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2013 Nov 23
rsync with (f)locks
From the rsync manual documentation I see that by using the option rsync-path, it is possible to specify what program is to be run on the remote machine to start up rsync. In particular, the program could be a wrapper script which calls the actual rsync command in the middle, but which does some actions before and/or after the rsync invocation. One possible interesting use would be to
2010 Nov 02
(when) does rsync daemon sync ?
Dear rsync-guru's, here's a user question: I want to make sure the files transferred to rsync daemon (running on a linux kernel) are written to media I assume if rsync command returns (with 0) all data has been tranferred to rsync daemon, but it depends on the rsync daemon priority and linux pdflush daemon before the data is truly written to physical media (whatever that is). Is there
2014 Jul 24
[Bug 10738] New: report --stats output when termination signal arrives Summary: report --stats output when termination signal arrives Product: rsync Version: 3.0.9 Platform: x64 OS/Version: Linux Status: NEW Severity: enhancement Priority: P5 Component: core AssignedTo: wayned at ReportedBy:
2006 Nov 15
How to process files on the server side after a sync?
Hello, I have a low speed (1-3Kb/s) openvpn connection between a server and a client, and I sync files once every hour from the client to the server with rsync contacting the daemon directly through the vpn tunnel. When the files has come in to the server it would like the server to do some processing, and there is where I get stuck. I found the --rsync-path option and thought I could run a
2006 Nov 17
mail rsync logs
Hi all, I have a rsync daemon and I'd like my users to get a mail with the content of the log so they can see what was backed up or if something failed. I separated the logs per user via the syslog and I use "post-xfer exec" to execute a script that will search for the last PIDs for rsync like so: id1=`ps -ef | grep "rsync --daemon" | tail -n 1 | awk '{print
2019 Nov 08
Regarding an "earlier" variant of `pre-xfer exec` [feature request and proposed patch]
(I think the subject is quite descriptive; however for use-cases and details see bellow after the mention of the old conversation and the patch.) Searching the mailing list about this topic yields an old conversation about this from 2008: * * I'll quote