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2010 Sep 07
boundary correction - univariate kernel density estimation
Hey, Does anyone know of a package in R that provides univariate kernel density estimation with boundary correction ? or how to easily extend an existing bivariate kernel density estimation function (e.g. lambdahat in the spatialkernel package) with boundary corrections to allow univariate density estimation? Thanks a lot, Steve B. -- View this message in context:
2009 Oct 08
acf for a univariate time series in a data frame
hi everyone! i want to check the autocorrelation function for a univariate time series (streamflow) in a data frame as below: < DF <- read.table("D:/file path....") < DF year jan feb mar apr ...... dec 1966 0.504 0.406 0.740 0.241 0.429 1967 0.683 0.529 0.780 0.443 0.503 . . . . what i first tried is: acf (DF, plot =
2002 Oct 27
denoising univariate data with wavelets
Hi, I am interested in a applying wavelets as a smoothing tool for my (1-dimensional) data. I looked into wavetresh and waveslim packages but could not quite figure out an obvious way to do this after running dwt or wt functions. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction on how to denoise univariate data using one of wavelet packages available in R? Thank you very much Jane ps
2005 Oct 22
Getting univariate information from a multivariate data set
A quick question that I've had only partial success in answering. I have a multivariate dataset, and would like to extract some simple univariate information from it grouped by treatments, etc. I am encountering two problems however Note: I am importing my data with my_data <- read.csv("/path/data.csv") 1) Scoping of unstack If I attempt sorted_data <-
2008 Feb 02
ARCH LM test for univariant time series
Hi, Does anyone know if R has a Lagrange multiplier (LM) test for ARCH effects for univariant time series? Thanks! -- Tom [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2018 Mar 13
Understanding TS objects
R Help Community I'm trying to understand time series (TS) objects. Thought I understood but recently have run into a series of error messages that I'm not sure how to handle. I have 15 years of quarterly data and I typically create a TS object via something like... data.ts <- ts(mydata, start = 2002, frequency = 4) this create a matric as opposed to a vector object as I receive a
2003 Jul 17
univariate normal mixtures
Hello, I have a concrete statistical question: I have a sample of an univariate mixture of an unknown number (k) of normal distributions, each time with an unknown mean `m_i' and a standard deviation `k * m_i', where k is known factor constant for all the normal distributions. (The `i' is a subscript.) Is there a function in R that can estimate the number of normal distributions k
2008 Aug 04
Multivariate Regression with Weights
Hi all, I'd like to fit a multivariate regression with the variance of the error term porportional to the predictors, like the WLS in the univariate case. y_1~x_1+x_2 y_2~x_1+x_2 var(y_1)=x_1*sigma_1^2 var(y_2)=x_2*sigma_2^2 cov(y_1,y_2)=sqrt(x_1*x_2)*sigma_12^2 How can I specify this in R? Is there a corresponding function to the univariate specification lm(y~x,weights=x)??
2003 Sep 17
Bivariate Ripley K function
Hello, I have used the univariate Ripley K function in R, but does anyone know if there is a bivariate function built in? I have two species that I am dealing with. Also, how might I add error bars into the graphs (univariate and/or bivariate)? Thank you, Karin Leiderman k_leiderman at Graduate Student/Research Assistant Department of Mathematics Univesity of New Mexico
2007 Dec 31
R to LaTeX Univariate Analysis
Hi all Well, first: happy new year... Second: I write a function in R that might interest some other people. On the other hand, I am closer to beginners than experts; I don't know how valuable my code is. I don't know how long it will take to me to create a library and I don't know if it's worth to. So before starting this long process, I would like some advices, both on the
2008 Sep 30
Univariate kernel density estimation with boundary correction
Hi, Does anyone know which packages in R can deal with "univariate kernel density estimation with boundary correction" ? Thanks a lot. Ying-Chao Hung
2009 Aug 13
Fitting a quasipoisson distribution to univariate data
Dear all, I am analyzing counts of seabirds made from line transects at sea. I have been fitting Poisson and negative binomial distributions to the data using the goodfit function from the vcd library. I would also like to evaluate how well a quasi-poisson distribution fits the data. However, none of the potentially suitable functions I have identified (goodfit(vcd), fitdistr(MASS),
2005 Jun 03
ts.intersect a multivariate and univariate ts
This seems like a FAQ, but I can't figure it out. I have a mv ts object: R > tsp(pg) [1] 1982 2003 1 R > dim(pg) [1] 22 12 and a univariate ts: R > tsp(rw) [1] 1690 1996 1 Yet, when I try to intersect them: R > tsp(ts.intersect(rw, pg)) [1] 1982 2176 1 the process goes awry. How to I get rw and pg to be one ts that runs from 1982 to 1996 and has 13 univariate time
2009 Mar 03
repeated measures anova, sphericity, epsilon, etc
I have 3 questions (below). Background: I am teaching an introductory statistics course in which we are covering (among other things) repeated measures anova. This time around teaching it, we are using R for all of our computations. We are starting by covering the univariate approach to repeated measures anova. Doing a basic repeated measures anova (univariate approach) using aov() seems
2006 Jun 19
multivariate splits
Dear R users! Does someone know about any algorithms / packages in R, that perform classification / regression / decision trees using multivariate splits? I have done some research, but I found nothing. Packages "tree" and "rpart" seem only to be able to do CART with univariate splits. Thank you for your help! B?lint -- Cz?cz B?lint PhD hallgat? BCE KTK
1999 Aug 10
Problems with the ts library
Well, I upgraded to a later release and have been having good luck (R vers. 0.65.0) I haven't upgraded my Red-Hat linux from 5.2 so I had to compile from source , ... so far so good. My problem is with the time series functions [library(ts)]. I'm trying to use the autocorrelation function-acf() and am having problems with it. mainly an error ERROR -Couldn't find function
2011 Sep 20
Multivariate spline regression and predicted values
Hello, I am trying to estimate a multivariate regression of Y on X with regression splines. Y is (nx1), and X is (nxd), with d>1. I assume the data is generated by some unknown regression function f(X), as in Y = f(X) + u, where u is some well-behaved regression error. I want to estimate f(X) via regression splines (tensor product splines). Then, I want to get the predicted values for some new
2008 Oct 22
Help finding the proper function
This might not be the correct forum for this question for there might be some flaws in my logic so the R function I'm looking for might not be the correct, but I know there?s a lot of smart people in this forum so please correct me if I'm wrong. I have been googling and searching in this forum for something useful but so far I'm out of luck. This is the background to my problem. I
2004 Oct 23
Plotting Bivariate Normal Data
Dear list I have a vector of values that allegedly have a bivariate normal distribution. I want to create a plot that shows the values I have obtained, and the bivariate normal distribution curve for the data. Is there a way of doing this in R? Many thanks for your help, Sarah. --------------------------------- [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2017 Sep 29
Converting SAS Code
Hello all, My statistical analysis training up until this point has been entirely done in SAS. The code I frequently used was: *Yield Champagin; data yield; set stress; if field='YV' then delete; if field='HB' then delete; if barcode='16187DD4015' then delete; if barcode='16187DD6002' then delete; if barcode='16187DD2007' then delete; if