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2007 Nov 11
Patch to sshd match any group " "at line %d", user, line); - } else if (ga_match(grplist, ngrps) != 1) { - debug("user %.100s does not match group %.100s at line %d", - user, arg, line); + } else if (ga_match(grplist, ngrps) == not) { + debug("user %.100s does not match %sgroup %.100s at line %d", + user, notstr, arg, line); } else { - debug("user %.100s matched group %.100s at line %d", user, - arg, line); + debug("user %.100s matched %sgroup %.100s at line %d", user, + notstr, arg, line); result = 1; } out: @@ -550,6 +55...
2010 Nov 07
Can only print to the default printer
...y win.ini file: Code: [intl] sLanguage=ENG sCountry=United Kingdom sList=, sCurrency=? iCurrency=0 iNegCurr=1 iCurrDigits=2 iLZero=1 sMonDecimalSep=. sMonGrouping=3;0 sMonThousandSep=, sDecimal=. sThousand=, iDigits=2 Numshape=1 sNativeDigits=0123456789 iNegNumber=1 sNegativeSign=- sPositiveSign= sGrouping=3;0 s1159=AM s2359=PM sTime=: iTime=1 iTLZero=1 sShortDate=dd/MM/yyyy iDate=1 sLongDate=dd MMMM yyyy iLDate=1 sDate=/ iTimePrefix=0 iCalendarType=1 iFirstDayOfWeek=0 iFirstWeekOfYear=0 sTimeFormat=HH:mm:ss sYearMonth=MMMM yyyy iMeasure=0 iCountry=44 iPaperSize=9 [devices] Canon_MP510...