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2013 Oct 02
Snapshots: Where they are stored and how to use them?
...stand that the principle is that when changes occur in the VM, the difference is written to the snapshot, thus recording the differences between the date/time of the snapshot and the current value of the VM. Is that a correct assessment of the process? If that is indeed so, can I take regular snapshots and back then up onto external storage to provide a sort of system restore point at certain times in the past? I have scanned the server hard disks for the snapshot images after running "sudo virsh snapshot-create Windows /etc/libvirt/snapshot.xml" and the system reports a sn...
2008 Sep 21
snapshot merging?
...cka posted to linux-kernel mailing list about adding snapshot merging to LVM[1]. Basicaly, snapshot merging means that it is possible to turn a snapshot back into its origin. Using LVM, however, means that you need to have free place outside of the filesystem (i.e., in physical volume) to make snapshots, which is not always possible on workstations and some servers. Is something similar available, or planned, for btrfs? I didn''t find anything similar on "btrfs design" page in the wiki. [1] -- Tomasz Chmiel...
2013 Jun 26
Re: snapshot-create-as for a single disk not all disks
...> </disk> > Given above problem, I want to only create the snapshot of local disk. > > > > 在 2013-06-24 23:22:47,"vonNieda, Adam (USMS)" <> > 写道: > > ** ** > > I think what you’re looking for is LVM snapshots. The whole purpose of > taking VM snapshots is to have a consistent image of the machine as a > whole. There’s lots of articles out there on LVM snapshots, here’s one. ** > ** > > ** ** > >**** &gt...
2013 May 30
Question, how to coorelate snapshot ID's to the files that they represent?
Hi folks, first post :) I'm running Redhat 6 x64 with ibvirt-0.10.2-18 and qemu-img-rhev- My question is, if I do something like the following.. [root@testbox ~]# virsh snapshot-list STIGtest Name Creation Time State ------------------------------------------------------------ 1369421485 2013-05-24 13:51:25 -0500 disk-snapshot
2009 Oct 01
[PATCH] v2v-snapshot: Improve documentation
Highlight that the tool is not a general purpose snapshotting tool. Add some examples. --- snapshot/ | 79 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--- 1 files changed, 74 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-) diff --git a/snapshot/ b/snapshot/ index ce66bca..8408d13 100755 --- a/snapshot/ +++
2015 Jun 04
Re: [ovirt-users] Bug in Snapshot Removing
Hi Adam, Hi Eric, We had this issue again a few minutes ago. One machine went down exactly the same way as described, the machine had only one snapshot and it was the only snapshot that was removed, before that in the same scriptrun we deleted the snapshots of 15 other Vms, some without, some with 1 and some with several snapshots. Can i provide anything from the logs that helps ? Regards Soeren On 03/06/15 18:07, "Soeren Malchow" <> wrote: >Hi, > >This is not happening every time, the las...
2011 Aug 17
[RFC] btrfs auto snapshot
...working on the auto-snapshot feature for btrfs, so here I am implementing the same. Below is a draft on the feature list. Any comments / questions / suggestions are welcome, please do let me know. btrfs auto snapshot feature will include: Initially: - configurable timely snapshots - uses services and crontab to schedule - Gnome integration - snapshot rollback and cleanups - snapshot trashing based on available space - snapshot destination will be subvol/.btrfs/snapshot@<time> and snapshot/.btrfs/snapshot@<time&gt...
2012 Jun 06
The default location of vm snapshots
Hi all, Where could I find the memory dump and disk snapshots for vm after command "virsh snapshot-create <some_running_vm>"? Thanks in advance. I found the xml files in /var/lib/libvirt/qemu/snapshot/, but hava no idea about the raw snapshot file. Thanks, Lei
2013 Jun 25
Re: snapshot-create-as for a single disk not all disks
...rget dev='vdc' bus='virtio' /> </disk> Given above problem, I want to only create the snapshot of local disk. 在 2013-06-24 23:22:47,"vonNieda, Adam (USMS)" <> 写道: I think what you’re looking for is LVM snapshots. The whole purpose of taking VM snapshots is to have a consistent image of the machine as a whole. There’s lots of articles out there on LVM snapshots, here’s one. [mailto:...
