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2007 Mar 24
Hi Guys, I''m planning to take the RHCE exam soonish. If anyone here has taken the test I would be interested in getting your thoughts and experiences. Shawn
2007 Jul 24
File/Folder Ownership - Cygwin/Rsync - Is it possible to get around rsync taking file ownership?
Case point: 2 Servers (both with Windows Server 2k3 & cygwin). Running ssh on the destination server. Problem: The rsync user will take ownership over any files copied over from the source server. This takes ownership away from the administrators group, thus disallowing inherited permissions. Is there any way around not taking ownership away from the administrators group and giving it to the rsync user? I''ve seen this done with the cwRsync package, but unfortunately our security group will a...
2011 Aug 10
zfs destory snapshot takes an hours.
Hi, I am facing issue with zfs destroy, this takes almost 3 Hours to delete the snapshot of size 150G. Could you please help me to resolve this issue, why zfs destroy takes this much time. While taking snapshot, it''s done within few seconds. I have tried with removing with old snapshot but still problem is same. ======================...
2007 Dec 21
Jobs running too slow
Say I have a job that runs every minute, but it takes longer than a minute to execute. Will it start a new job every minute? If it does, then how would I make a job that sleeps for a certain amount of time, then restarts? I have a job that could take an hour or two to complete, and I don''t want to have multiple copies of that job running a...
2007 May 29
NCQ performance
I''ve been looking into the performance impact of NCQ. Here''s what i found out: Curiously, there''s not too much performance data on NCQ available via a google search ... enjoy, eric
2016 Apr 24
How to take a multidimensional data set to higher dimensions using R?
Hi, I have a multidimensional data-set( multiple 'x' variables with a target variable). I want to take it to a higher dimensional space so that I can apply classification technique with ease . Is there a package in R which would allow me to take these data points from lower dimensional space to higher dimensions? so that is that higher dimension I can apply classification techniques to be
2006 Mar 18
Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the slowest of them all? CentOS
Some of the other RHEL rebuilds take one or two days, while CentOS takes 2 weeks. While i can''t say if they have more than a hundred users, their speed in releasing quarterly updates is commendable. Technically CentOS is not the slowest, as Whitebox takes the wooden spoon but you get the general idea. :) __________________________________________________ Do...
2016 Apr 16
Mean of hexadecimal numbers
On 16/04/2016 8:47 AM, Atte Tenkanen wrote: > Hi, > > How would you calculate the "mean colour" of several colours, for > example c("#FF7C00","#00BF40","#FFFF00")? > Bert answered your subject line question. Your text is asking something else: if those are colours, you don't want to treat each of them as a single integer. A
2001 Dec 14
why copying files so slow in ext3
it takes 5 seconds to copy 20M files from one directory to another.However it only takes no more than 1 second in the ext2 filesystem. -- --Îȶ¨¿É¿¿µÄÃâ·Ñµç×ÓÐÅÏä ÓïÒôÓʼþ Òƶ¯ÊéÇ© ÈÕÀú·þÎñ ÍøÂç´æ´¢...ÒÚÓÊδ¾¡
2011 Jun 06
Taking Integral and Optimization using Integrate, Optim and maxNR
Dear All, Hello! I have some questoins in R programming as follows: Question 1- How to take the integral of this function with respect to y, such that x would appear in the output after taking integral. f(x,y)=(0.1766*exp(-exp(y+lnx))*-exp(y+lnx))/(1-exp(-exp(y+lnx))) y in (-6.907,-1.246) It is doable in maple but not in R. At least I could not find the way. p.s: result from maple is:
2007 Oct 03
Why does error_messages_for take string as param?
Hi, I wonder why error_messages_for take strings as params instead of instance variables. error_messages_for ''user'' instead of error_messages_for @user ''user'' is translated into @user eventually. If so, who not take the instance variables directly? Is there any reason for that? Thanks in advance. Sam -- Posted via
2006 Sep 15
reslivering, how long will it take?
Being resilvered 444.00 GB 168.21 GB 158.73 GB Just wondering if anyone has any rough guesstimate of how long this will take? It''s 3x1200JB ata drives and one Seagate SATA drive. The SATA drive is the one that was replaced. Any idea how long this will take? As in 5 hours? 2 days? I don''t see any way to get a status update on where it''s at in the reslivering
2008 Apr 10
Zfs send takes 3 days for 1TB?
Can zfs send utilize multiple-streams of data transmission (or some sort of multipleness)? Interesting read for background Note: zfs send takes 3 days for 1TB to another system Regards, Jignesh
2004 Jun 11
Handling Events that don''t take an ID
Hey Kevin, Am I correct in assuming that if I want a particular widget to respond to an event which doesn''t take an ID as an argument (like evt_size or evt_left_down), that I have to inherit a new widget and define the event handler within the inherited class? Here''s a little contrived code example to illustrate what I mean: class MyCtrl < Wx::TextCtrl def
2009 Jun 03
ocfs2console is slow
Ever since we have installed OCFS2, we have had extremely slow performance in the ocfs2console. It can take us over 30 minutes to do the simplest tasks. We do not have this type of performance with other xwindows applications on our server. Does anyone have any performance improvement suggestions for the ocfs2console? Thanks, Reid
2012 Dec 11
Gluster machines slowing down over time
I have 2 gluster servers in replicated mode on EC2 with ~4G RAM CPU and RAM look fine but over time the system becomes sluggish, particularly networking. I notice when sshing into the machine takes ages and running remote commands with capistrano takes longer and longer. Any kernel settings people typically use? Thanks, Tom -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL: <
2010 May 24
zpool export takes too long time in build-134
Hi, I did the zpool import/export performance testing on opensolaris build-134: 1). Create 100 zfs and 100 snapshots, then do zpool export/import export takes about 5 seconds import takes about 5 seconds 2). Create 200 zfs and 200 snapshots, then do zpool export/import export takes about 80 seconds import takes about 12 seconds 3). Create 300 zfs and 300 snapshots, then do zpool export/import export takes about 110 seconds...
2012 Dec 07
Polychor() - why does it take that long?
Hello. Using the polychor function > polychor(data[c(s1,s2)] ) for polychoric correlations of two ordinal variables in R takes a long time for N=7000 (20 minutes+) and significantly slows down my computer. Now, I have a pretty old computer, but it takes about 20 seconds for MPLUS to print out the complete polychoric correlation matrix for all 16 variables, while I am running the R function only for 2 of the 16 variables....
2018 Jun 01
Unable to take correct Web-snapshot
Hi again, I use the *webshot* package to take snapshot from Webpage. However, when I try to take snapshot from* <>*, this fails to take the full snapshot of that page. I tried following : > library(webshot) > webshot("", 'aa.pdf') However in the pdf
2018 Jun 01
Unable to take correct Web-snapshot
On 1 June 2018 at 15:08, Christofer Bogaso <bogaso.christofer at> wrote: > Hi again, > > I use the *webshot* package to take snapshot from Webpage. However, when I > try to take snapshot from* > <>*, this fails to take the full snapshot of that > page. Yes, that is a general problem