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2013 Feb 03
[PATCH 2/3] drm/nv40/therm: reset temperature sensor on init
Current uninitialized sensor detection does not work for me on nv4b and sensor returns crazy values (>190?C). It stabilises later, but it's too late - therm code shutdowns the machine... Let's just reset it on init. Signed-off-by: Marcin Slusarz <marcin.slusarz at> --- drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/core/subdev/therm/nv40.c | 12 +++++++++++- 1 file changed, 11 insertions...
2008 Jun 17
GXW 4108 asterisk configuration
Dear, I''m having problems with the configuration of this gateway(GrandStream GXW 4108), I used the instructions from GrandStream but it doesn''t work. Someone has a good configuration for this gateway? Thanks in advance, Nelson -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2007 Mar 14
Fastthread memory leak?
...when using the sample code, but if I require "fastthread" before "thread" using fastthread ( then I see the app bleeding memory. Here is the output from that program linked above (with time added in): Using require "thread" Max memory: 76.1 mb - climbed then stabilised after first "waiting" message Output: Starting threads waiting for 1000 threads waiting for 713 threads waiting for 407 threads waiting for 34 threads Threads gone. 67 seconds Using require "fastthread"; require "thread" Max memory: 163 mb - continued to climb, never...
2008 Jul 03
Fwd: [fprint] libusb-1.0 enters beta
I've missed that one, already a month ago! investigation needed... -- Arnaud ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Daniel Drake <dsd at> Date: 2008/5/26 Subject: [fprint] libusb-1.0 enters beta To: fprint at Hi, libusb-1.0 has entered beta.
2009 Mar 12
Alternatives to cman+clvmd ?
...his combination seems to be horribly unreliable. Any network hiccup more than a lost ping or two results in cman losing contact with the rest of the machines, which it frequently does not regain. For example, failing one of the bonded NICs usually takes few seconds for everything to ''stabilise'' again on the network, but in that time cman has lost contact with all the other nodes and often killed itself (or bits of itself) in the process. Further, I have found I often have to reboot the machine completely to convince everything to start talking nicely again (why this is so,...
2005 Sep 15
xen and 64 bit host OSes
Hi, I understand that 64-bit support for xen (from the side of host OSes) will be a little late, so i have a couple of questions: 1) Can i install a x86 32-bit xen kernel on x86_64 pc, without problems? 2)If i install a x86_64 xen kernel, can i run 32-bit host OSes on it? I know little about Xen, so i''d like to clear these out. Thanks
2013 Jul 27
[Bug 67382] New: [nouveau, nv50] linux 3.9.7-3.10.3: Xorg won't be available Priority: medium Bug ID: 67382 Assignee: nouveau at Summary: [nouveau, nv50] linux 3.9.7-3.10.3: Xorg won't be available QA Contact: xorg-team at Severity: normal Classification: Unclassified OS:
1997 Aug 21
R-beta: problem with gee() with singletons
...of inferences from GEE, which doesn't depend on the working correlation matrix. It may mean lower efficiency in some cases. A more complete description of the problem is given by the author of the S library at As soon as the S code stabilises I will redo the port to R. Thomas Lumley ------------------------------------------------------+------ Biostatistics : "Never attribute to malice what : Uni of Washington : can be adequately explained by : Box 357232 : incompetence" - Hanlon's Razor : Seattle WA 98195-7232 :...
2003 Feb 24
fsync() and data=journal behaviour
...o stage sync" for 2.5 in the archives for this list. Does this mean that this behaviour is likely to change with 2.6? Failing that is some API available in place of fsync() which would flush data through to the journal? Unrelated: Does anyone have a feel for when the htree stuff is likely to stabilise? I see that it went into the first beta for Redhat 8.1, but was pulled later. TIA, -- David Carter Email: University Computing Service, Phone: (01223) 334502 New Museums Site, Pembroke Street, Fax: (01223) 334679 Cambridge...
2001 Dec 25
hm ...
