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2008 Aug 19
variables in dtrace scripts
...command line parameters, like " BEGIN { usr_exec=$$1; usr_syscall=$$2; } syscall::usr_syscall:entry /execname == usr_exec && guard++ == 0/ { ... " [this does not work] This would make it possible to create "generic" dtrace scripts. Otherwise, some shellscript with sed-magic would need to be used. thanks Joachim -- Joachim Worringen, Software Architect, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions phone ++49/(0)228/324 08 17 -
2003 Sep 29
Fsck (presumably e2fsck) returns exit code 127 on an ext3 file sy stem
fsck (Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 2.1) returns an exit code 127 on an ext3 file system when run from a shellscript started by cron. Here is the pertinent part of the script: ... fsck -p /dev/${BK_SLICE} 1>/dev/null 2>&1 STATUS=$? if [ ${STATUS} -ne "0" ] then echo "${MIR_PID}: file system check of /dev/${BK_SLICE} failed, status = ${STATUS}" >&gt...
2013 Mar 04
Google Earth on EL6.x x86_64
Has anyone gotten 64-bit google earth to run on el6 x86_64? It dies almost immediately, complaining for lack of Perusing user forums at google I see a few others with the problem, but no (working) solutions. Thanks in advance! -- ---- Fred Smith -- fredex at ----------------------------- "For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any
2008 Oct 14
To all TextMate users that wants to run tests with cmd + r in Rails 2.1 and above.
...39;../test_helper''), you can''t just run the file with ruby anymore. And running the file with ruby is exactly what command + r does. Which means you can''t easily run your tests from textmate. The solution: It''s just a shellscript. So yeah, it doesn''t fix the textmate issue. It does however makes it easy to run either all tests, all unit/functional/integration tests, or a single test, from the command line. Which is sorta OK, you probably have a terminal sitting there doin'' nothing anyway. Usage:...
2007 Jan 19
Newbee-Question General Syntax
Hi there! I´ve started looking into puppet for about one week now, I have to say that I am NOT a developer, i occasionally write a shellscript or another but thats about it, so maybe my problem is that i dont see the whole picture yet.. I kind of know what i want to do, but at the moment i don´t realy see how i can accomplish that.. :/ thing is, I have (for now "just") about 100 servers and about 30 different services...
2013 Apr 15
[PATCH] btrfs-progs: No-op when called as fsck.btrfsck
Hi, I thought that I would attempt a quick little patch that will make btrfsck into a No-op when called as fsck.btrfsck. The reasoning is that the FAQ states that it is recommended and safe to do so, and the current 12.04 version of Ubuntu just symlinks fsck.btrfsck to btrfsck instead of /bin/true. PS - Apologies if I mess this git send-email up! Dan McGrath (1): btrfs-progs: No-op
2006 May 08
Cron Scheduling Problem
Hello, The following cron job is failing to run: 00 16 * * * root ruby /home/nathan/rails/notifications/script/runner -e production Notifier.deliver_summary My understanding from the Rails Wiki is that this should do it. Can anyone shed some light on what I may have setup wrong? Thanks! Nathan Mealey Operations Director Northeast Region Pilgrim IT, LLC
2003 Sep 08
Can I execute a shell script from Wine ?
I need to be able to trigger a Linux procedure (shell script, or PERL for example) from Wine. Is it possible to do ? Please help ! Thanks. Boris Kirshteyn K-B Toys, Software Architect (413) 496-3249
2011 Jan 27
Static assignment of SCSI device names?
...piping the output of "scsi_id -g -i -u -s /block/..." through "cut" to extract the path, but I get no match string when I run "udevtest" against that block device. Does the "PROGRAM==....." clause not recognize the pipe symbol? I tried a little shellscript to provide the RESULT match string, but udevtest didn''t like that. Is there a supported way to predictably assign a drive name according to the hardware port it''s plugged into ... it would make swapping drives a lot easier, since it becomes ''drive-id-string''...
