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2009 Oct 06
Move messages marked as Spam
Hello I have implemented recently in my work bogofilter utility to mark messages as Spam or Ham, currently is working perfectly, but I want to move those messages marked as spam to a folder called spam. I installed dovecot-sieve with the intention of using fileinto to accomplish this. my question is: where I put this: require "fileinto"; if header :contains "X-Bogosity"
2007 Oct 09
SpamAssassin and Public Namespace
Hi I know i might get flamed for asking this in the dovecot mailing list instead of the spamassassin one but i thought someone might be kind enough to help anyway. TIA I''m trying to do site-wide spam filtering with a public namespace but it''s not reading the folder i have in the public namespace This is the public namespace set in my dovecot.conf #public spam folder
2013 Nov 18
Calling dovecot-lda from maildrop/shell
Hello, I want to make final delivery for some of my mailboxes using dovecot-lda, since I''m interested in using sieve. My usual MDA which is called from postfix is and will be maildrop. First try was to call dovecot-lda from command line: /usr/lib/dovecot/dovecot-lda -d < testmail which gave return code 75 (EX_TEMPFAIL) and logged: dovecot:
2008 Jan 29
sa learning from an imap spam folder
Hello, I am sorry if I am writing to a wrong list because honestly I do not know where to write but I would like to be able to set up sa-learn via cron to learn from spam folder of a particular email account (via IMAP). Can anyone share how to do it? Is dovecot involved in it? I am using: Exim 4.69 Dovecot 1.0.10 p5-Mail-SpamAssassin-3.2.1 Thanks a lot for helping. Zbigniew Szalbot
2002 Sep 15
SPAM: -------------------- Start SpamAssassin results ---------------------- SPAM: This mail is probably spam. The original message has been altered SPAM: so you can recognise or block similar unwanted mail in future. SPAM: See for more details. SPAM: SPAM: Content analysis details: (14.1 hits, 5 required) SPAM: INCREASE_SOMETHING (0.4 points)
2012 Jul 16
installing spam package is failing (spam_0.29-1)
The primary error seems to be: "Creating a new generic function for "diff" in "spam" Error in setGeneric(f, where = where) : must supply a function skeleton, explicitly or via an existing function" And the full output follows. Any thoughts on what may be happening and/or how to work around the problem? Thanks! >
2013 Jul 12
SpamAssassin under CentOS-6.4
I wonder if anyone is actually running SpamAssassin with Postfix/Amavisd-new under CentOS-6.4 . I have followed the instructions in <> but as far as I can see SpamAssassin is not working. I should say that I do not understand from this document what is meant to happen to spam. I understand that a Spam header is added, but what
2012 Feb 11
Spam spam spam spam....
On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 14:44, Jay Chulani <> wrote: > Mother effin spammers! By quoting it in full, you''ve just given the jerk more free advertising, and used more of our bandwidth, cluttering our list of messages, with a message full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Engage brain before fingers, and TRIM YOUR @#$%^* QUOTES!
2007 Aug 28
dovecot dspam plugin using libdspam
Hi, I''ve found the dovecot dspam plugin and looked at the code. I forks and calls the dspam binary for every mail. I didn''t like this behavior, so I''ve migrated it to use libdspam. The plugin still needs more love: * Use cmake instead of a Makefile * Make the spam folder configurable in the dovecot.conf * Code cleanup and more comments. Please test. Comments and
2004 May 12
How do fix a good solution against spam..
Heya folks First of all, sorry if this isn''t the correct list, but yet, I think spam is a kind of network attack and should be treated as a security issue.. I run a working mail server using Postfix, MySQL, Courier-IMAP, SpamAssassin and ClamAV (amavisd-new) .. I''ve checked the configuration file for SpamAssassin, but yet I havn''t find any good solution for spam..
2007 Jul 28
Shared mailboxes (maildir, symlinks) and permissions
Hello list, I am trying to set up a public mailbox for users to put spam in so that sa-learn can do its job at night. Only I can''t seem to fully understand how and which permissions should be set. I''ve read [1] and am using Dovecot 1.0.1. First some background information: I do not host or care (at the moment) about virtual users or virtual mail hosting. All users have
2008 Jan 18
Spam Protection
I was disgruntled with the amount of spam I was getting, so I started setting up accounts for the various mailing lists I listen to. I use rspec at to read the mail here. Along with the rspec news that comes over this channel, I''m getting more and more spam addressed to this same account, which means that the open way this list passes around email addresses is
2007 Aug 01
Me llega mucho spammmmm
Hola, estoy usando Centos 4.4 con sendmail y me llega demasiado spam... al menos 50 en el d?a, que debo hacer para que no me llegue tanto spam... que debo configurar... gracias. -- Gracias. Atentamente, Carlos Arturo Trujillo Silva Ingeniero de Sistemas -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2006 Jan 04
Rails Wiki gets hit by the spam bots
I was just looking over the open source projects page on the rails wiki today, when I noticed it had gotten hit with several paragraphs of asian wiki spam. It looks like nearly all of today''s revisions were spam. When I was going through and deleting the spam, I found on some pages earlier english spam stuck in lists or divs using css''s display: none or height: 1 to hide
2010 Jul 19
Spam on Lighthouse
There''s been an increasing amount of spam comments on tickets in the Rails LH. Tender ticket is here: I''ve been going through and *deleting* spam comments, as the "Mark As Spam" button appears to simply hide the comment but leave active, Google-followable links live on the page. Once a comment
2007 Jan 05
[OT] too much spam, goodbye
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 For all the talk I hear about how good gmail is at blocking spam, you''d think the spam problem coming from googlegroups would be an easy fix. I think I''ll just watch from the forum. I love rails, but spam annoys me more. David Morton Maia Mailguard
2008 Mar 04
Rejecting spam
Sorry, not a direct CentOS question, but I know there''s a lot of experienced users on this list...I''m using CentOS with sendmail and spamassassin. I''ve got it configured with spamass-milter and it is working correctly. However, I was expecting to be able to reject mail that is marked as spam, not just deliver it as usual. Anyone know if it can be done and how? I
2004 Sep 29
More on Anti-spam measures
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 The list server at is seeing a small but steady stream of quaranteened messages from anti-spam software that is asking the list server to respond and thus register itself as a legitimate source of email. I also receive these requests personally. Here''s an example: -
2006 Feb 02
How to get all selected rows in the mutli-selection listbox?
Hi, I have created a multiple selection listbox with rails, when I try to get the rows selected by user, rails send back only the first one, how can I get the other selected rows???? I created the listbox with the following function: select_tag("form__list1", options_for_select(["A","B","C","D"], selected = "A"), html_options =
2012 Aug 01
Erroneous operation not permitted when deleting mailbox with mdbox
I''m seeing the following error in our logs when removing mailboxes (we are using mdbox and dovecot 2.1.8): Aug 1 20:03:36 msgsrv dovecot: imap(test at Error: stat(/mailstore/domains/ failed: Operation not permitted Aug 1 20:03:36 msgsrv dovecot: imap(test at Mailbox deleted: Spam When I run truss