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2011 Jan 05
2 maintaining order of pop3 uidl's
Hi there, I've just been experimenting with the latest script and I notice that it favours keeping pop3 UIDL ordering rather than IMAP UID preservation. There is this comment (line 312): # POP3 clients may want to get POP3 UIDLs in the same order always. # Preserve the order even if it causes IMAP UIDs to change. Does anyone have details as to which clients this actually causes a problem with? If it's some really old software then perhaps we'd prefer to keep the imap UID's the same but change the POP3 U...
2012 Feb 09
POP3 UIDLs with virtual INBOX and migration from maildir->mdbox
Hi, Considering the scenario, where you have some old account with a different POP3 UIDL format and you migrate them to dovecot. So these old UIDLs would be saved to dovecot-uidlist. At some later time you want to introduce a virtual POP3 INBOX like described on: So you decide to make the new UIDL format "%f" - to make them unique across folders. So far so good. But then y...
2009 Oct 05
dovecot 1.0.15 upgrading to dovecot 1.1.x or 1.2.x, and POP3 UIDL issue
...tion mechanism has changed, and thus we'll be getting POP3 dups with users that leave mail on server (which is a nasty practice, I know). From checking the sources, and performing a number of controlled tests in various scenarios, here is the outcome: upgrade from 1.0.15 to 1.1.x (latest), UIDLs change (no change to the mail backend, that is, mbox) However, the interesting part is that if for example I read a mailbox for the first time with the 1.1.x version, and then I migrate the mailbox to a different server, running 1.1.x or 1.2.x, with Maildir or mailbox the UIDL does *NOT* change. W...
2009 May 13
X-UIDL Ignored?
Hello! I am trying to migrate from Teapop to Dovecot. I'm using Dovecot 1.1.14. I need to make use of the X-UIDL header so clients don't download messages they've already received. I have the X-UIDL head in the message. I have pop3_reuse_xuidl(pop3): yes My problem is the X-UIDL in the message is being ignored and Dovecot is still generating it's own. The INBOX is an mbx
2008 Oct 23
Dovecot returns the same UIDL for another message
Hello, I have a serious problem with dovecot and mbox format. dovecot returns the same UIDL for new messages and as result some MUAs don't retrieve new mail. UIDs returned by UIDL command look like 000000*1c*49006cec And there is a moment when dovecot stops incrementing marked digits. In other words when new message arrive to mbox, UIDL command returns used UID. I'll show with example:
2005 Sep 01
qpopper UIDLs and migrating to dovecot/maildir
hi all, I am hoping to convert a 350K user qpopper installation using mbox to dovecot and maildir (pop3 only). many of the users "leave mail on server", and qpopper's UIDL format isn't (yet) supported by dovecot. since the UIDLs have been written by qpoppper to the existing mbox files (and will be preserved when the mboxes are converted to maildir) it would be possible to do this seamlessly if dovecot could read the UIDLs from the messages and populate the index files as needed. is anything like this already possible? it...
2008 Nov 27
UIDL question
Hi all, I'm migrating a Postfix + Dovecot 1.0 server with mboxes to Qmail + Dovecot 1.4 with Maildirs and encounter the following the problem. Using from: i can relatively succesfully convert the mbox to a Maildir. The problem, however is that clients with "leave mail on server" set to on retrieve all email a 2nd
2006 Oct 13
dovecot tpop3d UIDL mbox
Hello All! I am new to this list so I hope I'm not in the wrong list with my question. First, I have to say that dovecot is (in my opinion) one of the best POP3/IMAP servers arround. I especialy like its' simplicity (configuration) and powerfullness (speed, auth mechs). In my production environment I would like to cange from tpop3d to dovecot, but I have only one little problem
2006 Feb 12
Problems with POP3 UIDL when migrating from MBOX to Maildir
Hello, I am in the process of migrating a hosting setup from UW-IMAP to Dovecot. The protocols available to mail clients are IMAP and POP3 both before and after migration. I also wanted to change the mail storage format from MBOX to Maildir. However, at this point I hit a major snag with Dovecot and POP3 UIDL (unique identification listing for POP3 mailboxes). Several of the customers connecting
2004 Sep 02
Workaround for outlook UIDL handling bug ??
...ovecot as pop3 server. With delete on retrival off. clients: outlook* Problem: Everytihng work perfectly, except that outlooks keeps re-downloading SOME mail over and over. Though it already got them. No obvious pattern which, but only a small percentage. First of I looked at dovecots UIDLs. Initialy I thought it's broken (see my previous thread) Sorry for even thinking that, it's ok, my bad :) Rather, outlooks UIDL handling seems to be very broken :( But I think I found an easy workaround. Dovecots UIDLS seem to be timestamp.message# eg. 1 1093990148.1 2 1093990148.2 3...
