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2007 Jul 16
R:Re: Can''t migrate domains
...e set by me. but my target machine is a fedora5 I''m using only to test migration. Since fedora was already installed for other purposes, there are some rules in iptables.... the only line with target "REJECT" is: target prot opt in out source destination REJECT all -- any any anywhere anywhere reject-with icmp-host- prohibited it''s set either in the INPUT chain and the FORWARD chain. all other rules have target "ACCEPT" so I think they can''t do anything bad... Unfortunately...
2006 Apr 02
Asterisk 2.0 Where to download
Hello All I read in have Asterisk 2.0 rewritten C# and run on windows, any body could be mail or send to me URL to download. Thanks Tin Trung Nguyen Technical Team Mobile: 084-91.365.4857 website: -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2004 Jul 27
Pdbedit again...
Hi, I have to edit all my samba users password expiration time and users full names. (I changed from samba 2.2 to 3.0 today.) But pdbedit doesn't work. example command: pdbedit -r -u %user% -f "%NAME%" I installed samba 3.0.5-2.src.rpm from on RedHat ES 3. Is it still a bug? Thanks! Nicole
2013 Apr 21
lsoda question from deSolve package
Dear List, Wonder if you have some thoughts on the following question using lsoda in desolve: I have the following data and function: require(deSolve) times <- c(0:24) tin  <- 0.5 D <- 400 V    <- 26.3 k <-0.056 k12  <- 0.197118 k21  <- 0.022665 yini <- c(dy1 = 0,dy2 = 0)  events <- data.frame(var = "dy1",time = c(10,15),value = c(200,100),method = "add") pkmod <- function(t, y, p) {   if (t < tin) R <- (D/tin)...
2010 Jul 12
Xyplot or Tin-R problem?
I ran the following script from xyplot Examples using Tin-R on Windows and saw no plot produced. EE <- equal.count(ethanol$E, number=9, overlap=1/4) xyplot(NOx ~ C | EE, data=ethanol, prepanel = function(x,y) prepanel.loess(x, y, span=1), xlab="Compression Ratio", ylab="NOx (micrograms/J)", panel = function(x,...
2008 Sep 24
lattice xyplot symbols instead of colors and legend matching plot symbols or colors
...9, 6.1, 9.2, 11, 1.2, 1.3, 11, 8.5, 13, 4.4, 1.4, 2.1, 25, 9.3, 6.1, 1.6, 1.5, 24, 9.6, 1.8, 1.4), Iron = c(0.74, 0.54, 0.23, 0.13, 0.4, 0.13, 0.15, 0.58, 0.38, 0.22, 0.13, 0.07, 0.32, 0.26, 0.86, 0.13, 0.09, 0.58, 0.35, 0.59, 0.33, 0.19, 0.21, 0.81, 0.34, 0.31, 0.07, 0.16, 0.54, 0.36, 0.13, 0.07), TIN.TP = c(3.117647059, 2.736842105, 2.25, 22, 3, 2.428571429, 6.428571429, NA, NA, 2.384615385, 3, NA, 3.25, NA, 3.166666667, 9, 23, 3.5, 11, 3.916666667, 3.4, 3.444444444, 8.75, 2.733333333, 3.583333333, 2.75, 17, NA, 2.933333333, 2.533333333, 2.5, 11), RiverMile = c(148L, 179L, 185L, 202L, 179L, 185...
2005 May 08
Sangoma card !
Hello All ! i'm purchased sangoma card A-101. i connect to E1 with MF/R2 signalling. but card don't work. negotiation with E1 fail. please help me to correct it. i dont' know some parameters such as: MTU, BAUDRATE Thanks Tin Trung -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2013 Jan 03
R2OpenBUGS question with differential equations
...e-5)   out[-1,2] } objectfunc <- function(par) {   out <- modelfunc(Input$time, par[1], par[2], par[3])   gift <- which( Input$lev != 0 )   sum((Input$lev[gift]-out[gift])^2) }        gen <- genoud(objectfunc,nvars=3,max=FALSE,pop.size=10,max.generations=100,wait.generations=100, starting.value=c(40,8,12),BFGS=FALSE, print.level=0,boundary.enforcement=0,Domains=matrix(c(0,0,0,100,100,100),3,2),MemoryMatrix=TRUE) outgen<-c(gen$par[1],gen$par[2],gen$par[3]) opt<-optim(c(gen$par[1],gen$par[2],gen$par[3]),objectfunc,method="Nelder-Mead")  outopt<-c(opt$par[1],opt$pa...
