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2009 Feb 05
udev by-id symlinks randomly missing for tape drives on centos5
Hello! I'm having problems with udev /dev/tape/by-id/ symlinks.. it seems symlinks to tape drives are sometimes (randomly) missing after reboot. Server in question has IBM TS3200 tape library connected with 2 drives in it.. so /proc/scsi/scsi shows 3 devices: 2 tape drives, and 1 medium changer (tape library). So I shoul...
2010 Sep 16
Can anyone suggest a decent backup system?
Hi all, We have a bit of a problem with backups. We've been using bacula to tape and now trying to disk but it's a complete nightmare as regards tape management. The backup to file storage went ok for ages and now is stuck 'waiting for max storage jobs' which is odd as that's set to 20 and it's the only backup running. That's totally typical of bacul...
2006 Jun 07
Simple backup program
I am looking for a simple backup program that I can use to backup a CentOS box to a local tape drive. Hopefully someone here can give me a recommendation. This is what I need: - Simple launching of manual backups (preferably from the command line) - Ability to span tapes for a large backup - Proper treatment of hardlinked files - Notification via email or similar when...
2007 Mar 27
Tape drive recommendations
...l. I have 15 or so CentOS servers (now v4.4, I will upgrade them all to 5 when it comes out) and a few windows machines. I am looking to implement a network backup solution using Amanda. I will be backing up 200 gig or so to start, but that will grow. Does anyone have any recommendations on tape drives that will work "out of the box" with CentOS? Thanks, Joe
2008 May 15
Tape operation
Hi all, My only encounter with tape-backup was with Windows 2000. With it, when we backup things using windows' backup tool, it will create a 'catalog', then the catalog contains all the backup operations we do based on date. So, with this we can "append" many backups into one tape. Next time we want to resto...
2019 Feb 07
persistent generic device for tape changer
Hello, mtx and therefor amanda use generic device /dev/sg<x> for tape changer. These devices change on reboot. How to make them persistent? /dev/sch0 and /dev/sch1 seem to be persistent. /dev/tape/by-id/ shows links from WWID to generic device An UDEV rule could help? I have not found any example. -- Viele Gr??e Helmut Drodofsk...
2010 May 27
Replacement tape drive configuration
CentOS 4.8 Hi All: We recently had a Sony SDX-500V tape drive fail on one of our servers running CentOS 4.8. I have now replaced it with a spare SDX-500C. The problem that I am having now is that the failed drive had ceased responding to SCSI commands and we have since rebooted the system which resulted in the tape drive being removed from our current h...
2009 Jan 03
Problem detecting HP Tape Drive
Hello I do have problem using Linux with an external HP tape drive. The server platform is also an HP Server; the server is an HP ML350 G4, and the Tape drive is a HP Storage Works Ultrium 448 - 1U Rack-mountable. HP Ultrium documentation says two drivers should be automatically up, sym53c8xx for LSI SCSI interface "st" for tape and /proc/...
2012 Jan 30
Quantum scalar i40 tape partitions
Hi All, I have a Quantum scalar i40 tape library. I need to configure it to TWO tape partition libraries, e.g., library_a and library_b, so that each library has its own tape drive. Then connect this physical tape library to two different CentOS servers so that each server can see its own media changer and tape drive. I once had a success...
2007 Sep 02
Performance Issues
My apology for cross posting We have a DELL6850 with 8Gbytes of memory, four 3.2Ghz CPU's , perc 4 raid controller, with fourteen 300Gbyte 10Krpm disk on a powervault 220s, And a powervault 124T LTO-3 tape systems on a separate 160Mbyte/sec adaptec SCSI card. The disks are configured as two 2Tbyte raid 0 partitions using the perc 4 hardware. The problem is - reading from the disk, and writing to the tape is pathetically slow. The specs say I should get around 80Mbyte/second - in reality - i...
2009 Dec 03
TAPE on guest
Hello, I have a server with a tape. Of course my dom0 see it but I don''t want to manage backups from dom0 and want to do it with a guest. In that case I need to show the tape to the guest. I don''t know how to do it. Is there more than one way? Thanks for your help, nm ____________________________________________...
