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2006 Jan 19
I can''t figure out how to solve this one
I am creating an application to run a fishing tournament (see http:// for a little background) Now I am running into an issue trying to calculate a leader board. each participate can enter multiple fish but only the largest fish per a given species counts towards the overall score. My entries table looks like this: +-------------+--------------+------+-----+--------------------- +----------------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-------------+--------------+------+-----+---------------...
2010 Nov 04
Sorting data from one column with strings
Hello, I have tried to find this out some other way, but unsuccessful I have to try this list. I assume this should be quite simple. I have a dataset with 4 columns, "Sample_no", "Species", "Nitrogen", "Carbon" in csv format. In the species column I have many different species with varying number of obs per species Eg "Sample_no" "Species" "Nitrogen" "Carbon" 1 Cod 15.2 -19.0 2 Haddock 14.8 -20.2 3 Cod 15.6 -...
2010 Jun 09
question about "mean"
Hi there: I have a question about generating mean value of a data.frame. Take iris data for example, if I have a data.frame looking like the following: --------------------- Sepal.Length Sepal.Width Petal.Length Petal.Width Species 1 5.1 3.5 1.4 0.2 setosa 2 4.9 3.0 1.4 0.2 setosa 3 4.7 3.2 1.3 0.2 setosa . . ....
2019 Mar 12
Reordenar una matriz con caracteres en cada celda
Hola, tengo una matriz de especies donde cada celda tiene datos con caracteres (son parentesis). Cómo la puedo reordenar considerando tanto filas como columnas? Ejemplo: ,Specie 1, Specie2, Specie3 Specie1, NA, 3(1-4), 8(6-9) Specie2, 5(2-6),NA, 5(4-6) Specie3, 2(1-3), 10(5-15), NA Quiero: ,Specie 2, Speci...
2011 Mar 07
species projected in a ordiplot
Dear all, I'm performing a detrended correspondence analysis on vascular plant community data (296 species), and I have a question on the species scores projected in the ordination diagram. When I run a ordiplot all species are projected in the output graph, but I'd like to restrict the number of species plotted in the final graph. Some species are so rare in the data, that no relevant information i...
2013 Sep 27
Compare species presence and absence between sites
Dear List, I want to compare the presence and absence of bird species based on the sites in a matrix. The matrix has 5 rows for Island A, B, C, D, and E. It has 100 columns for bird species D001-D100. In each cell of the matrix, the presence-absence of bird species will be recorded as 1 or 0. (For example, if species D001 is found on Island D, the matrix cell o...
2013 Apr 29
expanding a presence only dataset into presence/absence
Hello, I'm working with a very large dataset (250,000+ lines in its' current form) that includes presence only data on various species (which is nested within different sites and sampling dates). I need to convert this into a dataset with presence/absence for each species. For example, I would like to expand "My current data" to "Desired data": My current data Species Site Date a 1 1 b 1 1 b 1 2 c 1 3 De...
2010 Mar 09
ctree - party package multivariate response variables
Hi, I have a problem with ctree of party package. I have data on distribution of more than one species (about 50 species) and I would like identify the relation of this multivariate object (species distribution) with a number of explanatory variables. rs is the name of my dataframe containing the species (columns from 2 to 51) and the explanatory variables (columns 52 and 53). Rows are my sampling...
2010 Aug 14
discerning species by color in cca biplot
Dear List, I am running constrained correspondence analysis for abundance data of 7 birds. However, I would like to check which bird prefers which environment gradient by showing the species with different colors of the dots in cca plot (package vegan). Please kindly help and thank you Elaine [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2006 Jan 19
NOOB: Using locals to pass data to a SQL query;td><%= link_to ''Delete'', { :action => ''destroy'', :id => entry }, :confirm => ''Are you sure?'' %></td> </tr> <% end %> Model: def self.mine find_by_sql("select,, length,species.multiplier*length as score,caught_on from entries join species on species_id = where user_id = ? order by score DESC", myfish) end Basically I am trying to get the current value of session[:user].id into the find_by_sql query. Any pointers? - B...
