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2009 Nov 11
libzfs zfs_create() fails on sun4u daily bits (daily.1110)
...orm inherit-pkg-dir: dir: /sbin inherit-pkg-dir: dir: /usr root krb-v210-4 [20:06:07 0]# zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT rpool 17.2G 16.0G 66K /rpool rpool/ROOT 8.51G 16.0G 21K legacy rpool/ROOT/snv_126 8.51G 16.0G 8.51G / rpool/dump 4.00G 16.0G 4.00G - rpool/export 688M 16.0G 688M /export rpool/export/home 21K 16.0G 21K /export/home rpool/swap 4G 20.0G 5.60M - zonepool 9.28M 33.2G 28K /zone...
2009 Dec 19
Zfs upgrade freezes desktop
...ollowing filesystems are out of date, and can be upgraded. After being upgraded, these filesystems (and any ''zfs send'' streams generated from subsequent snapshots) will no longer be accessible by older software versions. VER FILESYSTEM --- ------------ 3 rpool/ROOT/snv_126 3 rpool/ROOT/snv_127 3 rpool/ROOT/snv_128a 3 rpool/ROOT/snv_129 3 rpool/export 3 rpool/export/home ermine% pfexec zfs upgrade rpool/ROOT/snv_126 [After 30-60 seconds, disk activity stopped and the desktop was frozen. The zfs command ne...
2009 Nov 29
vif problems in snv_127
...fore. Xvm can''t attach a vif to my primary physical nic any longer: $ pfexec xm start ulrac1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. error: Failed to create vnic over yukonx1 with MAC address 00:16:36:3c:bf:70 This worked fine in all previous snv_12x releases I tested, including snv_126. I think there is a privilege issue somewhere. The physical nic works fine as usual. Any hints ? Thanks Marc
2009 Nov 17
p2v for sxce snv115 to xvm on opensolaris host?
...well-documented way to migrate my physical sxce snv_115 (x64) system into an xvm ? searching for "p2v" in an opensolaris context seems to pick up a few hits on zones, but nothing obvious relating to xvm on opensolaris for what it''s worth the host system is opensolaris (2010.02 snv_126), but i''m hoping that''s not very significant (?) moving physical systems into virtualised infrastructure seems to be pretty popular these days - i''m surprised there isn''t more documentation on it - or have i missed something obvious? p -- This message posted...
2009 Dec 28
cannot receive new filesystem stream: invalid backup stream
I have two snv_126 systems. I''m trying to zfs send a recursive snapshot from one system to another: # zfs send -v -R tww/opt/chroots at backup-20091225 |\ ssh backupserver "zfs receive -F -d -u -v tww" ... found clone origin tww/opt/chroots/ab at ab-1.0 receiving incre...
2009 Dec 26
xen vnc domU
...machine by vncviewer localhost:0 / vncviewer localhost:1 I''ve also setup vnc on the server (dom0?) itself (port 5900) and can access it from other machines. I haven''t been able to figure out how to enable the the domU''s from a remote machine. Thanks (FYI am running snv_126 and the domU''s are centos4/5) -- This message posted from
2009 Nov 02
dedupe is in
Deduplication was committed last night by Mr. Bonwick: > Log message: > PSARC 2009/571 ZFS Deduplication Properties > 6677093 zfs should have dedup capability Via