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2012 Sep 29
Samba4 LDAP returns wrong responses in some cases, BIND-DLZ refuses to update
Hello. We have a couple of questions regarding Samba 4.1.0pre1-GIT-aad669b running on Gentoo GNU/Linux 1) Is MS 1.2.840.113556.1.4.1941 operator support implemented (planned to be implemented) in Samba 4 internal LDAP server? Please compare: $ ldapsearch -h -x -D 'CN=someadminuser,OU=Administrators,DC=klin,DC=kifato-mk,DC=com' -b
2006 Apr 05
Pass paramter via form
Hi, I want to allow users ti search my blog. I have the following code below to initiate the form. <%= start_form_tag :action => ''search'', :search => search %> <p align =center><%= text_field ''search'', ''search'',"size" =>"20" %> <%= submit_tag ''Search''
2010 Dec 10
FTS and compound searches
Hello, New subscriber here. I noticed that the FTS index is not used in compound searches. Is this expected? Tested in 2.0.0 and 2.0.8: . search BODY "waldo" * SEARCH . OK Search completed (0.000 secs). . SEARCH CHARSET UTF-8 OR SUBJECT "waldo" FROM "waldo" * SEARCH . OK Search completed (1.768 secs). . SEARCH CHARSET UTF-8 OR SUBJECT "waldo" BODY
2007 Sep 22
SEARCH NOT not working
I think I've found the source of a bug which I first saw when running dovecot and pine (or alpine), which I finally tracked down by doing a protocol trace. In the IMAP session, the SEARCH command appears to have a problem with sets of messages and/or the NOT operator. Probably the best way to show this is by doing operations on a folder with ten messages in it. a select ten * FLAGS
2013 Feb 18
Full-text search
Hi all I discovered that the full-text search (fts) plugin can work without SQUAT/LUCENE/SOLR backend. I.e., Dovecot creates separate indexes for header search in files dovecot.index and dovecot.index.cache. Even, the search by headers is fast enough, and can search for phrases. Also, it seems that this buillt-in search is faster than Solr-based search. But if I enable the Solr backend
2016 Feb 24
search problem dovecot 2.2.21 + fts - Solr
Hello, Realized update dovecot on my server. Now the search is returning differently from the previous version bringing reference information of other messages . For example when doing a search for anderson.joao this new version of the dovecot dovecot 2.2.21 + fts - Solr response will be all email that has the word anderson and joao, instead of returning only items with the word anderson.joao.
2011 May 03
[LLVMdev] GVN Infinite loop
Hi, GVN seems to be running in an infinite loop on my example. I have attached the output of one iteration. I cant seem to reduce the testcase either. Any pointers to how to reduce the test case. THanks, Arushi GVN iteration: 8 GVN WIDENED LOAD: %0 = load i8* getelementptr inbounds (%struct.CHESS_POSITION* @search, i64 0, i32 23), align 2, !dbg !875 TO: %1 = load i16* bitcast (i8*
2006 Feb 11
Creating new object using params posted from form
Hi, I have a problem creating an new instance of an object using params posted from a form. The object being created is not a sub class of ActiveRecord and is very simple. It''s model file is just: class Search attr_accessor :major_build_id, :minor_build_id, :environment_id, :system_id end The controller creates an empty instance variable the first time the page is called, else
2011 Apr 21
Installing Search::xapian
Sorry if this is a repost .. I have edited my query a little bit and my previous post was too long and so was waiting approval(I cancelled it) Ok. Another question.. I have installed the Search ::Xapian on my local machine. Now I'm trying to install it on a machine where i dont have root access. So while running configure of the Xapian library I gave the -prefix option and everything installed
2006 Jan 28
how to pass search parameters to pagination links
I have a search page with a text_field as below <%= text_field ''program'', ''program_name'' %> After I perform the search in my controller I go to a search results view which shows search results and uses Rails pagination. Now how to pass the search paramters (i.e. params[:program][:program_name] in my controller) to the pagination links (next and
2008 Mar 01
Possible bug when creating a Ferret::Search::Sort object?
I may have run across a bug in Ferret: if throws a segmentation fault when I try to create a Sort object using the default fields (SCORE and DOC_ID), but setting reverse to true. Here''s the minimal example: #!/usr/bin/env ruby require ''rubygems'' require ''ferret'' [
2012 Feb 21
Search of multiple columns
I am currently writing a search method for my rails applications and at the moment it works fine. I have the following in my game.rb: def if search find(:all, :conditions => [''game_name LIKE ? OR genre LIKE ? OR console LIKE ?'', "%#{search}%", "#{search}", "#{search}"]) else find(:all) end end No that searches
2006 Jun 12
Doing a simple search from the database?
I realize thi may be more complex issue than can be asnwered in this post. But, what I need to do is create a simple query on my existing tables via a search form. I have half my app done (I can write all the info I want to my database), but pulling the data out dynamically is giving me trouble. I have both the "ruby for rails" book and the Agile Development book. They both give
2007 Nov 10
1.0beta7 still has SEARCH TEXT not search the FROM
I just tried out 1.0beta7 and erased all my indexes and with fts and fts_squat enabled, and when I SEARCH TEXT in Dovecot, it does *not* find messages where the thing I SEARCH for appear only in the From: header. Timo, can you confirm or deny that you still see this behavior? I did clear my indexes before doing it. -- Asheesh. -- Man is the measure of all things. -- Protagoras
2014 Sep 04
charset-specific searches, and continuation lines
Hi there, I'm looking into improving IMAP search support for the Gnus Emacs mail client, and trying to add the ability to search non-ascii characters. So far as I know, I start this invocation with something like: . UID SEARCH CHARSET UTF-8 TEXT {NNN} Where NNN is the number of bytes in my search string. Dovecot then responds with: + OK So... what do I do then? I don't actually know
2006 Jul 26
How to highlight the search term in the search result
In the ''basecamp'' product from 37signals if I search for ''ruby'' the I get a bunch of results. In the search result page the search term (ruby in this case) is highlighted. I was wondering how to accomplish the same. How to highlight the ''search term'' in the search result? Is there any already existing utility that I could use? Thanks.
2008 Aug 13
Search for (any of) multiple terms slow
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi, this may be an obvious logical problem I'm not aware of, which cannot be solved any more efficiently... but maybe it's just a bug or there is potential for optimisation in Dovecot (or Thunderbird?). When searching for multiple terms at once ("any of") with Thunderbird/Dovecot (using FTS Squat indexes), it takes much longer (not double the time, or a bit more than that, but really much, much longer) than when I search for only one term. Here are some figures (the IMAP commands are shown as issu...
2018 Jan 19
how to search r-help?
I am new to this listand am unable to get the search tools listed on towork. What do people use to search the help archives? 1. The google search box on returns a 404 error. 2. The site has many references but I
2009 Oct 19
Question about IMAP IDLE (and Palm Pre)
Hello, i try to understand, how it works (IDLE). Try to get it successfully work with my new Palm Pre ;-) which looks like to have a lot issues wir imap... so i'll blame not dovecot for the issues. Sent a mail, from googlemail. processed by dovecot ad 12:11. what me now confusing, is, that there in the out-log is nothing visible, I expected, to see there was sent an notification, there was
2006 Jun 27
Using QueryParser vs building my own query
Hello all I finally caved in and decided I should build my own query instead of relying on QueryParser to do the job for me, but I''ve hit a strange problem.. Here''s how I build my query: #Main query query = #Build query to match types typesquery = @selected_types.each{|type| typesquery.add_query(