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2010 Jul 09
Uncountable nouns in resource routes with Rails 3
I have a model called Aircraft, inflected as uncountable, and it''s driving me nuts. What is the correct way to handle this in Rails 3 beta 4? resources :aircraft do member do get :flights end end # Of course these work for some actions and not others. match ''aircraft'', :to => ''aircraft#index'', :as =>
2006 Jan 09
Hi, I''m new to Ruby and Rails, and I''m running Ruby 1.8.4 with Rails 1.0 on Ubuntu 5.10 (breezy). I wanted to have a model Software, with the table as software (since ''software'' is the plural too). I appreciate one can simply use something like use_table or whatever (can''t remember the exact command) in the Model file, but I''d much rather
2006 Jun 23
''Series'' Pluralization
Howdy, I have a model I called ''content_series''. I created it and noticed that Rails called it ''Sery'', so I added ''series'' to the uncountable thing in the config, like this: Inflector.inflections do |inflect| # inflect.plural /^(ox)$/i, ''\1en'' # inflect.singular /^(ox)en/i, ''\1'' #
2006 Jul 21
weird table pluralization problem
When I created a new project and a "equipment" model for an unknown reason to me rails tried to query the table "equipment" and not "equipments", does someone know why it did that ? So I added set_table_name "equipments" in the model class and it now works but I don''t really understand why it is required in the first place... -- Posted via
2008 Mar 06
Was "Inflector" moved in Rails 2.0?
Trying to place the following code in my "environment.rb" file is throwing an "uninitialized constant Inflector (NameError)". Did they move where these types of customized rules were supposed to be declared? ******CODE****** Inflector.inflections do |inflect| inflect.uncountable("media") end -- Posted via
2017 Feb 03
RFC: Generic IR reductions
Yes, SVE can vectorize early exit loops by using speculative (first-faulting) loads, which essentially give a predicate of the lanes loaded successfully. For uncounted loops with these special loads, the loop predicate tests can be done using a 'ptest' instruction, checking if the last element is active. Amara On 3 February 2017 at 10:15, Simon Pilgrim <llvm-dev at> wrote: > >> On 2 Feb 2017, at 01:06, Amara Emerson <amar...
2015 Jun 14
C5 : Firefox 38 bug
On Sat, June 13, 2015 17:56, Valeri Galtsev wrote: > > As I said about these services here (KGB, CIA, MI-6, ...) there > is no "ex" for their agents. The only way one retired from these > organizations is dead, feet first dead. > A bit hyperbolic. One could with as much justification state that there is no such thing as an ex-marine, an ex-seal, an ex-commissioned
2015 Jun 14
C5 : Firefox 38 bug
...eople will jump in right here arguing that "google is not like that" even though I didn't even mention google. Google just stands out as the largest best known (and for which closer to its foundation there was the question: where could this huge startup capital come from - if not from uncounted taxpayer's money...). It all boils down to everybody's own willingness to stay away from anything you quite likely can not trust. Valeri ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Valeri Galtsev Sr System Administrator Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics Kavli Institute for Cosmologic...
2009 Jan 14
Edit method problem with a plural-named model
Hi, I recently made a model called ''news''. I realize that it''s plural and was gonna cause some problems, but I got the routing all down fine with: map.resources :news, :singular => :news_article everything works fine except the EDIT method. it gives me this error: You have a nil object when you didn''t expect it! The error occurred while evaluating
2012 Dec 21
LLVM 3.2 Release!
LLVM Fans, LLVM 3.2 is done!! Get it here: or read about it: Despite only it being a bit over 6 months of development since 3.1, LLVM 3.2 is a huge leap, delivering a wide range of improvements and new features. Clang now includes industry-leading C++'11 support, improved
2018 Mar 09
FW: Squid and HTTPS interception on CentOS 7 ?
> > Thanks for reporting this. Though I bluntly admit I just ignore > everything coming from Microsoft. Hotmail has been tagging my company's > mailserver as a spammer for ages, so I'm tagging everything coming from > Microsoft as crapware. Nothing good has ever been produced by this > company. The last time I actually used MS Windows for work was around > 2001, before
2012 Jul 19
Rails' inflections are messy
Yesterday, I opened a GitHub Issue<> about moving Rails inflections to an initializer. The idea wasn''t received well, understandably, as generating a large initializer with new Rails apps is pretty unappealing. However, the core members seemed open to the discussion of alternatives continuing here. For those of you
2006 Jan 19
Using RoR pluralization rules
Hello, RoR seems to be aware of plurals like category=>categories etc..I Want to be able to use this in my application to relate some keywords.Is it possible ?or does RoR itself use some ruby library? Thanks Vivek -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 May 22
Syntax error when running dispatch.cgi
Hi, when I execute dispatch.cgi at the command line, I get the following error message: [cg@cg rails]$ ./public/dispatch.cgi ./public/dispatch.cgi:3:in `require'': ./public/../config/environment.rb:8: syntax error, unexpected ''<'' (SyntaxError) <%= ''# '' if freeze %>RAILS_GEM_VERSION = ''<%=
2007 Nov 19
Editorial in Notices of the AMS: Open Source Mathematical Software
Hi all, For those interested, while scanning /. tonight, I came across a posting which referred to a new editorial in the November 2007 Notices of the American Mathematical Society: Open Source Mathematical Software by David Joyner and William Stein Although brief, it makes for interesting reading. Regards, Marc
2019 Nov 20
C8 and NetworkManager problem
Il 20/11/19 12:29, Kenneth Porter ha scritto: > --On Wednesday, November 20, 2019 10:37 AM +0100 Alessandro Baggi > <alessandro.baggi at> wrote: > >> 2) Due to the problem 1, It cannot mount samba shares on boot saying >> "Not >> suitable address found". After the network is available I can mount >> samba >> shares. >
2008 Jul 01
SYSLINUX 3.70 released
Hello everyone, I have just released SYSLINUX 3.70, which is the first version which includes gPXE for support of non-TFTP network scripts, as well as a large number of other enhancments. gPXE support is still somewhat experimental - in particular it still doesn't support chaining other NBPs. Very special thanks to: - rPath, Inc, my employer, for the uncountable hours I've spent
2006 Jan 06
fastcgi on apache
Running on Fedora Core I have been playing with some of the tutorials and one of them had me install lighttpd and lighttpd-fastcgi and that was much faster than apache seems to be. How do I get fastcgi stuff to work on apache... I have this setup for my tutorial environment in httpd.conf <VirtualHost *> DocumentRoot /home/craig/cookbook/public ServerName cookbook
2006 Mar 09
Problem with scaffolding and table name
Hello, i''m new in ruby rails framework. I have the following problem. I try to create a scaffold for a certain model of my db, but since ruby rails doesn''t assume the table name corectly (its incidents_reported ) i get errors .... Besides renaming the table :) is there a way to ''tell'' ruby rails the name of the table? I haven''t been able to find any
2005 Apr 17
Re: dumb, dumb question ...
>Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 13:28:05 -0400 >From: "" <> >Subject: Re: [Shorewall-users] dumb, dumb question **follow-up on > support-request documentation** >To: Tom Eastep <> >Cc: Mailing List for Shorewall Users > <> >Message-ID: