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2008 Apr 14
Vegan R^2 and tau values for metaMDS
I am using the function metaMDS with jaccard distances to ordinate a set of constituent by site matrix. I can post this data if it would be helpful, but it is large to include in an email. I can also provide reproducable code if necessary. I would like to get an R^2 value for the axes of the ordination configuration that I get with metaMDS in the vegan package is there a way to do this- is it
2010 Jul 22
interpretation of stress in NMDS
Among those users of Primer, stress values greater than 0.3 are interpreted as "questionable". Using both isoMDS and metaMDS (vegan package), the stress values returned are much higher using my own data and using examples provided in R Help. For example Rstress = 8.3, and the stressplot r2 = 0.99 indicating (to me) that the ordination is OK. I am guessing that the "stress" values across packages are not the same, and googling about has not returned a satisfactory answer ... thus this posting. My concern being that reporting a stress value of 8 for what I consider a sati...