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2013 Apr 17
about backup of centos instead of fresh install
Hi, i have a little question but not sure if exist in centos. Theres any way to reotre all centos to default? like a goback or a security backup? im realtive new with this and want to do a full back up of centos before trying to install things. Also i really prefer to run a commands instead of do a fresh install of centos. Theres any like this?
2011 Apr 18
When i run the application theres something error anyone -
When i run the application theres something error PROGRAM ERROR then blah blah anyone help me how to configure this application:(
2013 Apr 10
About centos fresh install, they recommend a "fresh" install of centos, but my provider (we have server via internet and webmin) every fresh install says that i need to pay like 50$ ( alittle expensive for me). Im live i Costa RIca and here internet sucks thats why i use panama server. Now my question is: theres any form to restore to "default" a centos server? like windows 8 or like norton goback? i searh a lot via google but not sure if theres no way or i dont know how to search it. Sorry for my bad english. Hope could help me this time
2002 May 21
Chroot (theres that word again...)
Hey everyone, It appears my last patch doesn't work entirely. Looks like I forgot to edit sshd.c for the priv seperation scheme (which is really cool by the way). Heres the new patch for chrooting system users (does not attempt to chroot the priv seperation user as ssh does that on it's own already). -James PS. Once again, I'm not on the openssh mailing list so if you have any
2011 Jan 28
internet connection tester script and are "pingable" test sites. could not be pinged [firewall drops all icmp] i have a "oneliner" that echoes if theres "internet connection or no". $ ping -W 1 -c 2 >& /dev/null && ping -W 1 -c 2 >& /dev/null && echo "internet connection ok" || echo "no internet connection" internet conn...
2005 Mar 09
Getting started with contributing to Rails
Hi, If I wanted to help contribute to the development on Rails (with software, not money :-), what would be a good starting point? More unit tests? Documentation? Thanks, Joe
2007 Aug 02
Finding multiple characters in the same string
Hi I have this problem where I need to find if there is any numbers in a string, this is no problem if theres only one number per string. I would then simply use the regexpr() funtion togheter with the substring function to extract the number. But regexpr only picks one number per string either from the beginning or the end, but not multiple. Can thi...
2013 Apr 18
Re About backup of centos
Hi, i have a little question but not sure if exist in centos. Theres any way to reotre all centos to default? like a goback or a security backup? im realtive new with this and want to do a full back up of centos before trying to install things. Also i really prefer to run a commands instead of do a fresh install of centos. Theres any like this?
2005 Dec 25
understanding session fixation attacks
is there a way that, our application can understand wheteher the session id sent from the browser is forged or created by rails? I understand that if the attacker guesses session id, theres nothing we can do about it; but can we understand if he/she is trying to guess by creating random session ids. _...
2005 Jul 11
...Im new to the list, so might be a FAQ allthough I havent found it anywhere: When I try to connect to dovecot/imap from snappermail (palm), I get a IMAP protocol error. The complaint is about: OK [PERMANENTFLAGS (\Answered \Flagged \Deleted \Seen \Draft ) \*)] Flags permitted. As you can see, theres an extra " )" after "Draft". Any clues on how to fix/bypass this? Regards, Nils Henrik Tvetene
2006 Jan 12
HI, theres a lot of controversy related to this topic, my company is thinking on me to take the astricon bootcamp, but want to know if it is really whorty, 3000 USD is a huge amount of money to spend, plus the hotel, food and transportation, ive already deployed some asterisk?s pbx and have experience with i...
2006 Apr 10
Anyone has experience with hosting ?
Im ready to start hosting and deploying some of my rails apps, im guessing if someone are using shared hosting plan, right now im paying USD $35 for a half of disk space and transfer, with no rails support :( any advice its more than welcome :) -- Posted via
2006 Mar 05
workflow support in Ruby on Rails
Hello, I am relativley new to Ruby on Rails and am still in the process of enjoying the features it offers. I wanted to know if theres workflow support in rails. Can some one give me pointers if its possible. Thanks Naveen -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2005 Aug 28
Detect Dialtone
...t the problem is sometimes the pstn line has no dialtone and when i try to make call it continue dialing while not having a dialtone! while it should say "all lines are busy/congested" how can i configure that?? i already done (immediate=no) and still it opens the zap trunk even when theres no dialtone and shows that "zap/3 answered" ----------------------------------------------------------------- ;Specify whether the channel should be answered immediately or ; if the simple switch should provide dialtone, read digits, etc. ; immediate=no -----------------------------...
2004 Dec 18
audio levels via sip
I see from reading the mailing list theres a way to set audio levels on the zap channels but I'm wondering if there's a way to set audio levels on either sip or iax channels. I'm using some BT-100's and people are saying the audio levels are a little low and I would like to bring them up a bit.
2008 Feb 08
Upgrade 1.2 -> 1.4 voice files
Hi All, I'm going to be upgrading our 1.2 Asterisk system. At the moment we use the Enicomms SLN files. Are there major differences in the 1.4 default voicefile packs, or will I be able to re-use Enicomms?? In the Make menuselect, I noticed theres no .SLN voicefile selection for the basic audiofiles - has SLN been depreciated? Thanks Adrian
2012 Oct 04
About dropbox
Hello, i use dropbox to have a back up in my computer. Theres a way to have dropbox in server? and have www folder in dropbox? to use dropbox instead ftp.
2007 Aug 14
Faulty voicemail
Hi All, I was made aware today that some of my calls coming in are not going to voicemail... Below are some logs, and the macro that should run on the incoming_pstn context for that extension. I can see that theres a non-zero exit before it gets to voicemail, but I've no idea why. In this case theres 2 SIP clients to sim-call. On other occasions it works fine. In the CDR logs, I can see "NO ANSWER" and "ANSWERED" - what would be there if voicemail "answers"? Asterisk: 1....
2010 Apr 01
System and Server Status help ?
...l, i can't count the times that webmin came to my rescue. whenever i face a dead end in doing something through CLI i always turn to webmin.. though at the moment i wanna learn how to do things through cli instead of relying on webmin as i said.. especially "System and Server Status" theres a module that supports such a thing where i can set monitors that checks specific services or directories or... and reports the output.. so i wanna do this through command line.. any help ? i've checked crontab -l and it doesnt list anything that i've set in webmin so where is it and how...
2011 Jan 31
Rubin's rules of multiple imputation
Hello all, if I have multiple imputed data sets, is there a command or function in R in any package you know of to combine those, I know one common MI approach is rubins rules, is there a way to do this using his rules or others? I know theres ways, like using Amelia from Gary King's website to create the imputed data sets, but how to make them into o...