2015 Oct 19
Re: virsh can't support VM offline blockcommit
Hi Kashyap Chamarthy: thank you very much for answer my question: 一: lead to VM filesystem becoming read-only 1: test case it lead to VM filesystem becoming read-only test case as follows: we want to snapshot for VM , to obtain VM incremental data,and use virsh blockcommit,qemu-img commit,qemu-img rebase to shorten snapshot chain. Details are as follows(when VM running state, we perform the
2015 Jun 04
Re: [ovirt-users] Bug in Snapshot Removing
Hi, I would send those, but unfortunately we did not think about the journals getting deleted after a reboot. I just made the journals persistent on the servers, we are trying to trigger the error again last time we only got half way through the VM’s when removing the snapshots so we have a good chance that it comes up again. Also the libvirt logs to the journal not to libvirtd.log, i would send the journal directly to you and Eric via our data exchange servers Soeren On 04/06/15 16:17, "Adam Litke" <> wrote: >On 04/06...
2015 Jun 03
Re: [ovirt-users] Bug in Snapshot Removing
On 03/06/15 07:36 +0000, Soeren Malchow wrote: >Dear Adam > >First we were using a python script that was working on 4 threads and >therefore removing 4 snapshots at the time throughout the cluster, that >still caused problems. > >Now i took the snapshot removing out of the threaded part an i am just >looping through each snapshot on each VM one after another, even with >³sleeps² inbetween, but the problem remains. >But i am getting the imp...
2013 Aug 27
Defining VM with snapshots?
All, Using Centos 6.4 with provided libvirt: [root@node1 ~]# rpm -q libvirt libvirt-1.0.1-2.el6.x86_64 Assume a VM with one or more live snapshots. In virsh the VM snapshots can be listed. With virsh: - Stop and undefine this VM. - Then define (and start) this VM. The new VM does not have the list of snapshots. Is there a way with virsh to rebuild the metadata such that libvirt "knows" about the snapshots in...
2015 Aug 07
virsh create snapshot not honoring diskspec?
Hi, I'm trying to create a snapshot on a specific disk by using diskspec option. However, libvirt/virsh seems to ignore it and takes a snapshot of all disks. Am I using this option incorrectly? In below examples, I'm trying to snapshot only vdb. However even vda is getting snapshotted regardless of diskspec. Is this a known issue? I'm on CentOS 7.1, libvirtd (libvirt) 1.2.8,
2015 Oct 13
virsh can't support VM offline blockcommit
Hi everyone! I use the libvirt(version: 1.2.2) and QEMU(version: 2.2.1) to test qemu snapshot features: I tried virsh blockcommit when VM offline, the virsh blockcommit failed: the error messase as below: error: Requested operation is not valid: domain is not running when I start the VM, the virsh blockcommit work fine! my question is:we need
2019 Mar 15
KVM - full system ( disk+memory) snapshot by excluding the raw disks
Hi There , I have KVM VM with 4 qcow2 disks and 2 raw disks . when I try to take full system snapshot by excluding raw disks . it is give below error . can you help me how to fix this ?. or is it possible to take full system snapshot in this case .?. When I change XMl as internal snapshots for raw disks . It throws a message snapshot are not supported on war disks . [root@localhost oscgpkg-7eee963550ba9e5b]# virsh snapshot-create --domain oscg2 --xmlfile oscgsnapshot.xml error: unsupported configuration: disk 'vda' must use snapshot mode 'internal' [root@loc...
2018 Sep 18
LVM and Backups
Il 17/09/2018 22:12, Gordon Messmer ha scritto: > On 9/17/18 7:50 AM, Alessandro Baggi wrote: >> Running a backup I follow this steps: >> >> 1) Stop httpd >> 2) Create lvm snapshot on the dataset >> 3) Backup database >> 4) restart httpd (to avoid more downtime) >> 5) mount the snapshot and execute backup >> 6) umount and remove
2009 Aug 25
snapshot/subvol deletion
Hi, I will send a series patches that add snapshot/subvol deletion soon. But the way to delete snapshot/subvol is far from people''s expectancy. To delete a snapshot/subvol, we need four steps: 1) snapshot/subvol deletion ioctl or rmdir; 2) umount; 3) btrfsck; 4) mount the fs. The reason for this is bug in root back & forward references. In simple terms, the bug
2018 May 01
Re: Create qcow2 v3 volumes via libvirt
On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 08:42:56PM +0200, Gionatan Danti wrote: > Another question: how reliable are qcow2 ver2/3 files nowadays? Are you > using them in production environments? qcow2 is widely used in production at large scale in general. Just not with internal snapshots - almost everything uses external snapshots, aka backing file chains. > At the moment, I am using RAW files and filesystem-level snapshot to manage > versioning; however, as virt-manager has direct support for managing qcow2 > internal snapshots, it would be easier to deploy qcow2 disks....
2008 Jul 17
How to delete hundreds of emtpy snapshots
I got overzealous with snapshot creation. Every 5 mins is a bad idea. Way too many. What''s the easiest way to delete the empty ones? zfs list takes FOREVER