via ftp .. Is it a standard behavior ? or did I miss adding a task in the deployment ? thanks for...
2006 Oct 10
Executing SQL update upon login
Hi, I'm using SQL authentication in dovecot, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how I could run an UPDATE statement upon each login, to set time of last login (and other interesting stuff) in the database table. -- Tom
2004 Nov 26
Execute a script upon registration
Is it possible to execute a script upon successful registration and authentication of a SIP device in Asterisk? For instance, have a script log all successful registrations in a database or authenticate users instead of using the secret=password in the sip.conf file? Thanks - -- Brian Wilkins Software Engineer Heritag...
2008 Sep 06
Saab Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) hangs upon startup
...a simple program and all it really does is move blocks of plain text around using ole. -----Original Message----- >From: trash <wineforum-user at> >Sent: Sep 6, 2008 7:31 AM >To: wine-users at >Subject: [Wine] Re: Saab Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) hangs upon startup > >Hi! > >I've downloaded v1.1.4 source codes and compiled it. First without the patch that you suggested. To my surprise I managed to get the program working without the patch for the first time. Then upon second startup got the same DBI error as your did. I tried to start...
2001 Jul 11
Regarding hanging of ssh upon exit
...would like to briefly comment on a problem mentioned in the file "TODO" and also in the OpenSSH FAQ (question 3.10), namely the hanging of an ssh connection (on Linux) if there are active processes. It is stated that this has to do with the fact that children of the shell are not killed upon exiting the shell. However, the problem also occurs if a process is started with 'nohup'. This is very annoying, because it is not uncommon to connect to a remote machine, start a lengthy computation with 'nohup' and then exit. My point now is the following: a) the workaround in th...
2013 Jan 30
pware SAMBA 3.5.11 WINBIND failing to load upon AIX 7.1
Hello, I have been failing to configure the pware compiled version of SAMBA 3.5.11, prepared for AIX 6.1, upon an AIX 7.1 system to work in an ADS domain and I wondered if anyone might be able to advise on what I should do next. I am trying to setup the AIX server as a file server within the ADS domain so that users can be recognised in an SSO configuration. I am pretty confident that the krb and smb co...
2015 Oct 11
...s obvious that firewalld had been started by systemd by noticing the output of iptabled -nvL had the same set of rules you can see when firewalld is restarted, except that after restart interface eth1 is set to ACCEPT. I assume there must be a different set of configuration files that are accessed upon reboot than those accessed upon firewalld restart. Note that all CentoOS 7 machines (VM and hardware) in our data center have this same issue. Anyone know where and what those files are? Emmett
2006 Feb 03
overloading dragdrop.js
Hi everybody- First time poster, please be gentle. I have written a little rails app where you can create divs and move them around via Thomas'' wonderful dragdrop.js. I would like to be able to fire an AJAX event to update the top and left of the dragged object upon release. I see many AJAX link_to_remote and observe_field. What is the proper way to observe that the position (not content) of a div has changed? I can think of 2 manners, but both seem antiquated compared to the techniques here: 1. put a hidden field inside the div with the top+left, updating...
2015 Sep 24
[PATCH] com32/disk: add UEFI support
...-#include <core.h> -#include <dprintf.h> -#include <stdio.h> -#include <stdlib.h> -#include <string.h> -#include <syslinux/disk.h> - -/** - * Call int 13h, but with retry on failure. Especially floppies need this. - * - * @v inreg CPU register settings upon INT call - * @v outreg CPU register settings returned by INT call - * @ret (int) 0 upon success, -1 upon failure - */ -int disk_int13_retry(const com32sys_t * inreg, com32sys_t * outreg) -{ - int retry = 6; /* Number of retries */ - com32sys_t tmpregs; - - if (!outreg) - o...
2013 May 02
[LLVMdev] Improving the usability of LNT
...f reporting tool to make it more user > friendly by adding some features:**** > > **1. **Make the sidebar and the navigation bar stationary, so that > it is easy to navigate the site**** > > **2. **Have the pop-down menu for the items in the navigation bar, > activate upon hovering the mouse, rather than clicking the item**** > > **3. **Add a nav-link in the sidebar for the graph button, so that > it is easy to navigate to the bottom of the page in order to graph**** > > **4. **Add drop down boxes for Runs and Compare to (in the sidebar) >...