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2020 Mar 30
Multithreaded encoding?
...n transcode it at 1200% speed (Raspberry PI 3B+). It saturates a single CPU core, but the other three are idle. Is out there any project to add multithreading options to "opusenc", or something in that line? Looking around, I have found this: <> Is it out there any other multithreaded "opusenc" drop in replacement?. Any plan for future &q...
2020 Mar 30
Multithreaded encoding?
...PI 3B+). It saturates a single CPU core, but the other three > are idle. > > Is out there any project to add multithreading options to "opusenc", or > something in that line? > > Looking around, I have found this: > > > > <> > > Is it out there any other multithreaded "opusenc" drop in replacement?. &g...
2020 Mar 31
Antw: [EXT] Re: Multithreaded encoding?
...CPU core, but the other three >> are idle. >> >> Is out there any project to add multithreading options to "opusenc", or >> something in that line? >> >> Looking around, I have found this: >> >> >> >> <> >> >> Is it out there any other multithreaded "opusenc" drop i...
2009 Jul 17
dsync - one or two ways?
dsync in Dovecot v2.0 tree is a new utility for syncing a mailbox in two locations. Some things it can be used for: - Initially transfer a mailbox to another server via SSH - A faster sync done to an existing mailbox, sending only changes - A superfast sync based on modification sequences. - Source and destination mailboxes can use different formats (convert-tool will be history) dsync can handle all kinds of conflicts in mailboxes, handle mailbox deletions, renames, etc. So it's safe to sync even if both source and destination mailboxes ha...
2014 Dec 09
get /full/path/filename.ext from filename.ext
This should be simple, but it's not, unless I'm forgetting something. Writing a script, an arg is a filename. So fname=$1 But I want that expanded to include the full path and filename, not just what is given as the arg on the command line. E.g., if the user's cwd is /home/joe/a/b/c/ and he specifies ../x/file-a.ext then the function/utility
2014 Dec 10
get /full/path/filename.ext from filename.ext
I don't know if this is of interest as an alternative. I did find a cool functionality called locate and updatedb Updatedb creates the database of your files, locate does superfast searches. It essentially does a superfast "find" on your root filesystem, giving you the fully qualified path of all hits. You can create db's on your other filessytems. The problem is that it can get stale, but you can update it before doing your searches. Plus it gives you a ful...
2006 Sep 27
RangeFilter performance index is newly optimized. As soon as add a few new documents the average search time for a batch of searches using the rangefilter increases about 10 times. And if i keep adding a few documents the search time increases even more. Until I optimize the index again, and performance is back to superfast. I can''t do optimize as often as I would like since it takes a long time. Have anyone excperienced anything similiar? Thanks/David -- Posted via
2004 Jun 15
1.0-test15 released
...7;test/ Maildir code is still having syncing trouble. I thought about fixing mbox code for a chance - if the same problems happen with it too then I at least know that the problems are in indexes instead of maildir syncing itself. So, the biggest change in 1.0-test15 is a new fully functional superfast mbox code. If you can make it corrupt your mboxes I'd like to know about that. I haven't tested it too much yet, but I haven't seen corruption for a while anymore. Superfast as in: - Syncing and modifying the mbox is done in one integrated loop, no more passing through the whole mbox...
2007 Mar 05
Kolab: Can I use Dovecot instead of Cyrus?
According to support for the Kolab storage format was discussed in 2005. Has this support been added since then? I really don't like Cyrus and would prefer to use Dovecot for my groupware needs.
2010 Aug 05
mirrors down?
Just went to update a couple systems this morning, and first one machine took nearly 15 min to find the mirrors (and it should be getting it all from our own repo, actually), and then the next one showed about 8-10 mirrors down, including Harvard and VCU. Anyone know what's going on? mark
2006 Aug 03
Is Ferret the standard rails search engine?
