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2012 Sep 08
Can I make spss.get reencode from Windows-1252?
Hi all. I have an SPSS file that I'm loading into R with the Hmisc spss.get function. The trouble is that the SPSS file uses the Windows-1252 character set (which I think is the default for SPSS on Windows) instead of plain-ol' Latin-1, and since spss.get doesn't allow me to pass the "reencode" opti...
2005 Nov 21
SPSS and R – do they like each other?
Hi, I wonder how well SPSS and R communicate, because I need SPSS but would like to do some data manipulations in R. However I am very afraid of never ending import-export-complications ? especially with all those labels and extra information my SPSS files contain. My data come from SPSS and have to be exported to SPSS again...
2004 Mar 12
still spss
hi again, i still cannot open the file in spss :( i type: library(foreign) read.spss("H:\\Desktop\\bd1\\experiencia1") and the error comes: Error in read.spss("H:\\Desktop\\bd1\\experiencia1") : unable to open file can you help me? margarida,portugal
2006 Jan 11
SPSS and R ? do they like each other?
... and is there also such a nice tool (like spss.get) for exporting data frames to SPSS? write.table does not keep the data frame labels - neither did the other exporting tools that I found. Thanks! Michael [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2006 Jul 31
read.spss 'error reading system-file header'
When I try to import an spss sav file with read.spss() I am getting the following error 'Error in read.spss("X:\\xxxx.sav") : error reading system-file header' and the import process is aborted. I have tried in v. 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 The sav-file loads without problems in spss v14 I have tried saving in older...
2004 Jul 26
Read SPSS data (*.sav) in R 1.8.0 (ok) and R1.9.1(error)
Hallo! I read SPSS data in the following way: library(Hmisc) library(foreign) dat<-spss.get("surv_abb.sav") In R1.9.1 I got the message: "Error in all(arg == choices) : Object "typeDate" not found" In R1.8.0 the same script works fine. Does anybody know a possibilty to read a SPSS...
2012 Feb 15
read.spss issues
Someone supplied me with a small SPSS datafile that caused a buffer overflow and then a crash when reading it in R. It seems like a pretty serious issue to me. Unfortunately I can't supply the dataset at hand and I have a hard time reproducing it with a toy example. But I found at least 2 issues that might be related. The first on...
2010 Sep 28
Problema con read.spss
Hola, Tengo problemas a la hora de cargar un archivo que originalmente está en SPSS. Trabajo con Fedora y uso R mediante el plugin Rgedit en gedit. Además en Fedora no tengo SPSS, sino PSPP Para cargar el archivo he probado estas dos cosas (escribo también el mensaje de error que me genera R): >library_(foreign) >read.spss("guille.sav", = T) Error e...
2012 Dec 03
How to read SPSS file in R
Dear R-users, I have som troubles with .sav file. How is it possible for us R-users to read SPSS files. I know that is possible, I tried the following: > library(foreign) > Corp<-read.spss("/Users/kama/Analysis/Corporation.sav", header=TRUE, > sep=",") Error in read.spss("/Users/kama/Analysis/Corporation.sav", head...
2007 Jan 26
spss.get. Warning with SPSS 14 dataset
I am using spss.get to import an SPSS database "Data.sav", created with SPSS 14 : df1 <- spss.get("C:/temp/Data.sav" , lowernames=TRUE, datevars = c("dateinte")) I am getting this warning. I get the same warning with read.spss. Warning message: C:/temp...
2009 Jun 09
SECOND MESSAGE: Re: Question about R an SPSS
Sent: Sunday, June 07, 2009 5:43 PM Subject: Question about R an SPSS Dears Sirs: Venables, Smith and R-Development Core Team I am reading about the functional features of R statistical software, because I want to compare these progarm with the basic module of SPSS software. I would like to know if the R version 2.9.0 application is capable of rea...
2005 May 28
read.spss trouble
Hello! I'm not sure if this is an german list, so I will post in english. I'm using R on my gentoo linux and now I got an spss .sav file. I found that r has a function like read.spss("file.sav") but when I try this I get the Error: couldn't find function "read.spss". Can anyone tell me what's going wrong? Thanks for your help, Martin
2007 Apr 29
impossible to open SPSS file
Hi, I try to import a SPSS file with foreign but don't succeed. I looked into the help pages but find no answer. The file has been produced with SPSS 15 but I got the same error with a file in SPSS portable format. mydata<-read.spss("C:\Rdata\ESS1_ICT.SAV") Erreur dans read.spss("C:RdataESS1_ICT.SAV&qu...
2007 Oct 02
R routines vs. MATLAB/SPSS Routines data, manipulation and classical stats analyses) to my fellow grad students at the University of Toronto. I sent out a mass email and have already received some positive responses. One student, however, wanted to know what differentiates the routines that R uses, from those that MATLAB and SPSS use. In other words, in what respects do R routines work faster/more efficiently/more accurately than those of MATLAB/SPSS. I thank you in advance for any answer you can give me (or rather, the inquiring student). Cheers, Matthew Dubins
2009 Jan 07
Importing data from SPSS with Arabic encoding
Dear R-users, I'm facing a problem with the import of data in R. I have a sav file that, I presume, uses some Arabic encoding (but I don't know which one) and I would like to read it with R. When I use the function read.spss (I also tried spss.get(Hmisc)), I get the following message: > read.spss("Hhld.sav") Erreur dans read.spss("Hhld.sav") : erreur ? la lecture de l'ent?te du fichier syst?me De plus : Warning message: In read.spss("Hhld.sav") : Hhld.sav : position 0 : le nom d...
2008 Nov 24
how to read .sps (SPSS file extension)?
Hi everyone, I'm trying to import .sps (SPSS portable file) file. the read.spss function (library foreign) doesn't allow to import such files. should I import in spss and then save as sav file? there is not other solutions available? what I mostly like from spss file is that they have variable labels. want is really wish to keep are the v...
2009 Oct 19
Import SPSS file to R
Hello,   In R, How to read SPSS file and access the data item? Thank you. Regards, Suman Kundu [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2006 Aug 02
read.spss and umlaut
Hello When I read a SPSS *.por file with read.spss everything after a umlaut is missing: > library("foreign") > spssdaten <- read.spss("projets.por") > attr(spssdaten$PROJETX, "value.labels")[1:20] Bg Stammzellenforschung Bb...
2006 May 11
Now another question regarding the Foreign package
Hi, Because I'm new to R and trying to move off of SPSS, I have another question. I downloaded the "Foreign" package which I understand reads in various datasets from programs such as SPSS and SAS. There isn't much documentation that I can find regarding the specifics of this in the online docs, but I assume that it is like read.table....
2017 Aug 06
SPSS R Factor v2.4.2
I am not an R-Head, hence I use nice utilities that integrate R into SPSS I have SPSS v24, R3.20 and R3.40 I have run IBM SPSS R Integration which requires linking to R3.20 I have installed R Factor v2.4.2 This package requires 'polycor' library Unfortunately, 'polycor' does not exist in R3.20 DATASET ACTIVATE DataSet1. *M?rio Basto, Jos? Manuel Pereira,...