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2009 Mar 04
Required:Asterisk Beep tone while call connects
Hi, There is a long call setup time untill the call connects. How can I play a beep tone say every 4 seconds to the caller untill the call connects? Tx. Shaun -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2013 Nov 12
[PATCH 2/7] drm/nv50-: untile mmap'd bo's
...node = mem->mm_node; struct drm_device *dev = drm->dev; int ret; @@ -1281,14 +1282,16 @@ nouveau_ttm_io_mem_reserve(struct ttm_bo_device *bdev, struct ttm_mem_reg *mem) mem->bus.is_iomem = !dev->agp->cant_use_aperture; } #endif - break; + if (!node->memtype) + /* untiled */ + break; + /* fallthrough, tiled memory */ case TTM_PL_VRAM: mem->bus.offset = mem->start << PAGE_SHIFT; mem->bus.base = pci_resource_start(dev->pdev, 1); mem->bus.is_iomem = true; if (nv_device(drm->device)->card_type >= NV_50) { struct nouve...
2006 Jun 13
Asterisk keeps running after hungup untill I press #
Hi, I'm running SER with Asterisk, and I've configured VoicemailMain like this: exten => 201,1,VoicemailMain(@default) exten => 201,2,Hangup() Although, after any user enter his voicemailmain mailbox, when the phone is hung up, the call still continues running in Asterisk, because I can see it in the debug output of the Asterisk CLI. The call only stops if before hung up, I
2008 Dec 04
page cache keeps growing untill system runs out of memory on a MIPS platform
Hi, I have samba-3.0.28a crosscompiled and running on a MIPS platform. The development system has about 150MB of free RAM after system bootup and no swap space. The system also has an USB interface, to which an external USB hard disk is connected. When I try to transfer huge files above (100MB) from a client on to the USB hard disk, I find that the page cache eats up almost about 100MB and
2014 Feb 16
[PATCH] drm/nouveau: fix TTM_PL_TT memtype on pre-nv50
Commit a55409066 ("drm/nv50-: map TTM_PL_SYSTEM through a BAR for CPU access") made it possible to work with tiled memory. However mem->mm_node is not a nouveau_mem for AGP-using pre-NV50 cards, but a drm_mm_node, as created by the ttm_bo_manager_func. As such, extend the untiled check to explicitly include all pre-nv50 cards. Reported-by: Ronald <ronald645 at> Bugzilla: Signed-off-by: Ilia Mirkin <imirkin at> --- Hmmm... this seems like a really fragile semantic, I wonder if more mem-...
2007 Apr 24
exclude the unfit data from the iteration cases one of my covariate (say, var5 or var6 or both who are binary variables) becomes all 0's! How do I exclude the unfit data (that does not fit/converge: that produces warning messages) that may be generated in any iteration, and still continue by replacing it by the next iteration data (untill it generates acceptable data that does not give any trouble like not converging)? Is there any provision in R? "sim.result" <- function(...){ ... <- coxph(Surv(times,censored) ~ var1+var2+var3+var4+var5+var6 + frailty(id,dist='gamma', method='em'), data=...
2003 Nov 26
Backup with rsync until one month
Hello, I use rsync in the company to make a backup every 4 hours. but I would like to do in a way like this, that the rsync make a backup of the changed files until one month long. EX:- file.bak.001 file.bak.002 ..... This file will be to get always, and so i can get the all files untill an one month old version of the file. Is it possible? Regardes Dipl.-Ing. Nazar Hassan Tel +49 (02 41) 9 91 21-13 Fax +49 (02 41) 9 91 21-59
2004 Oct 31
rsync retry after connection failure
I was wondering if there's a way to get rsync reconnect every specified secs/mins when a connection can't be established at the time rsync is initiated. That would mean that no remote (WAN) backups will ever fail again on me, because it just will retry untill the remote side will be available. Thanks, Joost
2007 Aug 27
[LLVMdev] NOTICE: Updating InvokeInst
I'm about to commit my changes to update the InvokeInst constructors to work like CallInst. Untill I get all of the llvm-gcc changes in, there will be a small window where llvm-gcc won't build. This shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes depending on how fast subversion is. -Dave
2006 May 31
pokerclient wont open new tables?! (wine says the aplication is already running)
...ceDBG.dll'. DynamicLibrary::LoadLibrary: Failed to load 'gs3functioninterface.dll'. DynamicRNGClient::DynamicRNGClient: Library 'gs3functioninterface.dll' not loaded. I guess the sound is easy to fix, even though it works. Anyway, i log into my account and everyting works fine untill i try to open a table. Then wine spits out the following line in the terminal: fixme:exec:SHELL_execute flags ignored: 0x00000400 And also a window oppens which says: "Error, A Boss Media gaming software is already running on this computer!" There is no problem to open a table in full...