2011 Jul 13
return, executed he actions of the key of tab in the dialog
Is it possible to do so that the key of return executed the actions of the key of tab in the forms of dialog (passed from one element to other)?
2007 Jul 03
Google acquires Grand Central
Ooops did Google just become a carrier :) I hear stocks crumbling worldwide as I type. Cheers, Dean -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Feb 15
need a R-code formatter?
Hi all, I am using Tin-R as my editor; I use it because it allows me to send several selected lines to R-console and execute them... In some sense, this is my line-by-line debugger. But it doesn't have a code formatter, I have to layout the indention myself -- when there are many { } blocks with different layers, t...
2013 May 16
Contour lines in a persp plot
Hello folks, i'm a R beginner and i want to put in a same plot both contour lines and persp plot. For example, fn<-function(x,y){sin(x)+2*y} #this looks like a corrugated tin roof x<-seq(from=1,to=100,by=1) #generates a list of x values to sample y<-seq(from=1,to=100,by=1) #generates a list of y values to sample z<-outer(x,y,FUN=fn) #applies the funct. across the combos of x and y persp(z) #plots without gridlines contour(z) # for contour lines i want this...
2007 Dec 03
Plotting monthly timeseries with an x-axis in "time format"
...007 65.29 30.35 Apr 2007 60.30 37.78 May 2007 66.59 34.13 Jun 2007 73.19 39.14 Jul 2007 92.39 39.89 Aug 2007 65.76 35.46 Sep 2007 77.45 36.54 Oct 2007 74.22 38.39 Nov 2007 101.36 47.33 Dec 2007 100.01 45.34 =============================== Plotting tab with a simple "plot(tab,plot.type="single")" I'm obtaining a graph with the x axis in an orrible decimal format so that,e.g., Jan 2006 is 2006.0 and Nov 2006 is 2006.8(33)! Instead I would like to see the x-axis in a more human-readable format, for instance, 12 ti...
2020 Feb 05
maildirfolder file created in maildir root during auto-creation with but not 2.2.27
Hello, as the tin says. I have several servers running 2.2.27 (Debian stretch) and am adding new ones with (Debian buster). The configs were upgraded where needed but neither 10-mail.conf nor 15-mailboxes.conf were changed. 15-mailboxes is all commented out (I guess the default is auto-create, which isn'...
2020 Feb 04
Always Be Conferencing v16e - pure AEL-based dial plan solution
...nse: Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) * * * ****************************************************************************/ /* Howdy ===== ABC starts your Conference Bridge in ASTERISK(R) by Originating calls to up to twenty other participants, after you dial just one (configurable) number. Your friends' phones will immediately be notified of your call attempt. The caller ID information they see on their SIP phones will show them your name, number, GPS co-ordinates (if configured), and the r...
2009 Feb 12
[LLVMdev] Add -> operator to ImmutableSet::iterator
What it says on the tin... -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: mg.diff Type: application/octet-stream Size: 610 bytes Desc: not available URL: <>
2018 May 12
Marks as read on mover to Archive
..._name = Junk imapsieve_mailbox1_causes = COPY imapsieve_mailbox1_before = file:/usr/lib/dovecot/sieve/report-spam.sieve Or is there a simpler method? If it matters: mailbox Archive { auto = subscribe special_use = \Archive -- According to the philosopher Ly Tin Weedle, chaos is found in greatest abundance wherever order is being sought. It always defeats order, because it is better organized.
2009 May 27
contour lines on persp plot
Hello folks, I am a beginner R user. I have been able to make a 3D surface plot using 'persp'. The surface is made by a grid of lines emanating perpendicularly from each of the x and y axes at regular intervals. I can get rid of that grid by setting 'border=NA'. Can anyone suggest some ways to replace the grid with contour lines, to create a 3-dimensional contour map? Thanks for any help. Here is an example of what I have so f...
2003 Dec 28
dovecot + ssl + outlook
...lem when I lunch for example outlook or outlook express appears this error Title of error page: Internet Secuiruty Warning The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that could not be verified The certificate's CN name does not match the passed value. Do you want to continue using this server? If I click to yes works. please help me thanks Chris
2007 Jan 19
Error when following online tutorial
Hi I''m following the tutorial from the website. I''ve got to the end, but I''ve been getting this failure: ''A stack with one item should return top when you send it top FAILED "one item" should equal "one item" ./stack_spec.rb:28: ./stack_spec.rb:27:in ''instance_eval'' 3 specs 1 failure I do not understand this. Surely...