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2007 May 31
Sample Merb App
I put together a sample app to help people learn Merb: I also blogged about it here: -- Zack Chandler
2007 Jul 19
Merb::Controller#url Usage
...age of Merb::Controller#url. When I have nested resources, requesting the new action works differently than I expected. I was wondering what the intended usage is. For example: Say I have r.resources :articles do |article| article.resources :article_attachments end irb(main):002:0> show_routes [:articles, "/articles"] [:article_attachments, "/articles/:article_id/article_attachments"] [:article_attachment, "/articles/:article_id/article_attachments/:id"] [:edit_article_attachment, "/articles/:article_id/art...
2006 Sep 12
Generate JS from RoR - strange delay with send_data
...packet of data t=t+ 20 ms, client -> server ACK t=t+ 29 seconds server, -> client FIN, ACK ..... normal TCP teardown follows 29 seconds ! Am I doing something wrong? My action looks like (I''ve removed real JS since it is not problem with generation of JS only with sending): def show_route Point.find(:all, :conditions => [ "route_id = ?", pid]).each {|x| output_data<< GENERATE_JS_CODE_FROM_POINTS } send_data(output_data, :content => "text/javascript") end I''m using Rails 1.1.6. Or maybe there is some other way to genera...