2005 Apr 08
Media check problems
...39;ve just noticed that the CentOS 4.0 ISO's I downloaded from fails the media check on installation. All four fail. The md5 checks pass and I've done 5 full installations from the set of failed cd's and no problems what so ever. I never bothered to do the media check untill a friend asked me what it does... The installation works, wonder what the problem could be? Any suggestions or should I provide more information to help fix this if it might be a bug? Regards -- Kenneth Kalmer kenneth.kalmer at
2019 Feb 19
Debian 9.8 and vanbelle-repos by the debian samba version, thats fine. > > Maybe I misunderstand: > > I run your samba-4.9.4 on Debian 9.7 right now and want to upgrade to > Debian 9.8, without necessarily touching samba. No worries. You can upgrade you Debian as normal. Your samba will stay at 4.9.4, untill you upgrade to debian buster, then your samba gets replaced by debian buster samba (4.9.4-3 at this time of writing) Unless i've created newer packages for buster with higher version numbers. But when that day come, i've already posted a message on the samba list. Basicly, it's, jus...
2007 Aug 15
too many rsync process's?
...dhat 8 server to a Windows 2k3 sp2 server, I wanted to add another backup "job" for this new windows 2k3 server to the first 2k3 server. I did some reading, and to be honist with you, I am still not sure how to properly set this up. But that's not my issue. Everything was working fine untill last night. The normal backup from the Redhat to the 2k3 machines started at 9pm, around 10pm I noticed that the 2k3 server was extremely slugish, checking Task Man I noticed that there were 7 rsync.exe process's running. I can honistly say I dont know how many process's rsync usualy runs,...
2015 Sep 09
Adding Variable in all AMI events
Hi all, I'm required to send a dialplan variable with every AMI event triggered for the duration of the call. For example; ... exten => s,n,Set(MyVar=${ODBC_GetSomething(${EXTEN})) ... so can I have this Variable MyVar attached in all AMI events for this call ? I can understand that untill this variable has not been set some value it may even be empty but as soon as its set I expect some value for the rest of the channel life. Hope to get some directions, Regards, Sammy -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <
2005 Feb 01
Asterisk 1.0.5-BRIstuffed-0.2.0-RC5 caller id?
I tried to get callerid working the normal way but the cid is never passed to the phone. It doesn't work untill I set SetCIDNum(0${PRI_NETWORK_CID}) in extensions.conf which I found in the wiki: Is this intended behaviour, or still a bug? It does work but it only shows one zero even though I have nationalprefix = 0 internationalprefix = 00 in...
2002 Jul 10
Rsync Memory Issues - Kernel 2.4.18 - Box Hangs
Hi, Im running a Dell 6450 w/ 4GB of memory, 2 2GB Swap Partitions. Redhat 7.3 kernel 2.4.18 ( It runs our images for our site. We use rsync to sync images from a main image box. It runs fine for maybe 4 days untill all memory is in cache, and like 7MB of physical memory is free. The box will hardly do anything, and cache will just keep going up and up untill no more memory is free. Then when I run rsync (a memory hog) at night, kswapd and rsync will compete with each other and send the cpu load through the r...
2004 Sep 28
SMDI Bounty - where?
I am the one that placed the bounty. After it being there for 2 months and getting no takers (and very few if any people asking about it), we are almost finished writing it in house. I'll keep the bounty up untill we do finish our product so if anyone beats us to getting it working they'll get paid... W. Kevin Hunt CCIE #11841 MCSE, Linux+ SME > -----Original Message----- > From: > [
2009 Apr 24
listen to prompt before bridging call.
...sses "1", do we bridge the call and the two parties can communicate. What we would like though is that the person who makes the call be able to listen to the message "press 1 to accept call, 2 to reject call) that is played to the called party BUT not be able to communicate with him untill he presses "1". Is this possible in asterisk using php/agi? Any pointers hightly appreciated. -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2011 Mar 17
Answering machine detection for a second leg call generated by a call file.
Hi Group, I have following case scenario. Through call file, Asterisk makes a call to SIP extension. When Extension answers the call, Asterisk reads customer numbers (set in callfile) and calls them one by one untill one of the customers answeres the call. Here customer and SIP extension gets patched and talk to each other. Now if outgoing call is answered by Answering machine,I don't want asterisk to patch it up with SIP extension. Please suggest me how this can be achieved. Thanking you in advance. --A...
2019 Jan 29
[PATCH] drm/nouveau: mark expected switch fall-through
...6d2..a72be71c45b4 100644 --- a/drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_bo.c +++ b/drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_bo.c @@ -1434,7 +1434,7 @@ nouveau_ttm_io_mem_reserve(struct ttm_bo_device *bdev, struct ttm_mem_reg *reg) if (drm->client.mem->oclass < NVIF_CLASS_MEM_NV50 || !mem->kind) /* untiled */ break; - /* fallthrough, tiled memory */ + /* fall through - tiled memory */ case TTM_PL_VRAM: reg->bus.offset = reg->start << PAGE_SHIFT; reg->bus.base = device->func->resource_addr(device, 1); -- 2.20.1