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2010 Aug 03
This is a question of clarification. IN 2009 Higgins, Thompson and Spiegelhalter (J R Statist Soc A 172:137-159) gave WinBUGs code to get credible intervals from random effects meta analysis for the prediction interval of a new study. It appears that the predict.rma function creates approximate credible intervals (pending a function revision by the author) for that purpose. I...
2007 Apr 03
Calculating DIC from MCMC output
Greetings all, I'm a newcomer to Bayesian stats, and I'm trying to calculate the Deviance Information Criterion "by hand" from some MCMC output. However, having consulted several sources, I am left confused as to the exact terms to use. The most common formula can be written as DIC = 2*Mean(Deviance over the whole sampled posterior distribution) - Deviance(Mean
2010 Dec 13
Multivariate binary response analysis
Greetings ~ I need some assistance determining an appropriate approach to analyzing multivariate binary response data, and how to do it in R. The setting: Data from an assay, wherein 6-hours-post-fertilization zebrafish embryos (n=20, say) are exposed in a vial to a chemical (replicated 3 times, say), and 5 days later observed for the presence/absence (1/0) of defects in several organ