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2013 Aug 30
libvirt-qemu/kvm passthru w/Intel 82598EB
...motherboard of the Apple Xserve, I will see rtt times of .06ms within the dom1's, so I think this points to a problem with the Intel card passthru usage, perhaps interrupts handling?. Does anyone know if I need to set any special options for the ixgbe driver under libvirt? TIA, -- Laurence Schuler (Larry) Systems Support ADNET Systems, Inc Scientific Visualization Studio NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 606.4 phone: 1-301-286-1799 Greenbelt, M...
2005 May 31
Loading matrices and other things of my inability to do accomplish the previous question. And last, I want to be able to run R on many different files of the same matrix type. Is it possible to write a (Python) script run through the appropriate tasks and save the visual output as a postscript file? Thanks in advance - Mike Schuler [[alternative HTML version deleted]]