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2001 Jun 06
ppr, number of terms, and data ordering
...ion is: is there a recommended way to sort the data before running ppr? In the meantime, I'll try sorting by my two continuous RHS variables to see if it makes a difference -- not a definitive answer but it may be suggestive. My second question is: is my method for deciding on the number of terms in the regression okay? What I am doing is first running ppr with a large maximum number of terms, then finding the number of terms that minimizes the goodness-of-fit statistic. Looking at the cpus example in the section of MASS that deals with ppr (pp. 293-294), it is unclear why eight terms we...
2006 May 23
AR Caching and Reflection
When I do this: term = Term.find(1, :include => :definition) term.definition.term Two SQL queries are fired, why? -- Posted via
2006 Oct 05
search results autocompletion
Dear list, I ''m using a text input field with autocompletion . The suggestions come from a ferret index which is created by getting all the terms belonging to other indices. Here is the code: class Suggestion attr_accessor :term def self.index(create) [Person, Project, Orgunit].each{|kl| terms = self.all_terms(kl) terms.each{|term| suggestion = suggestion.term = term SUGGESTION_...
2004 Mar 31
Can't compile asterisk.
...pile errors message is follows. Someone cleared this problem? Please, help! Regards. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gcc -g -o asterisk -Wl,-E io.o sched.o logger.o frame.o loader.o config. o channel.o translate.o file.o say.o pbx.o cli.o md5.o term.o ulaw.o alaw.o call erid.o fskmodem.o image.o app.o cdr.o tdd.o acl.o rtp.o manager.o asterisk.o ast _expr.o dsp.o chanvars.o indications.o autoservice.o db.o privacy.o astmm.o enum .o srv.o dns.o aescrypt.o aestab.o aeskey.o -ldl -lpthread -lncurses -lm -lresol v editline/libedit.a db1-ast&...
2011 Jul 13
question on formula and terms.formula()
I'm trying to create a formula object to pass on to a function that applies the function terms.formula() to it. f <- function(formula, ...) { ... mf <- term <- terms.formula(mf$formula) ... } However, my code below gives an error. form <- as.formula("y~x") f(form, ...) The error message was: Error in terms.formula(mf$formula): argument is not a valid m...
2008 Oct 23
odfWeave error
...g: Thumbnails/thumbnail.png inflating: settings.xml inflating: META-INF/manifest.xml Removing Report_2_draft.odt Creating a Pictures directory Pre-processing the contents Sweaving content.Rnw Writing to file content_1.xml Processing code chunks ... 1 : term hide(label=loadData) d 2 : term verbatim(label=SiteHist) ate() 3 : term verbatim(label=AgeSex) 4 : term verbatim(label=Sitesex) 5 : term verbatim(label=SiteHeadNeck) 6 : term verbatim(label=SiteFace) 7 : term verbatim(label=SiteChest) 8 : term verbatim(label=SiteAbdomnen)...
2010 Jan 16
PHP XapianTermIterator/XapianPositionIterator usage
Hello again, /thanks to Peter for previous response. I've been digging around trying to find sample usage of XapianTermIterator/XapianPositionIterator in PHP. The idea is to code up a test case in PHP to perform snippet extraction (with a possible view to coding a pecl extension in C). I found a C++ sample, but that wasn't much help. I must be dense this morning though, since I can't get my head arou...
2004 Jun 17
Compiling problem on Debian
Hi, I can't compile Asterisk on a Debian machine. gcc -g -o asterisk -Wl,-E io.o sched.o logger.o frame.o loader.o config.o channel.o translate.o file.o say.o pbx.o cli.o md5.o term.o ulaw.o alaw.o callerid.o fskmodem.o image.o app.o cdr.o tdd.o acl.o rtp.o manager.o asterisk.o ast_expr.o dsp.o chanvars.o indications.o autoservice.o db.o privacy.o astmm.o enum.o srv.o dns.o aescrypt.o aestab.o aeskey.o -ldl -lpthread -lncurses -lm -lresolv editline/libedit.a db1-ast/...
2007 Mar 20
Strange Results For Term Frequencies
I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to this very fine project. Great work! I''ve encountered some strange results while examining the term frequency of one of my indexed documents. The indexed terms seem to vary for the very same document depending on the presence or absence of completely unrelated operations in the code, so the resulting term frequency changes, too. I repeatedly call ''index_reader.term_docs_for'' fo...
2007 Dec 05
Term frequency doesn''t decrement after document is deleted.
