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2016 Aug 02
Instruction selection problems due to SelectionDAGBuilder
...ement <8 x i64> undef, i64 %i.07.unr, i32 0 %.splat = shufflevector <8 x i64> %.splatinsert, <8 x i64> undef, <8 x i32> zeroinitializer %induction = add <8 x i64> %.splat, <i64 0, i64 1, i64 2, i64 3, i64 4, i64 5, i64 6, i64 7> %.splatinsert56 = insertelement <8 x i64> undef, i64 %xtraiter, i32 0 %.splat57 = shufflevector <8 x i64> %.splatinsert56, <8 x i64> undef, <8 x i32> zeroinitializer %induction58 = add <8 x i64> %.splat57, <i64 0, i64 -1, i64 -2, i64 -3, i64 -4, i64 -5, i64 -6, i64...
2018 Jun 20
Node deletion during DAG Combination ?
...blem). I've take a look at other DAGCombine implementation for others architecture but I didn't found an API to explicitly remove a node and trigger overall chain update. Could someone point out an example of API for such node deletion during DAG Combination? Regards, Dominique T. t56: ch = store<Volatile ST8[%l2]> t54:1, t55, FrameIndex:i16<1>, undef:i16 t57: v2f32,ch = load<Volatile LD8[%l1]> t56, FrameIndex:i16<0>, undef:i16 t58: v2f32,ch = load<Volatile LD8[%l1]> t57:1, FrameIndex:i16<0>, undef:i16 t59: f32 = extr...
2017 Feb 11
Specify special cases of delay slots in the back end
Hello. Hal, the problem I have is that it doesn't advance at the next available instruction - it always gets the same store. This might be because I did not specify in a file like [Target] the functional units, processor and instruction itineraries. Regarding the Stalls argument to my method [Target]DispatchGroupSBHazardRecognizer::getHazardType() I always get the
2017 Oct 13
[SelectionDAG] Assertion due to MachineMemOperand flags difference.
...LD16[FixedStack1+32](align=8)> t50, t31, undef:i64 t63: v4i32,ch = load<LD16[FixedStack1+48](align=8)> t50, t36, undef:i64 t66: v4i32,ch = load<LD16[FixedStack1+64](align=8)> t50, t41, undef:i64 t69: v4i32,ch = load<LD16[FixedStack1+80](align=8)> t50, t46, undef:i64 t56: ch = store<ST16[<unknown>](align=8)> t50, t55, t10, undef:i64 t58: i64 = add t10, Constant:i64<16> t59: ch = store<ST16[<unknown>](align=8)> t50, t57, t58, undef:i64 t61: i64 = add t10, Constant:i64<32> t62: ch = store<ST16[<unk...