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2018 Jun 20
Node deletion during DAG Combination ?
...;24575>, t59 Combining: t59: f32 = extract_vector_elt t58, Constant:i16<0> ... into: t72: f32 = CLPISD::LOAD_VECTOR_EXTRACT_o t57:1, FrameIndex:i16<0>, Constant:i16<0> Combining: t56: ch = store<Volatile ST8[%l2]> t54:1, t55, FrameIndex:i16<1>, undef:i16 ... into: t73: ch = CLPISD::STORE_VECTOR_INSERT_oo t53:1, FrameIndex:i16<1>, t53, Constant:i16<1> t73: ch = CLPISD::STORE_VECTOR_INSERT_oo t53:1, FrameIndex:i16<1>, t53, Constant:i16<1> t57: v2f32,ch = load<Volatile LD8[%l1]> t73, FrameIndex:i16<0>, undef:i16...
2017 Oct 13
[SelectionDAG] Assertion due to MachineMemOperand flags difference.
...e<ST16[<unknown>](align=8)> t50, t66, t67, undef:i64 t70: i64 = add t10, Constant:i64<80> t71: ch = store<ST16[<unknown>](align=8)> t50, t69, t70, undef:i64 t72: ch = TokenFactor t55:1, t56, t57:1, t59, t60:1, t62, t63:1, t65, t66:1, t68, t69:1, t71 t73: ch,glue = callseq_start t72, TargetConstant:i64<128>, TargetConstant:i64<0> t74: i64,ch = load<LD8[FixedStack1]> t73, FrameIndex:i64<1>, undef:i64 t76: i64 = add FrameIndex:i64<1>, Constant:i64<8> t77: i64,ch = load<LD8[FixedStack1+8]> t73, t76, un...
2017 Feb 28
rL296252 Made large integer operation codegen significantly worse.
I see we're missing an isel pattern for add producing carry and doing a memory RMW. I'm going to see if adding that helps anything. ~Craig On Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 8:47 PM, Nirav Davé via llvm-dev < llvm-dev at> wrote: > Yes. I'm seeing that as well. Not clear what's going on. > > In any case it looks to be unrelated to the alias analysis so barring
2016 Jul 30
Instruction selection bug for vector store with FixedStack
...ontinuing at 263 LLVM ERROR: Cannot select: t172: ch = store<ST64[FixedStack6]> t0, t6, FrameIndex:i64<6>, undef:i64 t6: v8i64,ch = CopyFromReg t0, Register:v8i64 %vreg19 t5: v8i64 = Register %vreg19 t171: i64 = FrameIndex<6> t73: i64 = undef In function: foo I actually have difficulties in understanding in the Selection DAG what the FixedStack operand means. Also, it is not really clear for me how to handle it in my back end. Below follows and excerpt of the Selection DAG with the problem: Op...
2017 Feb 11
Specify special cases of delay slots in the back end
Hello. Hal, the problem I have is that it doesn't advance at the next available instruction - it always gets the same store. This might be because I did not specify in a file like [Target] the functional units, processor and instruction itineraries. Regarding the Stalls argument to my method [Target]DispatchGroupSBHazardRecognizer::getHazardType() I always get the
2006 Mar 13
Lost connection to MySQL server during query
I just downloaded and installed Ruby on Rails to a Win XP SP1 OS using XAMPP. I started going through the beginner tutorials at It appears as though Ruby on Rails is operating properly until I try to access the MySQL database I created for it. Then the browser displays a detailed statement created by Ruby. It is titled: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid in Recipe#New Recipe is