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2018 Feb 21
alternative for multiple if_else statements
Hi, I am having trouble trying to figure out why if_else is behaving the way it is, it may be my code or the way the data is structured. Below is a snapshot of a database am working on and it represents a longitudinal survey of study participants in a trial with weekly follow up. The variable "survey_start" represents the start of the study-defined one year follow up (which we called
2018 Feb 22
alternative for multiple if_else statements
I don't fully understand the logic you are trying to implement, but something along the lines of foo <- cut(trialData$date, breaks = as.Date(c("2007-01-01", "2008-05-01", "2009-04-01", "2010-05-01",
2018 Feb 26
alternative for multiple if_else statements
That many ifelse statements is obviously rather a pain. Would you not have got what you want with ... paste("survey", year, sep="_") ? If that is not what you're looking for (eg because 'year' is the observation year and not the study start year), perhaps something that picks the minimum year for a subject or other relevant group might work? For example
2012 Sep 07
metafor package: study level variation
Hello. A quick question about incorporating variation due to study in the metafor package. I'm working with a particular data set for meta-analysis where some studies have multiple measurements. Others do not. So, let's say the effect I'm looking at is response to two different kinds of drug treatment - let's call their effect sizes T1 and T2. Some studies have multiple experiments measuring T1 and T2. Some have one of each. Some only have T1 o...
2017 Jun 29
Creating two groups of random numbers
Hi all, I want to create two groups of random numbers to calculate proportions. The first group is to represent the number of cases in a study. The second group is to represent the sample size of the study. Apparently, the sample size is going to have to be bigger or equal to the number of cases, but the sample size of a study is not necessarily greater than the number of cases of another study.
2006 Aug 17
How to sort child table on fields in the associated parent
For an Xray file system patients have folders and folders have studies. That is: patients folders studies id id id name patient_id folder_id ... label type ... ... The list of studies with their associated folder and patient might look like this: name fo...
2018 Feb 22
alternative for multiple if_else statements
Hi Kevin, I ran the code on the full data set and was able to reproduce the problem that you are facing. My guess is that you have an error in your intuition and/or logic, and that this relates to the use of the subscript [1]. Specifically, on the full dataset, the condition trialData$date[trialData$survey_start == "Y" & trialData$year == 2013 & trialData$site ==
2011 Jun 02
Paid R Help
Hello R people, I am looking to pay someone to help write some R code. Inputs: Study identifier: ID Number for the study, each ID number is for one study only each block set should only be used for that study. This will require that you store the results from the blocks someplace on the file system. Trait #1: dichotomous rural / urban Trait #2: dichotomous sick / healthy Assignment
2009 Mar 16
Would like to run PC Study Bible
Would like to run PC Study Bible ver. 2 from BibleSoft on Linux. Research has led me to WINE. I am new to Linux, have Mandriva 2009 installed. I just DL'ed WINE for Mandriva 2009, and got it going. I tried to install PC Study bible from CD, no dice. I then copied the entire contents of PC Study Bible folder from a windows computer to flash drive and copied it to Linux computer. Still
2013 Jan 18
longitudinal study
Hello R user, I have a data set from a longitudinal study ( sample below) where subjects are followed over time. Second column (status) contains info about if subject is dead or still in the study and third column is time measured in the week. Here is what I need: if status is not dead or unknown take the last week, if status is dead or unknown I need to have corresponding week. Desired resulst:
2006 Nov 09
Meta-regression with lmer() ? If so, how ?
...-regression as a way to refine meta-analytic results. What I want to do is to assess the impact of some fixed factors on the results of a meta-analysis. Some of them may be crossed with the main factor of the meta-analysis (e. g. clinical presentation of a disease, defining subgroups in each of the studies under analysis), some of them may be a grouping factor amond studies (e. g. study design characteristics). Homework : the R packages meta and Rmeta do not allow for multiple independent factors. Looking hard at R-help archives, I found one of my previous posts on this subject (which got me an answ...
