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2009 Jan 19
Description of Zaptel/DAHDI E1 alarms
Hello, I am missing any description of zaptel/DAHDI alarms. The TE200 series user manual contains only a description of LEDs states. These alarms states are visible in zttool/dahditool or in astersick CLI (zap show status) and I wonder what is the real meaning of these alarms for E1 channel. Possible alarm states (based on zaptel.h 1.2): 1. No alarms 2. Recove...
2016 Sep 13
Panasonic PBX connect to Asterisk (Ikka Tirtawidjaja)
Panasonic PBX KX-TDA600 it doesn't support SIP protocol for VoIP technology it only support H323 Trunk through 4 or 16 channels gateway card and TDM technology with ISDN BRI and PRI card. Mc GRATH Ricardo