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2008 Jan 18
more help needed Re: communicate from Rterm
...tryCatch examples with real handlers. I could not get much out of the examples in the help file. Thanks everybody ----Original Message---- From: ripley at Date: 01/11/2008 12:31 To: "Duncan Murdoch"<murdoch at> Cc: "stephen bond"<stenka1 at>, <r-help at> Subj: Re: [R] communicate from Rterm I think the confusion may be the assumption that Microsoft's use of 'shell' has anything to do with 'shell' as used in the Unix/POSIX world. For MinGW C executables (like Rterm.exe), redi...
2009 Apr 01
Need Advice on Matrix Not Positive Semi-Definite with cholesky decomposition
Dear fellow R Users: I am doing a Cholesky decomposition on a correlation matrix and get error message the matrix is not semi-definite. Does anyone know: 1- a work around to this issue? 2- Is there any approach to try and figure out what vector might be co-linear with another in thr Matrix? 3- any way to perturb the data to work around this? Thanks for any suggestions.
2008 Jan 11
communicate from Rterm
Please, help with announcing an error from Rterm: I am calling R from an Excel VBA and noticed that if there is an error nothing conspicuous happens. I would like just a popup window when R cannot finish cleanly. The "ret " value returned from Shell is useless in determining what happened. Thank you all. ***************************** Public Sub Repo() ds = InputBox("Type in
2009 May 14
text() to label points in ggplot
is there a way to label points in a graph using text(locator(1),"text") after ggplot() or qplot() ? > qplot(date, psavert, data = economics, geom = "line",main="jhdjd")->p > p+opts(text(locator(1),"HHHH"),new=T) does not work. -- View this message in context:
2009 Apr 01
回复: R-help Digest, Vol 73, Issue 32
...Elaine Jones)   80. Re: Can I read a file into my workspace from       (Duncan Murdoch)   81. Re: use R Group SFBA April meeting reminder; video of Feb k       ( (Ted Harding))   82. Re: use R Group SFBA April meeting reminder; video of Feb k       (Rolf Turner)   83. RMySQL compile (   84. Re: advice for alternative to barchart ( (Ted Harding))   85. To save Trellis Plots on A3 size paper (Portrait and       Landscape) (Debabrata Midya)   86. Re: two monitors (Felipe Carrillo)   87. Re: what is R equivalent of Fortran DOUBLE PRECISION ?       (Steven McKinney)   88. How...
2007 Oct 02
using sprintf with dates
hello, Please help with using sprintf with character variables: The following does not produce what i intended foot=function(){ str1=format(Sys.Date,"%Y%m%d") sprintf("99%-4s%s","nm",str1) } I wanted to have "99nm 20071002" as the output.
2007 Sep 19
is there a straigthforward way to get the holidays for Toronto ? like the function for NYSE e.g. the timeDate class says that setting a finCenter will give the right holidays, but how? thank you very much. stephen
2008 Jul 14
dll problem
I am trying to load a dll compiled with the latest cygwin into R 2.7.0 R version 2.7.0 (2008-04-22) Copyright (C) 2008 The R Foundation for Statistical Computing ISBN 3-900051-07-0 I have: Sys.getenv("Path") Path