2013 Oct 25
UIDL conversion courier -> dovecot
I've got a weird split setup where POP3 is currently handled by Courier (courier-imap-3.0.2 distribution), and IMAP is currently handled by the RHEL 5 version of Dovecot (1.0.7) I'm trying to figure out a way to convert the POP3 UIDLs (in cases where the courierpop3dsizelist is newer than dovecot-uidlist, at least) to something that Dovecot will read, or to configure Dovecot's pop3 to use a UIDL format that will work, as mentioned in the migration wiki. We have some "squeaky wheel" users who don't have their PO...
2005 Nov 11
1.0alpha4: pop3_reuse_xuidl patch
...s reading only headers, it is probably reasonable to stop reading at the end of the headers. it would also be neat if dovecot could be configured to only try reading X-UIDL headers from messages if the mailbox indexes don't exist, since I guess it would be common to want to preserve existing X-UIDLs but not bother for new messages (perhaps some mtime comparison, or something). opinions? I haven't looked at the source enough yet to be able to do this, but these two optimizations would vastly reduce the amount of disk IO as a result of using this option. grant. [apologies if this shows up...
2004 May 27
Small change to make dovecot pop3 uw-imap migration friendly
Hi, today I've finished migration from uw-imap daemons to shiny and fast dovecot. With thanks of dovecot my mail server load average drops by factor of ten even with ancient unix mailboxes. ;-) So, the only thing I've discovered is what POP3 uidls are different than ones used in the uw-imap. Luckily, the difference are only in the format string used in uidl response. So, I've made the following change in the code --- dovecot- 2003-05-28 15:17:15.000000000 +0400 +++ dovecot-
2008 Nov 12
Courier->dovecot migration script
HI All, We have the latest Dovecot 1.1.6 running and I need to migrate some POP3 users over from Courier to Dovecot and would need to convert the courierpop3dsizelist to maintain the UIDs. I just need to confirm that the script ( only works for Dovecot v1.0 and not for v1.1? As the dovecout-uidlist file that is created (by
2004 Sep 02
Dovecots pop3-UIDL command impl. not RFC compliant ?
Hi ! POP3-RFC (1939) speaks about UIDL command: The unique-id of a message is an arbitrary server-determined string, consisting of one to 70 characters in the range 0x21 to 0x7E, which uniquely identifies a message within a maildrop and which persists across sessions. When I issue an UIDL command (dovecot I get replies like 1 1093990148.1 2 1093990148.2 3 1093990148.3 ... . You see
2009 Dec 29
pop3+leave messages on server
hi All, I have a srange problem. Before dovecot there was a courier imap and it worked just fine. The client(s) are the same then before, so I think, this is an server side problem. I have a user with Outlook and he uses pop3 and leaves messages on server. Sometimes the messages get downloaded again, when he starts the outlook. Not all, but 7-9 hours back. uidl format is like it's
2017 Nov 03
migrating from maildir to mdbox, preserving pop3 UIDL
Hi, I'm trying to migrate from maildir to mdbox while preserving the pop3 UIDL (and the imap UID). The problem is, for maildir we use (for compatiblity with qpopper): pop3_uidl_format = %f Problem is, as soon as I convert that to mdbox, then whenever a client issues the UIDL command via a POP connection, the connection is closed and this error is displayed in the log: Error: UIDL: File
2007 Oct 11
UIDL format for old UW pop3
Hi, we're trying to migrate from UW imap 2001a-10, which doesn't seem to use the UIDL format documented in the wiki. It seems to use a 16 character long MD5 hash of something. I've tried configuring Dovecot to do the same but the value comes out differently. The main thing that I can see is getting in the way is that the UIDL format is not documented sufficiently. There is no
2004 Feb 14
[PATCH] POP3: Fix RFC1939 non-compliance in STAT, LIST and UIDL commands
Hi all, attached is a patch against that fixes the STAT, LIST and UIDL POP3 command output in the case that they're issued after one or more messages have been deleted. Examples of incorrect behavior (bad spots marked with '***') C: STAT S: +OK 2 806 C: LIST S: +OK 2 messages: S: 1 403 S: 2 403 S: . C: UIDL S: +OK S: 1 1076749908.12
2006 Mar 09
POP3 extension to accept UIDL ranges?
Greetings, is anybody aware of an extension to POP3 that supports UIDL ranges? It would be very useful for keep-messages-on-server setups (yes, I know, IMAP4 domain) to be able to do UIDL 21-42 to obtain just these 22 UIDs (this would always have to be a multi-line reply, just like UIDL without argument). If such a thing does not exist yet, perhaps a keyword such as "[X]UIDLRANGES" in