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2006 May 07
Challenging SQL for you...
Gents, My heads been out of the sql game for too long (or it''s simply too early). I''m trying to extend the acts_as_taggable plugin (note: not gem) so that you can specify a list of tags you''re interested in, and the plugin will return only those items that are tagged with *all* these tags. The plugin uses primarily two tables: tags, to keep all the various tag names and ids, and taggings, which actually associates the tags table with other items in your database....
2005 Dec 23
Stories with many tags, tags with many stories, has_and_belongs_to_many howto?
Hi, I began experimenting with habtm relationships, and so I created a stories table, a tags table, and a stories_tags table referencing the former 2. When I create a "story", I want to add several tags to it. Then, the model should create those tags and link them to the respective stories, and for the tags that already exists, just link them to the story. I tried something...
2005 May 23
has_and_belongs_to_many dual insert error ?
...contains an has_and_belongs_to_many relationship with another one, the relationships are doubled. My domain is a series of pictures, where each picture can be tagged with one or more words. So, a picture of my dog could be tagged "Jordy, Dog, Dog 2005", for example. In my form, the tags are presented to the user in a single INPUT type="text". The user edits the list, and separates the words using a comma. Then, my controller splits everything back, and asks the Picture domain object to update it''s tags. The implementation is at the bottom, but the end resu...
2007 Jun 07
checking associated objects have been deleted
I have the following model: class Book < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :taggings, :dependent => :delete_all has_many :tags, :through => :taggings end is it possible to check that associated taggings are being destroyed using mocks? I don''t want to test that rails is deleting the associations, I want to test that I have specified the association as a dependent one. the only way I can think of is to use fix...
2012 Jul 12
Processed: tagging 430778, tagging 430676, tagging 603366, tagging 602378, tagging 675266, tagging 600241 ...
Processing commands for control at > tags 430778 + upstream Bug #430778 [xen-utils-common] xen-utils-common: NAT scripts not generic enough, and made for DHCP ? Added tag(s) upstream. > tags 430676 + upstream Bug #430676 [xen-utils-common] xen-utils-common: network-nat creates insecure nat POSTROUTING MASQUERADE ? Added tag(s) upstream....
2006 Jul 04
has_many working correctly only on reload! has_many :taggings has_many :events, :through => :taggings has_many :users, :through => :taggings end class User < ActiveRecord::Base # Virtual attribute for the unencrypted password attr_accessor :password has_many :events has_many :posts has_many :taggings has_many :tags, :through => :taggings end class Event < ActiveRecord::Base acts_as_versioned do def self.included(base) base.belongs_to :user base.belongs_to :region end end has_many :taggings has_many :tags, :through => :taggings has_many :posts end >> Tag.find(10)...
2008 Mar 05
Bug#443881: setting package to logcheck-database logtail logcheck, tagging 444097, tagging 445069, tagging 444096 ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
...quot; rule (closes: #445069). # * ignore.d.server/postfix: # - Postfix considers that "-" can be part of a numeric hostname. # - ignore Postfix bad address syntax errors from postfix/error # (closes: #464896) (Russ Allbery) # package logcheck-database logtail logcheck tags 444097 + pending tags 445069 + pending tags 444096 + pending tags 445074 + pending tags 445046 + pending tags 464896 + pending tags 443881 + pending tags 445073 + pending tags 445072 + pending tags 444100 + pending
2006 Jul 04
Processed: setting package to logcheck logcheck-database logtail, tagging 354820, tagging 355085, tagging 356681 ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Processing commands for > # Automatically generated email from bts, devscripts version 2.9.20 > package logcheck logcheck-database logtail Ignoring bugs not assigned to: logcheck-database logtail logcheck > tags 354820 + pending Bug#354820: rules to filter out entries caused by ssh scanners Tags were: patch Tags added: pending > tags 355085 + pending Bug#355085: logcheck-database: Ignore smartd temperature messages within tolerances, please Tags were: patch Tags added: pending > tags 356681 + pendi...
2012 Mar 06
Inherited node tagging
...on. Specially, about tagging, the doc says: " Automatic Tagging All language statements enclosed in a node, define or class structure (read more about puppet control structures [[Language Tutorial]] ) will automatically be tagged with the name of that statement. These automatically- applied tags will be inherited by any object enclosed in that class, regardless of the depth of enclosure. " But then I print the tags that are visible within each of the scopes: node ''ANY'' { } node ''WN'' inherits ''ANY'' { } node ''wn01.domain&...
2008 Jan 22
Processed: tagging bugs that are closed by packages in NEW as pending
Processing commands for > # the following bugs are closed by packages in NEW > # > tags 402249 pending Bug#402249: please include the necessary headers for libvert Tags were: patch sid Tags added: pending > tags 426108 pending Bug#426108: lvm2: Please add LSB formatted dependency info in init.d script Tags were: patch Tags added: pending > tags 460053 pending Bug#460053: ITP:...