2017 Jun 26
Classic fail-safe N
Hi all, I was conducting a meta-analysis of single proportions(i.e. without a control group) using the metafor package. When I performed a classic fail-safe N, I noticed that the result (the number of missing studies that would bring p-value to the alpha, to be exact)was different than that I got in Comprehensive Meta-Analysis Version 2.0. I wonder why R and CMA got different results. *Below is the R code:* dat=read.table("Your working directory\\Example.csv",header=T,sep=",") transf.ies=es...
2006 Jul 21
has_many :through and form parameters
Hi, The standard setup: class Task: has_many :studies, :class_name => "Study" has_many :datasets, :through => "studies" class Dataset: has_many :studies has_many :tasks, :through => ''studies'' class Study: belongs_to :task belongs_to :dataset Now, if I have an edit view for my Task, is it po...
2006 Apr 12
Any case studies available for RoR implementation?
Hi, I am doing a research project on application frameworks (specifically the evaluation and selection of) and Rails is one of the key frameworks I am evaluating. Does anyone know of any case studies on RoR out on the Internet? Is anyone prepared to write up a case study for me on a project that succeeded thanks to the structure and dynamism of Rails? Only needs to be 1 page. Anyone who provides a case study will get a citation in my research manuscript. Thanks, Larkin -------------- next par...
2005 Mar 03
Help for studying Asterisk source code
Hi Everyone, I am student and I have to study about the source code of Asterisk. I have downloaded asterisk and was able to install it on Red Hat Linux. My study is to go into the source code of asterisk and see how it works, how the asterisk works when anybody calls to it or when it makes a call which functions are called. I have to make a chart like which can explain how everything works.
2008 Oct 31
link_to submit form value 2
...', ''conseguito'', {:include_blank => true}%></td><td><%= text_field ''study'', ''voto''%></td></tr> </table> </div> <%=link_to "Aggiungi", { :controller => "studies", :action=> "create", :id_nominee =>, :study => @study}, :submit => ''study'', :html => { :method => :post} %> where in submit value of Link_to i''ve specified the div id. When i click on link_to no forms values are passed.......
2005 Mar 26
PC Study Bible
PC Study Bible 4.2B and 4.2C have problems with the menus which are severely vertically compressed. Screenshot of problem: I am using Fedora Core 3. I tried all the winehq WINE RPMs between December and March. I think I used sidenet (not winetools) to install IE. IE and other programs work OK.
2018 Feb 07
A Study on "Dependence capturing strength" of four Dependence Analyzers in LLVM on SPEC 2017 benchmarks
Hi, I am Adil Arun Dangui, a 3rd year B.Tech student at IIT Hyderabad with a CGPA of 9.17. I am interested in Compilers, Compiler Optimizations and excited about LLVM and Polly. I have some familiarity of LLVM structure as we studied it in the Compiler Engineering course at IITH. Here
2006 Apr 06
Look What 911 Will Cost in Canada
Check out the proposed prices when this is approved. BELL CANADA REPORT ON THE ECONOMIC EVALUATION FOR THE TARIFF REVISION OF Bell Canada's Access Services Tariff Item 315 ? Zero-Dialed Emergency Call Routing Service (0-ECRS) *2 March 2006 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1.0 GENERAL 3 1.1 Purpose of the Study 3 2.0 SERVICE DESCRIPTION 3 2.1 Service Characteristics 3 2.2
2009 Aug 13
metafor random effects meta-analysis
...perform a meta-analysis in which I initially calculate the intercept of the model with a nested random-effects structure. In lme, this would be model<- lme(v3~1, random=~1|species/study, weights = varFixed(~Wt), method = "REML") where multiple effects sizes are measured for some studies and more than one study exists for some species. I would like to treat species as a random effect rather than a fixed effect if possible. I understand that lme will not give me the correct weighted answer (something to do with not being able to fix the variances at the lowest level?) so that I sh...