2013 Mar 02
caret pls model statistics, I wanted to see if I could accomplish this with the caret package. I use the following code: library(caret) data(iris) #needed to convert to numeric in order to do regression #I don't fully understand this but if I left as a factor I would get an error following the summary function iris$Species=as.numeric(iris$Species) inTrain1=createDataPartition(y=iris$Species, p=.75, list=FALSE) training1=iris[inTrain1,] testing1=iris[-inTrain1,] ctrl1=trainControl(method="cv", number=10) plsFit2=train(Species~., data=training1, method="pls", trControl=ctr...
2012 Dec 16
averaging X of specific Y (latitude)
Hello I have a table describing butterfly range traits. It is composed of three columns as below Species name range size (X) latitude of range midpoint (Y) There are 11 kinds of butterflies. Each has its range size, and the latitude of each range midpoint ranges from 9 to 19. I would like to have the average range size of every degree of latitude. For example, the average range size of latit...
2010 Sep 29
What's the meaning of "Species ~ ." in IRIS data
I am refering to a function call like this: >data(iris) >x <- svmlight(Species ~ ., data = iris) I tried to see the content of it by typing: > Species ~ . but it gives nothing. How can I see it's content ? - P.Dubois
2007 Aug 13
Error message when using zero-inflated count regression model in package zicounts
I have data on number of vines per tree for ~550 trees. Over half of the trees did not have any vines and the data is fairly skewed (median = 0, mean = 1.158, 3rd qu. = 1.000). I am attempting to investigate whether plot location (four sites), species (I'm using only the four most common species), or tree dbh has a significant influence on the number of vines per tree. When I attempted to use the zicounts function, R gave me the following error message: ><-zicounts(resp=Total.vines~.,x=~Site+Species+DBH,z=~Site +Spe...
2013 Jun 05
reshape2 issue continued
Hi again all, Several replied ASAP that I also needed reshape loaded and not just reshape2. Hmmm tried that and I had some output but not the correct format. What I need is to run simulations of time overlap between species as per the simulation program data input constraints: The basis for the simulations is a species by _time-use matrix in which species are arranged in rows, and time intervals are arranged chronologically in columns.___ TimeOverlap only uses text tab-delimited files with no headings for columns...
2013 May 14
Post hoc test for GLM with poisson distribution
...eriments to evaluated the seeds germination of two palms under four levels of water treatments. I conducted a generalized linear model (GLM) with a Poisson distribution to verify whether there were significant differences in the number of seed germination (NS-count variable) between treatments and species (explanatory variables). Thus, my model and output were: model1<-glm(NS~Treatments*Species, family="poisson") Coefficients: Estimate Std. Error z value Pr(>|z|) (Intercept) 2.56247 0.57544 4.453 8.46e-06 *** Treatments...
2013 Apr 11
Ordination Plotting: Warning: Species scores not available
Hi, I am working with a species-by-trait .csv file (columns=traits, rows=species) and get the following warning message when trying to plot results of both metaMDS and pcoa:  "Warning message: In ordiplot(x, choices = choices, type = type, display = display,  :   Species scores not available" I am using a Gower's...
2005 Jul 06
Help: Mahalanobis distances between 'Species' from iris
Dear R list, I'm trying to calculate Mahalanobis distances for 'Species' of 'iris' data as obtained below: Squared Distance to Species From Species: Setosa Versicolor Virginica Setosa 0 89.86419 179.38471 Versicolor 89.86419 0 17.20107 Virginica 179.38471 17.20107 0 This distances above were obtained wit...
2006 May 23
transpose dataset to PC-ORD?
Hello: I need to take a species-sample matrix and transpose it to the format used by PC-ORD for analysis. Unfortunately, the number of species is very large (>5000), and so this operation cannot be performed simply in an application like Excel, which has a 255 column limit. So, I wrote relatively simple code in R that I ho...
2004 May 26
2 way repeated measures ANOVA using R: syntax and reporting question
Dear Friends I have a technical question about conducting 2 way repeated measures ANOVA analysis using R. 1. Data set: repeated measurement of activity over night (2 hr. intervals) repeated (within subject)factor: Hours Between subject: Species, Sex Dependent variables: specimens Here is how the data arranged for the analysis: Subject Replicate Hour Sp. Specimens 1 1 1 a 2 1 1 a 3 1 1 b 4 1 1 b 5 2 1 a 6 2 1 a 7 2 1 b 8 2 1 b 1 1 2 a 2 1 2 a 3 1 2 b...