2006 Jun 21
acts_as_taggable and paginate?
...ugin. The regular way of paginating over a collection doesn''t seem to work with acts_as_taggable. Here''s what my method looks like that takes in a tag name, finds all the members that share the tag and then displays all the members. Nothing too fancy at the moment... def show_all_tags tag_name = params[:id] @tagged_members = Tag.find_by_name(tag_name).tagged end Doing the standard: @tagged_member_pages, @tagged_members = paginate :member, :per_page => 12 displays ALL the members in the DB. Has anyone conquered such an issue like this? Thank you, Dave Hoefler ---...
2006 Feb 26
Help On Associations Extension.
Hi to all, I''m needing some help here ... I want to do an extension on a has_and_belongs_to_many to build a custom add method to the association. i have a table locations that has a many-to-many association with a tags tabel using a locations_tags table. i want to add a method to the Location has_and_belongs_to_many association so that i can do something like this on the location model: myLocation.tags.add_by_names ''tag1 tag2 tag3'' On the extension i want to do something like this: class L...
2008 Jun 24
Bug#451118: setting package to logcheck-database logtail logcheck, tagging 452879, tagging 450660, tagging 450697 ...
...server/acpid: # - follow recent modifications in acpid log output; thanks to Arno Renevier # (closes: #450660). # * ignore.d.server/otrs: # - ignore OTRS CGI notices (closes: #450697). # * fix wording in header.txt (closes: #472937). package logcheck-database logtail logcheck tags 452879 + pending tags 450660 + pending tags 450697 + pending tags 472937 + pending tags 446310 + pending tags 451118 + pending
2006 Jun 30
find_by_sql not quoting properly (in acts_as_taggable plugin)
...gin, but related to quoting/sanitizing the interpolated list in a find_by_sql. Apologies for the length, but I wanted to be complete. ;-) The method from acts_as_taggable.rb is: def find_tagged_with(list) find_by_sql(["SELECT #{table_name}.* FROM #{table_name}, tags, taggings " + "WHERE #{table_name}.#{primary_key} = taggings.taggable_id " + "AND taggings.taggable_type = ''# {acts_as_taggable_options[:taggable_type]}'' " + "AND taggings.tag_...
2007 Oct 19
3 commits - libswfdec/swfdec_html_parser.c libswfdec/swfdec_text_field_movie.c
...t_field_movie.c | 1 2 files changed, 60 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-) New commits: commit b4c20d7519ae5d93c9ba3258bde8444aebdd1be6 Author: Pekka Lampila <pekka.lampila at> Date: Fri Oct 19 15:32:39 2007 +0300 If closing tag doesn''t match in the HTML parser, close tags until it does diff --git a/libswfdec/swfdec_html_parser.c b/libswfdec/swfdec_html_parser.c index 5bd0367..5d9153a 100644 --- a/libswfdec/swfdec_html_parser.c +++ b/libswfdec/swfdec_html_parser.c @@ -270,16 +270,17 @@ swfdec_text_field_movie_html_parse_tag (ParserDat...
2006 Apr 26
acts_as_taggable gem: deleting tags
I have the following quick-and-dirty hack in my model: def after_destroy # search for orphaned tags and delete them orphans = Resource.tags_count :count => ''= 0'' orphans.keys.each {|tag| Tags.find_by_name(''tag'').destroy} end It''s nice from a readable code perspective, but it seems inefficient - is there some way to do this with only one que...
2011 Feb 07
The Pygments highlighter supports many more languages than CodeRay. Pygments is written in Python, but I''ve seen non-Python projects use it (Jekyll, Pygments). There''s also this: Any idea how much work it would be to add Pygments support to Webgen?
2011 Feb 27
How to store the same key multi times in a Hash ?
given an Arra tags[] I need to produce a resulting Hash as following .. { "$in" => [tags[0]], "$in" =>[tags[1], ...} in which the key should be always the same and the value being an Array I tried this : myHash = {} tags.each do |tag| h = {"$in" =&...
2006 Feb 13
Acts_as_taggable pluralize
I am implementing a messaging system, which requires broadcast to group feature. Instead of a relatively clunky habtm group structure, I am using tags. Form a usability standpoint, it would be helpful to avoid redundant tags. Like, friend vs friends OR client vs. clients. Is it practical to filter tags, before entry, to avoid duplicate tags like plural vs. singular? -- Posted via
2009 Nov 12
Problem with has_many :through, :uniq => true with polymorph
Didn''t have quite enough space to describe it there...basically i''m having a problem with the :uniq option in my tags. I''m using acts_as_taggable_on_steroid which adds these associations to my Resource class: Resource has_many :taggings, :as => :taggable, :dependent => :destroy, :include => :tag has_many :tags, :through => :taggings, :uniq => true This uses the join model Tagging: T...