Hey all, The frequency count returned by my ferret reader doesn''t decrement after I remove a documents with those terms. Using the example from the frequency increments after a document is added but stays the same after a document is deleted. index.reader.terms(:tags).each do |term, freq| "#{term} appears #{freq...
2007 Apr 03
How can I count frequency of terms in a document?
Hi, there. I need some help. Is there a way to count frequencies of terms in a document on Ferret? I know that Ferret has IndexReader#terms_docs_for method which counts all documents. I need to count frequencies of terms in a specific document. Some way?? -- Posted via
2007 Feb 09
Fetching document content by Q term in Python
Hello, I'd like to be able to retrieve the indexes stored copy of the document text and tried the following: terms = self.db.allterms() terms.skip_to('Q' + uri.encode('utf-8')) term = doc = self.db.get_document(term[1]) print doc.get_data() I just wildly guessed that [1] was the docid, but of course it isn't. So the question is, how do I get a docid out of a te...
2015 Jul 23
Get term from document by position
Hello. Is there any FAST way to get a term from the xapian document by it's position, something like std::string term = Xapian::Document::GetTermByPosition(int position) ? Below i have described a task that i am trying to solve, in case if somebody is interested. ===================================================================...
2007 Apr 06
Count frequency of term in a specific document?
Is there any way to count the frequency of specific term in one document? I can''t find any method... Do you? -- Posted via
2003 Nov 16
asterisk installation error
...igured kernel and i have all the modules installed. kernel-source readline readline-devel openssl openssl-devel this is the error: (at the last part of the installation) gcc -g -o asterisk -Wl,-E io.o sched.o logger.o frame.o loader.o config.o channel.o translate.o file.o say.o pbx.o cli.o md5.o term.o ulaw.o alaw.o callerid.o fskmodem.o image.o app.o cdr.o tdd.o acl.o rtp.o manager.o asterisk.o ast_expr.o dsp.o chanvars.o indications.o autoservice.o db.o privacy.o astmm.o enum.o srv.o dns.o -lresolv editline/libedit.a db1-ast/libdb1.a stdtime/libtime.a loader.o: In function `ast_...
2012 Jun 29
Adding Bi-gram in the QueryParser and Object.
...ts what i got to know about how parser works and query is build from tokens provided by the lexer.I have highlighted some area in blue where i think there is possibility of having bi-grams.While Integrating bi-gram in the Parser ,Query our aim is to generate and add bi-grams for all the consecutive terms to the query. Following are categories sent to Parser from Lexer to Form Query Object: *Near - *2 or more terms with near in between.It is a type of query these two term are in window of 10 words.Since we are seeking these two words in vicinity of 10 Words window.It wont hurt to have them as bi-...
2006 May 15
term / posting question
Hi guys Sorry to take up your time with this, I have just been stuck on a little problem with xapian for a few days here and I can't seem to figure it out for myself. I have created an xapian index (using the php bindings). I have added documents to it, with values, terms and postings. I can successfully search in this index on anything that is in a posting, but if I search on a word that exists as a term only, the Enquire_get_mset() function returns 0 results. I know the term is for sure in the document, because if I list the terms with termiterator_get_term(), t...
2007 Mar 04
Getting non-stemmed terms from IndexReader
I need to get a set of terms being indexed using Ferret. I used IndexReader.terms and it returns a list of TermEnum nicely. The only problem is that my analyzer includes a stemming filter. So now, the terms I''m getting back are all stemmed. Is there anyway to get the original unstemmed terms back from the index someh...
2015 Jul 26
Get term from document by position
...t?s not available in the 1.2 series, but as I understand it should work out of the > box in 1.3.3. I tried it, this approach returns snippet that have nothing to do with the search string. Moreover, it takes too long to generate a snippet. > Note that your suggested approach of going from terms to snippet doesn?t work in the general > case, because of issues like stemming. Actually, it works just fine. I am using the following indexing scheme: First, i index unstemmed text. Next, i add a term with a unique prefix to the database. This term is used as a delimiter between stemmed a...
2006 Mar 07
I have found that lower cased boolean operators such as "and" or "or" does not work. Of course I never forget setting FLAG_BOOLEAN_ANY_CASE flag. QP seems to treat them as terms. Just look at the following tests regardless of search results! $ python -v woman AND man Performing query 'Xapian::Query((woman:(pos=1) AND man:(pos=2)))' 0 results found $ python -v woman and man Performing query 'Xapian::Query((woman:(pos=1)...