2019 Feb 07
persistent generic device for tape changer
Hello Ron, sounds good. I have 2 tape changer. I persume, udev creates the same link for both. Can I modify SYMLINK+="changer-$env{ID_SERIAL}" The serial should be unique. Viele Gr??e Helmut Drodofsky Internet XS Service GmbH He?br?hlstra?e 15 70565 Stuttgart Gesch?ftsf?hrung Helmut Drodofsky HRB 21091 Stuttgart USt.ID:...
2010 Feb 10
LTO tape drives and Bacula for Backups?
How does everyone feel about using Quantum LTO 3 and 4 tapes with Bacula for backing up both the VM's, Host, as well as from within the VM's. What are know good backup solutions? Can anyone name specific tape drives / software that is working. Lee -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <http:...
2012 Mar 12
CentOS Server Backup Options
...t has great specs. Each cartridge holds 160gb (non-compressed) and the drive costs about $420 but seems that with each removable cartridge costing $128, we may be limited to how many cartridges we could have, thus perhaps not retaining backup instances as long as I like. I asked about a HP DAT160 tape drive. Each tape holds 160gb (non-compressed) and the drive costs about $730, and each tape only costs about $24, so it would be economical to have lots of backup instances saved for a long period of time. I have been using tape and the backup rotation scheme mentioned above for over 20 years. T...
2002 Jul 25
Réf. : Backing up both AIX and NT using Samba
Hi Joe, What you can do is to tell the tape drive to not rewind after the first backup. You have to select the dedicated device for that. If my memory serves me, the device which does not rewind at backup end is /dev/rmt{x}.4 or something like that. So, the batch could be like this: tar cvf /dev/rmt{x}.4 myfiles_from_AIX...
2004 Sep 03
From OCFS to tape via tar (and back again)
We're using RMAN to back up our 9.2 RAC database to an OCFS v1 volume. We have an existing shell script that we use for copying files from disk to tape via tar, one file at a time. (Don't ask why. It's a legacy script. Long story.) We're tweaking this script to use --o_direct when tarring the file to tape and that seems to be working fine: # tape device is /dev/nst0 $ tar --o_direct -cvf /dev/nst0 /ocfs/RMAN_t...
2008 Apr 11
Command to get tape capacity status?
I have an Overland tape library connected, via SCSI card, to an out-of-box, full install of C5 install on an old PC. I have a script that uses tar to archive data to tape and mtx to change tapes. What I don't know, if possible, is to obtain the status of how much tape is left in the drive. If I get a write fail...
2008 Feb 15
Backing up Xen DomU''s - Tape Drive - LVM
...2003 SBS. I am planning on using LVM for the disks as this (so i have read) increases i/o performance compared to image files. I need a solution to back up these machines and I have came up with the following two ideas: Idea 1, Backup the machines as images (lvm snapshot?) and backup to a tape drive. However the 2003 SBS server will be running Exchange server and backing up the image while it runs is obviously not going to be possible as the databases will be in an open state? So I am wondering if pausing the DomU''s and then backing them up to disk would work? (using xm pau...
2008 Mar 15
Incremental backups?
So I thought I'd get a head start for next week - I have a low-power Linux box that has a few samba shares mounted, and limited hard disk space. This box is connected to a tape library via SCSI card. I want to find the best way to create a full, then incremental backup of the samba mounts, directly to tape. Some of the samba mounts are appliances that cannot run any special client/agent. I'm looking at tar as an option, with its --incremental switch. Bacul...
2012 Feb 01
gtar compression achieved
Hey folks, I looked at the man page and don't see any way to do this - maybe it is a function of the compression program used I dunno. Is there any way to get gtar to report on the compression it achieved? I can't just check file sizes because I'm writing data to tape. The basic problem is that I know how much data is there to begin with but I don't know how much room it took up on the tape so I have no idea how much room is left on the tape. thanks, -Alan -- ?Don't eat anything you've ever seen advertised on TV? - Michael Pollan, author...