Is Ferret the standard rails search engine? I''m looking to search the file system and MySQL. TextSearch is working fine for MySQL. Is Ferret the solution that most people are using for documents in the file system? Thanks. Greg -- Posted via
2006 Jun 19
fuzzy search
This may be offtopic to Rails, but what are people doing to find records based on fuzzy string matches? For example, if you wanted to find a Person with name "David Heinemeier Hansson" but searched using the string "Dave Hansson". Currently I am find_by_sql that calls the PostgreSQL function "levenshtein(string1, string2)" which returns results with a score
2006 May 17
How to implement full-text search with OR just like google?
The current full-text search will return the AND collection results,for example,if we use"aa bb"),then the articles that include "aa" and "bb" in the fields will be returned,how to return the articles that include "aa" OR "bb" effectly? A stumb method is to setup two queries respectly and collect them together with remove the
2011 Apr 04
rdma or tcp?
Is there a document with some guidelines for setting up bricks with tcp or rdma transport? I''m looking at a new deployment where the storage cluster hosts connect via 10GigE, but clients are on 1GigE. Over time, there will be 10GigE clients, but the majority will remain on 1GigE. In this setup, should the storage bricks use tcp or rdma? If tcp is the better choice, and at some point in
2011 Sep 01
CentOS 6.0 and 3ware 9650SE series RAID Performance
...lped a little Even after these optimizations it doesn't seem like the raid array is working as it should. After a few 1GB writes (dd from /dev/zero to the raid) kjournald runs for an hour and later writes are really slow. Not only that, using tw_cli is very slow ... whereas tw_cli is superfast if kjournald is not churning away. So it goes something like this * write one 1GB file (486 MB/s) * writes another (223 MB/s) * any writes before the 120s commit kicks in, is ~200MB/s * commit kicks in and kjournald starts churning * writes are all over the map - 6-85MB/s Maybe t...
2007 Oct 01
How to beat Google aka Xapian & Natural Language Processing.
Xapians! If tomorrow Xapian search engine would achieved the same performance and result in searches as Google we would not be able to beat Google, because we would create only a copy of the searches that already exists from Google search engine. However there is a way to beat anyone, and there is a way to beat Google successfully as well just do not give up. Some see it as implementing Ajax, or
2006 May 15
Ferret not able to read a Lucene Index?
Hi all, Having problems trying to get Ferret to read an index generated by Lucene. Am I right in thinking Ferret should be able to read a Lucene generated index no problem? Using the code snippets detailed in Any advice gratefully received. Many Thanks, Steven -- Posted via
2012 Feb 28
[LLVMdev] Proposed implementation of N3333 hashing interfaces for LLVM (and possible libc++)
...Size: 27596 bytes Desc: not available URL: <> -------------- next part -------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Testing superfast (Paul Hsieh's SuperFastHash) [[[ Speed Tests ]]] Bulk speed test - 262144-byte keys Alignment 0 - 0.558 bytes/cycle - 1206.82 MiB/sec @ 2.268 ghz Alignment 1 - 0.557 bytes/cycle - 1204.25 MiB/sec @ 2.268 ghz Alignment 2 - 0.558 bytes/cycle - 1207.09 MiB/sec @ 2.2...
2016 Aug 24
[Bug 97462] New: Graphics deadlock "ILLEGAL_MTHD" in nouveau with mesa version 11.2.2 when visiting Google Maps with firefox 49.0b5 QA Contact: xorg-team at When visiting Google Maps website from Firefox 49.0b5, the computer totally locks up. It becomes unresponsive, no keyboard input (not even leds) nor mouse activity from there on. If I press the power button, however, it *will* shut down in a superfast 5-6 minutes course. This must be the same problem as #33222 and #96802, more details added for reproducibility. Should you need any further information, please let me know. glxinfo excerpt: Extended renderer info (GLX_MESA_query_renderer): Vendor: nouveau (0x10de) Device: NVD9 (0x104a)...