2005 Jun 14
ADSL Calculator
Hi, I''ve written a small javascript ADSL throughput calculator: Feel free to submit alternative presets (I currently have presets for three german telecom speed variants: T-DSL (1000|2000|3000), derived from
2005 Jul 15
openoffice(linux) can`t open files from a wineapplication
...can sent this documents to word or staroffice. when i change the path to staroffice to /usr/bin/ooffice, then openoffice starts, but the file wouldn`t load and the programm gs-verein tell me that he didn?t found staroffice. I have heared abot solutions for this problem by creating a shellscript, but i have no idea how to do that. can anyone help my? Thanks NoMoreWin
2002 Jan 27
Beta Brain-deadness
...he order of things corr= ect=20 (I hope) in the stop_firewall() function. -Tom --=20 Tom Eastep \ A Firewall for Linux 2.4.* AIM: tmeastep \ ICQ: #60745924 \ --------------Boundary-00=_0ISLLHMP6MR2D0LS3C6S Content-Type: application/x-shellscript; name="firewall" Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Description: Firewall Script Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="firewall" IyEvYmluL3NoClJDRExJTktTPSIyLFM0MSAzLFM0MSA2LEs0MSIKIwojICAgICBUaGUgU2hvcmVs aW5lIEZpcmV3YWxsIChTaG9yZXdhbGwpIFBhY2tldCBGaWx0ZXJpbmcgRm...
2010 Nov 25
PXELINUX: Menu + Machine dependent default kernels?
...enable the simple menu system this does not seem to be that easy anymore as the "menu default" option has to be specified inside the option block of the desired kernel in this case. Any hint other than generating all these default configuration files from meta configuration files with a shellscript? Sven -- "Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly" (Henry Spencer) /me is giggls at ircnet, on the Web
2006 Aug 13
learing to make shell scripts
Is there a good book out there that a newbie can understand to learn how to make shell scripts professionally and properly? Mr. X
2007 Jul 22
timer kernelpatch for xen-enabled kernels it would not really help for the debian xen kernel package. But should it be applied anyways? Maybe someone still uses our package to create their own kernel patch. --Ralph -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: timer.dpatch Type: application/x-shellscript Size: 2411 bytes Desc: not available Url :
2007 Oct 05
Cron job
Dear All Salam, Is there a possibility that we can run MRTG command in seconds???? The only thing is know is we can run MRTG in one minute other than standard 5 minutes.... Like */1 * * * * root env LANG=C /usr/bin/mrtg /etc/mrtg/test.cfg what if, i want to monitor traffic in seconds??? Regards, Umair Shakil ETD -------------- next part -------------- An HTML
1998 Mar 14
Vunerable shell scripts
I made a list of /usr/bin scripts which allows /tmp races. Following ones creates /tmp/something.$$, then, with no permission/ownership checking, /tmp/something.$$.x (x may vary ;), or even performs suitable checks, but gives enough time to alter /tmp contents: glibcbug, bashbug, znew, mailstat, autoupdate, x11perfcomp, gccmakedep, pnmindex, xcopy, autoheader,
1996 Dec 24
Linux Redhat 4.0/3.0.3 makewhatis cron job
...nder Redhat Linux 4.0/3.0.3. You can use it to overwrite any file on the system. Redhat is aware of the problem, and said they would have some kind of fix by next week which should be plenty of time before this bug is exploitable again. #!/bin/sh # # blowitawaysam # # makewhatis is a shellscript that stores a tmp copy of the whatis # database in /tmp/whatis[PID]. This is easily predictable, and even # more easily brute forced. # # really silly script to blow away a file on redhat 3.0.3/4.0 system # with makewhatis in /etc/crontab. Severely limited as you can only # ov...
2013 Feb 04
VoIPGMap: Graphing active Asterisk calls on Google Maps
...ut calling it AstGMap but then realized you can simply feed it any form of E.164 numbers so I chose VoIPGMap instead :) If you feel like rewriting it to PHP or something like that for better performance, please do so. Unfortunately I''m not a programmer or I wouldn''t have chosen shellscript. :) You can get it here: And if you like it and decide to use the output on the web somewhere, please let me know the URL so that I can check it out, thanks! Regards Markus
2009 Nov 06
Bug#554805: patch to enable routed networking in HVM+ioemu
...Size: 1022 bytes Desc: not available URL: <> -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: qemu-ifup Type: application/x-shellscript Size: 426 bytes Desc: not available URL: <> -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: vif-route.patch Type: text...