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2020 Feb 07
doveadm backup -R -m -s not picking up a new message
...n't ?doveadm backup? sync the new message? > (Message number 24118, UID 24289, ESMTP ID 48CjYx6xvmzWp) I've grepped around and found two potentially relevant bits of code: 1. dsync_mailbox_tree_get_selectable() calls mailbox_get_status(?, STATUS_UIDVALIDITY | STATUS_UIDNEXT, ?) without STATUS_HIGHESTMODSEQ. 2. imapc_mailbox_get_selected_status() silently ignores the STATUS_HIGHESTMODSEQ flag. Could either of these be related? (I haven't had time to do a debug build to investigate further myself.) Cheers, Daniel
2020 Feb 06
doveadm backup -R -m -s not picking up a new message
Good morning, I use ?doveadm backup -R -m foo -s $state? to create a local mirror of an imapc remote folder. When I run that command, wait for it to finish, deliver a new message to the remote folder, and run that command again, the new message does not get downloaded from the remote. I'll attach the rawlog, doveconf, etc at the end. Allow me first to summarize what I've already