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2008 Feb 02
ARCH LM test for univariant time series
Hi, Does anyone know if R has a Lagrange multiplier (LM) test for ARCH effects for univariant time series? Thanks! -- Tom [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2006 May 29
Hi, I'm trying to work with TsayData in fSeries package. How can i fetch any time series data of this package. Please advice. Thanks, Sumanta Basak. Send instant messages to your online friends
2009 Aug 23
study resources for time series?
Hi all, I am looking for study resources for (financial) time series? Hopefully I could find video lectures then it will reduce the learning curve. Thanks a lot! [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2009 Feb 08
Initial values of the parameters of a garch-Model
Dear all, I'm using R 2.8.1 under Windows Vista on a dual core 2,4 GhZ with 4 GB of RAM. I'm trying to reproduce a result out of "Analysis of Financial Time Series" by Ruey Tsay. In R I'm using the fGarch library. After fitting a ar(3)-garch(1,1)-model > model<-garchFit(~arma(3,0)+garch(1,1), analyse) I'm saving the results via > result<-model at fit$se.coef I'm wondering how the first variance > result at h.t[1] is compute...
2006 Nov 07
Comparison between GARCH and ARMA
Dear all R user, Please forgive me if my problem is too simple. Actually my problem is basically Statistical rather directly R related. Suppose I have return series ret with mean zero. And I want to fit a Garch(1,1) on this. my is r[t] = h[i]*z[t] h[t] = w + alpha*r[t-1]^2 + beta*h[t-1] I want to estimate the three parameters here; the R syntax is as follows: #