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2017 Jun 19
mixed models lmer function help!!
...r growth.I am trying to run a mixed models with repeated measures over time with each mouse as a random effect with linear and quadratic terms for time.This took me a long time to figure out and I just wanted to make sure I did it correctly and I am interpreting it correctly. This is the code I ran Rtumor<-lmer(volume~Group+Time+(1|Subject), data=Rtumor)summary(Rtumor)Rtumor.null=lmer(volume~Time+(1|Subject), data=Rtumor, REML=FALSE)Rtumor.full=lmer(volume~Group+Time+(1|Subject), data=Rtumor, REML=FALSE)anova(Rtumor.null,Rtumor.full) Here is my output?Rtumor<-lmer(volume~Group+Time+(1|Subject)...