About two weeks ago i was whining about an inode that got lost, now i'm going to whine more about strange things happening here. A matroxfb just oopsed on me (thats not strange), the machine got unusuable, so i logged in from another and got the idea to touch /forcefsck. Upon reboot, fsck said that some inodes are in use but have dtime set and that some files are illegal sockets. Now this
2007 Feb 19
Bug#411507: xen-3.0: New upstream version
Package: xen-3.0 Severity: wishlist Please, update to xen 3.0.4. It has many bugfixes. This is largely an opportunistic stabilising release for HVM guests, due to the large amount of work in that area of the code since 3.0.3. These enhancements have in particular improved support for SMP and ACPI Linux and Windows operating systems. Other highlights of this release include: - support for
2006 Nov 01
Sorry guys, real life hit hard and I''ve been unavailable. Do you want me to upload the 0.0.37 binary gem for Windows or just scrap it for now? I am also concerned that I didn''t get a good build on Linux yet. I was excited that I had a version running but realized that somehow it was building with debug versions of wxGTK. Once I got the release version installed properly
2010 Aug 17
maks is going to be co-maintainer of klibc
Hi all, I wanted everyone to know that maximilian attems, of lower case fame ;) has foolishly^Wgraciously agreed to become co-maintainer of klibc. Hopefully this should let me spend more of the klibc development time I can squeeze out on productizing improvements, with maks concentrating on the ongoing maintenance work. maks of course has done most of the footwork for the last several
2012 Oct 05
2.0.2 klibc release
This release continues to stabilise the stdio codebase. It has fixes for latest linux 3.6, a sync to latest dash and of course several arm fixes. Thank you all. Bill Pringlemeir (1): [klibc] [PATCH] fix ARM longjmp with zero 'val'. Christoph Mathys (1): [klibc] [BUILTIN] Add support for ulimit -r Colin Watso...
2007 Oct 31
Am I missing something with Heckle?
Hi I can''t get heckle working. In fact, I''ve built an example so simple that it either shows a bug, or I am being really, REALLY stupid. Heckle does not appear to support RSpec directly, so I''m trying to use spec --heckle (RSpec trunk as of 10 mins ago, Heckle 1.4.1). I''ve constructed this pair of sample files: 18> ~/Desktop/heckle_test
2004 Sep 01
IPSEC VPN clients on local network
I have problems connecting IPSEC VPN clients on the masqueraded network to outside VPN servers. It looks like this: ipsec-user | (DHCP assigned) | | fw-1 (shorewall, Linux 2.6) | (internet) | fw-2 (IPSEC VPN endpoint) | | | server ipsec-user (a road warrior) is supposed to create an IPSEC tunnel to his home
2001 Jan 05
Announcing ext3-0.0.5e
...ranoid debugging checks to change the panics into warnings whenever we have checks which can trigger in real life if the disk gets corrupted. I want to move to a freeze of this development code a week or so after 0.0.6. I'll move to a 0.9 numbering at that point to indicate that this is to be stabilised for an ext3-1.0 as soon as possible, which means basically that as much testing as possible would be appreciated, so I'll be doing RPMs for the kernel as of 0.0.6. Once the dirty-buffer, quota and IO checking is in, consider this a functionality freeze for 1.0. If anybody has other functio...
2017 Dec 06
[6.0.0 Release] Scheduling the release
Hello everyone, It's time to start making plans for the 6.0.0 release. Following our regular schedule, the branch would occur about two weeks into January, on Wednesday 17 January 2018, with the goal of shipping early March. This is the schedule I would propose. However, one large consumer of the branch has asked if we could start earlier this time, branching on 3 January instead (not
2007 May 29
Is is possible to use the latest changeset and old linux kernel?
Hi, I tried to use the latest changeset of xen-unstable with an old linux kernel (, because some of my codes are developed based on that Linux version. It seems that 2.6.18 changes quite a bit interfaces from I set the "LINUX_VER =" in the file "buildconfigs/mk.linux-2.6-xen". When I did "make world", the xen builder did
2005 Jul 19
More wxruby-swig changes
I just checked in several changes from Sean Long that should make wxruby-swig work with wx 2.6 as well as 2.5. I also committed his changes to extconf.rb. But could someone please explain to me why anyone would prefer to use extconf.rb instead of rake? It just seems like one more piece of code to maintain, and I don''t like extra code. Sean: The other diffs in the patch you sent were