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2006 Mar 10
Directory Renaming problem Samba 2.2 on IRIX
...r at is depressingly empty. -- James Tullett Information Systems The British Museum __________________________________________ Coming Soon Michelangelo Drawings: closer to the master 23 March - 25 June 2006 Tickets on sale now (advance booking strongly recommended) __________________________________________
2005 Feb 25
Problems using ADS to validate Windows Network users on a Samba3 Member Server
Dear All: I made a change to my Samba configuration to enable Solaris ACLs in my Installation of Samba 3.0.11. After then, I lost the ability to permit domain users to browse the shares. The server is running Solaris 8 2/04, and Samba is bound against MIT Kerberos 1.4 and OpenLDAP 2.2.23. It authenticates to two Windows 2000 DCs. I had obtained a Kerberos ticket from the Domain